Omen by HP 24-Inch FHD Gaming Monitor- Full Review

Omen by HP 24-Inch FHD Gaming Monitor

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Although about 240 Hz displays are available in the same price range, the HP Omen 25i provides greater image quality, killer HDR, and precise color over the competition. It is a compelling pick and a great bargain with 165Hz, FreeSync, G-Sync, and some genuinely helpful and unique gaming features.

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  • Ultra-fast refresh rate
  • Feature-rich
  • Headphone hanger on the back
  • FreeSync support and G-Sync Compatible


  • The stand is not fully adjustable
  • So-so color reproduction in some tests
  • HP’s software control panel is not as function-rich as the hardware OSD

HP’s new $ 345 MSRP Omen X 25f is an inviting disruptor in a high-refresh sea of 1,920-by-1,080-pixel gaming monitors that do everything they can to differentiate themselves from the LCD throng. (We saw it from several internet retailers for far under $255.) And this 25-inch-class panel has flying colors in most categories. Mind the more literal “colors,” though: It’s not a display we would recommend for pro content creators or media junkies (gaming monitors like the Samsung Odyssey g7  fill that More efficient niche), and for gaming monitor its physical adjustment may be better. But if your only concern is dispatching baddies as efficiently as you can in your favorite online shoot ’em up, the Omen X 25f is the monitor for you, assuming a modest-size panel is what you are after. Now, let see a full review of the Omen X25f Gaming monitorAlso, you can see a full review of the Samsung Odyssey G9 best gaming monitor

Omen HP Monitor


Standing screen display size‎24.5 Inches
Max Screen Resolution‎1920 x 1080 Pixels
Number of USB 3.0 Ports‎2
Item Weight‎10 pounds
Dimensions8.96 x 22.42 x 16.07 inches
Dimensions LxWxH‎8.96 x 22.42 x 16.07 inches
Aspect Ratio16:9
Display TypeLED
Refresh Rate144 hertz


Sleek and durable is the HP Omen 25. The front and center buttons make it easy to alter the configuration. The matt black frame and stand are compared to the monitor rather than square.

One of the disadvantages of the HP Omen 25 is that just the tilt may be modified. There are no changes to rotation or height. The 24.5-inch monitor has a cable, two USB connections, two HDMI ports, and a headphone jack.

Brightness adjusted to 400 nits, resolution 1080p, 144Hz, the view angle of 160 degrees, and color support 8-bit, provides you the quality of the image you require. While the color is not as excellent as other more expensive screens, it offers a lot of contrast at an angle. Also, you can see the How to Buy a PC Monitors: Monitors Buying Guide


Most monitors have narrower viewing angles than TVs, and it’s not going to affect you if you’re a dedicated gamer. The nice part about the HP Omen 25 monitor is that it doesn’t blur or fantasize, so you can focus more on your exact motions and goals and enjoy high voltage capacity. Compare HP with our Samsung CRG5 best-curved game monitor for a higher quality game display.

The HP Omen 25 may be used to change parameters like reaction times so that the response time is one millisecond Hz. Change the answer time from 7 milliseconds to as little as 1. according to your requirements. It is usually suggested to achieve optimal outcomes anywhere between them.

The monitor offers a 144Hz display but has no particular game features such as crosshairs that you can adapt. But AMD FreeSync allows you to synchronize the refresh rate of your display to the frame rate of your AMD graphics card.

The improved refresh rate eliminates tearing and tearing of the screen. Your gaming experience is almost perfect at 42 frames a second across DisplayPort and HDMI. Also, you can see the comparison of Samsung Odyssey G7 vs Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitors

Image Quality

As with the AOC G2590FX and the Acer KG251QF, the HP Omen 25 is built on a 24,5′′ TN panel of AU Optronics with a maximum luminosity of 400 nits, static contrast rate of 1,000:1, and a 144Hz cooling rate.

So, on all three displays, you virtually get an identical viewing experience. Different calibration of the box and panel variance is the sole variation between them.

The colors are considerably washed off compared to IPS and VA screens. However, the color quality is much improved in comparing the monitor with earlier 24′′ TN versions.

OSD Features

In Omen X 25f‘s OSD you may see a lot. Gaming features abound with customized Dynamic Crosshair target, a frame counter, timers, and alignment signs for a multi-monitor. A wide range of image settings and a set of accurate RGB sliders are also available for measurement. If you want to make Windows desktop monitor settings, you may download an application called the Omen Gaming Hub from HP’s website.

OSD Features

The Gaming submenu has all the tools needed. Adaptive-Sync, a frame rate indication, timepieces, and alignment points may be easily switched on. MPRT is a bubbling, 5-level pulse width adjustable, backlight strobe. The brightest level with the least decrease in bleakness is Level 1. Level 5 decreases luminosity by around 50% and significantly smoothes movement. However, you have to disable the screen tear combat technology settings to employ MPRT to the detriment of Adaptive-Sync.

OSD Features

The Crosshair option has a sophisticated article editor, where the target point can be made out of five distinct parts, then color, clearance, and placement may be changed. Its adjustable middle portion is a fascinating element. If you press the right mouse to aim, a little cycle emerges, depending on the color of your picture, that varies between black and white. It constantly keeps the background in contrast and brings a breeze. This is one of the most useful targeting features we have met.

OSD Features

The Omen X 25fis an extremely precise monitor with a total of eight image settings. Standard represents sRGB almost perfectly, while Native and Game Remasters employ the gamut DCI-P3. With highly accurate RGB sliders, each mode may be separately calibrated. We will go into these settings later, but with the 25i, HP places great emphasis on accuracy and color quality.

Monitor Calibration Settings

The Omen X 25fcalibration is unnecessary since it is quite accurate, although in three of the settings for our tests we adjusted the RGB sliders. The standard for SRGB and SDR games is default and the go-to mode. If you want the full-color DCI-P3 range, select either the Game Remaster or the Native one. The latter is adaptable to the edge, which makes low-res games seem better but with 1080p content doesn’t look so nice. Choose Native to play mainstream games. Below are our recommended standard Omen X 25f and Game Remaster/Native calibration settings.

Picture ModeStandard / Game Remaster & Native
Brightness 200 nits48 / 42
Brightness 120 nits19 / 17
Brightness 100 nits11-Dec
Brightness 80 nits5-May
Contrast100 / 100
Response time5ms Grey-to-Grey
Color Temp StandardRed 253, Green 253, Blue 255
Game RemasterRed 252, Green 252, Blue 255

The Omen X 25f switches on automatically when an HDR10 signal is detected and all picture settings are locked. The accuracy of the HDR image is quite excellent, in both colors and designs.

Hands-on and Gaming

The Omen X 25f has distinctive characteristics that look more closely. The Game Remaster Mode was most inquisitive about us. This is the first display to employ the new HP function that aims at games with an ‘enhancement filter’ at resolutions lower than 1080p, as HP described it in a press release. Static pictures indicate a saturation increase and a little improvement in the edge. It wasn’t good on Windows since it rendered the image soft. The little text was difficult to see because of a narrow white outline in black characters. The added color was pretty, but Game Remaster is the mistaken option for graphics or document editing of any type.

But HP is an enrichment to low-resistance gaming, therefore in Tomb Raider, we have adjusted the resolution to 1024 x 768 for an actual test of suffering. This experiment showed the power of Game Remaster Mode. Details such as the hair of Lara or the blowing of a plant in her wind seemed crisper than with the feature. Although certain ring outlines could still be seen at times, they were less frequent and less apparent. The richness of color was also a bonus. Game Remaster is used in the proper scenario and a bonus for the Omen X 25f function set and something we haven’t seen before.

While Game Remaster is intended for low-resolution gameplay, it was also attempted in the 1080p resolution of the display. The resolution seemed to decrease, and the boundary improvement made the picture more smooth rather than crisp. Looking closely at the activity, the effect showed that it was adaptive. It also changed according to the amount of contrast of the content. There were more artifacts in higher contrast regions. In Tomb Raider and Call of Duty: WWII we also tried the Omen X 25f’s Dynamic Crosshair function. The perfect color and the form of the reticle were great and the small circle that comes out to increase our accuracy was nice. Although many gaming displays are equipped with crosshairs, the Omen X 25f is the most helpful one we have seen before.

Dynamic contrast was another element that proved helpful. It shows highly bright, unchanging pictures but also makes SDR games shine, particularly in highlighted regions. Our experiments have shown that the edge backlight is not merely adapting to luminosity. Rather, it dims, like a zone array, selectively. The dynamic contrast function of the Omen X 25f is not as effective as a full range local dimming backlight, which is provided by many of the top HDR display systems. It makes the Omen X 25f in its pricing range higher than competing monitors.

We did not see any problems with either FreeSync Premium Pro or G-Sync compatibility when we looked out for visual processing in several Blur Buster tests and games. The Omen X 25f also worked with swimming in some games, reaching 165 frames per second. However, neither enhanced nor lowered image quality is provided by the blurry MPRT reduction function, which offers Adaptive-Sync. In the final, we preferred using Adaptive-Sync. An extremely flexible screen is the Omen X 25f. Our SDR content advice is to select standard mode if you need a more precise color or indigenous mode if the saturation is higher. For low-res titles, Game Remaster is great if you still play an old doom copy, for example. But video and games playing 1080p should be avoided.


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