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The Canon Mini Photo Printer is here to alter your mind if you find old school photo printing dull. Think of it as the ultimate mobile print smartphone companion that can be printed everywhere, every time. Your pocket fits with the tiny and elegant printer! Don’t let your entertaining bundle fool you – it also has options for picture editing and creative filters to adorn your prints. We provide three techniques to make you better comprehend this printer with your Canon Mini Photo Printer and provide a complete evaluation. Also, you can see a review of Best Printer for work from home in 2021

Here, we list out some points for, how to use Canon Ivy Mini Photo Printer – Full Review:

The Canon Mini Photo Printer is straightforward to start printing. Only two items are required: the Canon Mini Photo Printer and a Canon Mini Print App smartphone.Printing with the app is easy! Just follow the following steps:
  • Turn on the printer and connect with the printer to your smartphone.
  • Open the Canon Mini Print application.
  • Tap the home image and select the image.
  • Edit with the integrated tools.
  • To start printing, tap the print.
Stickers:In addition to the Zero Ink technology, the impressor employs ZINK Photo Paper which has adhesive support. Remove the back sheet and your print immediately becomes an adhesive! Create a trip journal with stickers produced from the lovely photos you have taken on your holidays. Comply with your important laptop stickers. Take an image of your companion and use him to adorn your telephone box for pet owners. Leverage your ingenuity with the breadth of applications you may use. Also, you can see the HP Officejet 200 Mobile Inkjet Printer Full Review

Editing:Each picture is a fragment of your unique experiences, each physically reminiscent of your recollections. Take it to the next level and utilize it to reflect your character! You may edit photos using the Canon Mini Print App to best represent both you and each captured time. Having high tea with your best friends? Before printing, add certain cake stickers to your photos. Have you taken a photo from your window of the lovely sunrise? To pop the colors, use a filter. You may design your print with all these elements at your disposal!

Split up feature:Did you know it's possible to divide a single image into 4 or 9 prints using the Canon Mini Print App tiling feature? Make a step farther in this function - construct your customized puzzle for the children, instead of just utilizing it to generate large prints. It trains your skills in pattern identification and improves your motor capabilities. Has the birthday of a buddy arrived? Surprise him or her with a personalized message which will be published after all photo tiles are stitched. Enjoy the constraint that you may only use one piece of photography paper per image!

We have seen a rise in pocket picture printers in recent years when you only operate from your smartphone or your tablet. A few of them are also considered at the top, particularly the HP Sprocket Photo Printer and the Lifeprint 2x3 Hyperphoto Printer. Canon's IVY Mini Photo Printer ($129.99) comes with it now, which is effectively a "me-too," in addition to some set apart print features. It prints as well as most rivals and features a user-friendly application to print and to cut your photographs and to enhance them. However, little sticks out in our tests regarding the Canon IVY. It is just as excellent as most competition, provided that small, full-fly prints from a mobile device are what you are wanting.  Also, you can see a review of Best Printer with Refillable Ink to buy on Amazon
Canon IVY measures 5.6 ounces by 0.7 by 3.2 by 4.7 inches. These specifications are sufficiently similar to the measurements of rival models which print photographs of the same size, such as Lifeprint 2x3, HP Sprocket, and Polaroid Instax-Share. The great exception is the Lifeprint 3x4.5 that prints much larger pictures. It is 1 to 4.5 by 6.3 inches long and weighs 12 ounces. This is roughly a third as big as the other printers, which specialize in 2-by-3 inch output, described here.

Canon provides the IVY in three colors, all in two-tone, with a top white shade and a bottom and a bottom pastel shade. All of the colors for a printer are nice, yet uncommon.

Since the IVY works with your smartphone or tablet interface, it doesn't have a control panel. On the rear, a micro USB port is available to charge the gadget with an LED recharge status and a pinhole reset...

The on/off toggle is on the left bank. The paper path extends via a slot on the front edge from which you take printed pictures.

Besides the pastels, this physical setup is much the same as the Lifeprint 2x3. The Canon IVY employs zinc-zero-encryption technology, like that of Lifeprint, HP Sprocket, and a few other models, thus the printer itself needs no real tin card. It employs color-crystal-infused paper that melts and shows colors on a paper when the printer is heated.

The connectivity consists of only one option: Bluetooth, exclusively on an Android or iOS mobile device. The IVY cannot be connected to a PC or the IVY is not connected with Wi-Fi. However, one of the several cloud services and social media sites, like OneDrive, Google Cloud Print, Facebook, and Instagram can be connected. Like any other Bluetooth device, you link the IVY printer with your mobile device using the Bluetooth panel.

Canon Mini Print is the app that this printer may be used for. In addition to several aesthetic variants, it is substantially the same as its competitors' software. You load and print photos from the storage or online of your phone. You may choose to use the different corrective filters and special effects features of the program to edit and/or improve the images as is. 

However, one function Canon Mini Print doesn't provide for tiling or attaching several prints on their edges to make larger pictures or collages. The program merely splits the picture into four pieces, which you hold together after printing, to create these bigger pictures.

Just as with many other Zink prints, the paper comes with an adhesive peel to stick layer at the back to produce stickers from your photos. It's also a very important item to notice. With this carving capability, you may utilize adhesive material to make prints stay in situ in comparison with each other to build bigger pictures or collages. Tiling is the only trait IVY can distinguish itself from its competitors.

The little Zink picture printers all churn at the same speeds in 10 to 20 seconds. The print speed varies by frame resolution, real picture size, color depth, and so on. The processing power of the telephone or tablet form which you print depends far more on how quickly these differences are processed.

That said, in less than a minute the Canon IVY churned out our pictures, with current rates varying between 38-52 seconds and an average of 44 seconds. That's 2 seconds behind the HP projection, 14 seconds slower and 56 seconds quicker than the Lifeprint 2x3 and 55 seconds faster. However, remember that the final pictures of Lifeprint amount to around half the size of the output of these other models and hence require more time to develop.

As for the output quality, it is sufficient for what these prints are, as with the other Zink devices mentioned here. There is a notable deficiency in the depth of the black base color. I also noticed in most situations that the colors were always so little wrong. Not many, but enough, if you watched closely, you would notice.

In other words, don't expect the bright, vivid, and, occasionally, beautiful picture printer, such as the editor-winning Canon Pixma TS9120 Wireless Inkjet All-in-One, to be produced from a 5-or 6-ink consumer photo printer. You can get refrigerator stickies or pass-through photographs at meetings more than just acceptable. And because the software is so readily connected to social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram, this is a fantastic solution for young people too. And it is so easy to integrate.

The IVY's Zink prints run around 50 cents apiece, which is approximately typical between 2 by 3-inch Zink printers. Canon provides two amounts of paper, 20 sheets, and fifty sheets, and lists them correspondingly at $9.99 and $24.99, thus no discounts can be made for bulk purchases.

These zinc-based printers emerged as of late Whack-a-Moles, so you can only presume they have acquired a little popularity at least. As said, its up to four-image tiling functionality for the larger pictures and collages is the major distinction between the IVY and it’s competition. The Canon IVY is your Zink if this sounds attractive. With their unique 'hyperloop' technology, the two rival Lifeprint Zink printers enable you to transform your pictures into digital video clips. Besides your friends and family's razzle-dazzle element, tech has some fascinating applications.

For this Zink printer class, speed, printing quality, and ownership costs are all closely grouped. Put the unique functions of Lifeprint in one hand and the IVY in the other, and balance the attractive features. If there is no drawing, you and the others will get a Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer.

Amazon Positive Review

Great printer. It was easy to set up – the longest part was downloading the Canon Ivy app. Once you got everything set up – it takes a couple of mins to print a picture. You have the option to add some borders/stickers/decals to the picture before printing. The quality of the picture is nice – came out clear

Amazon Positive Review

Very portable because of its lightweight and small footprint (pic of my iPhone 8 Plus and the IVY printer)
– No ink necessary, just needs the photo paper refills!
– Super easy setup and installation, simply connect via Bluetooth and then add the printer in the Canon Mini Print app
– Fast printing from the app to the printer (prints 1 photo in about 25 seconds)

Amazon Positive Review

– Fully charges in 75 minutes

– Mini-Print iOS app is awesome and a full photo editor, you can do all kinds of effects and manipulations on photos taken all for free (this is my new go-to app for photo effects)

– It- Just all-around fun to be able to share physical memories with family and friends on the spot

Amazon Negative Review

 I wish the printer could hold more than 10 sheets as you go through them pretty quick

– If possible faster printing time but for this small of a printer, it’s hard to beat

Amazon Negative Review

I’m a Canon user, I have a 6D and a bunch of lenses I love. I got this a few days ago from my husband for my birthday. I’d been wanting it for a while. Did the setup in the user’s guide, connected to my phone via bluetooth, but when I go into the app and go to “add a printer” my Ivy doesn’t show up. I’m so disappointed. No phone updates, no app updates, tried pairing and unpairing. Literally everything I can think of. Can’t find any troubleshooting tips online besides everything I’ve already thought of. I’ve watched youtube videos and for other people it just pops right up and they link it to the app, but mine doesn’t do that at all. Most disappointing Canon product I’ve ever owned.

Best Buy Positive Review

The Canon mini photo printer is quite fun, prints excellent quality photos, and is so portable. While the prints are only 2″x 3″, I was surprised by the photo detail and how practical they are for printing on the fly for friends or for work. It takes about 45 seconds to print. The portability and novelty of the photos makes this a very fun printer. It comes with a USB charging cord that is a little short but at least universal. The instructions were not clear about whether the blue paper should be used more than once. I have been printing without it being in the paper tray so I assume it’s just for occasional calibration. Overall, a very impressive little printer with excellent print quality. I am using it with a Google Pixel phone.

Best Buy Positive Review

Got this as a fun gift for my wife who is a scrapbooker.  She absolutely loves it and has already found a ton of use for it. All the printable stickers are a cool idea, too.  Connecting to the phone and tablets are super easy, nothing but five minutes of installations and setting up.

Best Buy Negative Review

Product stopped working after the first charge giving me a charge error signal. Complete waste of money. Tried going through the warranty and they told me it wasn’t covered.

Worked for a week. Then it wouldn’t connect to wifi. It shows a red light indicating there is something wrong with the charger. I’ve tried charging with different cords/plugs but nothing works.

BestBuy Negative Review

The biggest issues I had were that the app you have to use with it would not properly scale the images so you would have them print out uneven or wonky. There is also a big issue with the color being very blue in all the prints no matter what you do. Lastly the printer gets very hot after tying to print one or two images. I am not sure if this is because it took so long to print one or if it was a battery issue. Personally I could only use it at home if I expected to be there a while and had a power cord hand for when it died.


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