Nothing Ear 2 Review: Unleashing the Ultimate Wireless Earbuds

Nothing Ear (2)

Welcome to our comprehensive review of the Nothing Ear 2, the second-generation wireless earbuds from Nothing. Get ready to embark on a journey into the world of wireless audio as we delve into the design, sound quality, noise-canceling capabilities, battery life, and more. With its exceptional audio performance, sleek design, and advanced features, the Nothing Ear 2 is set to redefine your wireless earbud experience.



The Nothing Ear (2) offers excellent sound quality, effective noise cancellation, and additional features at a competitive price. However, the high-quality audio mode is problematic when used with the company’s own smartphone.

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  • Great sound quality
  • Superb personalized sound
  • Cheaper than its predecessor in the UK
  • Cool and stylish design


  • Hi-Res function not working properly on Nothing Phone (1)
  • Audio-visual lag when watching videos
  • Unreliable multipoint connection


Nothing Ear 2 Review

Design & Build

Where Aesthetics Meet Functionality

Design & Build of Nothing Ear (2)

Prepare to be captivated by the elegant design of the Nothing Ear 2 wireless earbuds. These earbuds effortlessly blend aesthetics with functionality, featuring transparent buds that bring to mind Apple’s AirPods. With their modern appeal and AirPod-esque pinch controls on the black contrast transparent sides, they exude sophistication. Meticulous attention to detail is evident in the arrangement of components within the transparent buds.

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The charging case, made from durable see-through plastic, not only provides sturdy protection but also enhances the overall design. Its compact size ensures high portability, fitting comfortably in your pocket or bag. Whether you opt for the classic clear and white combination or the limited edition black variant, the Nothing Ear 2 exudes style and finesse.

Sound Quality of Nothing Ear 2

Immerse Yourself in Audio Excellence

Sound Quality of Nothing Ear (2)

Prepare to be amazed by the outstanding sound quality of the Nothing Ear 2 wireless earbuds. These earbuds go above and beyond expectations, delivering well-balanced bass and impressive clarity. Regardless of your music preferences, whether you enjoy rock, rap, or classical tunes, the Ear (2) provides an immersive audio experience that will leave you captivated.

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During our testing, we discovered that the Ear 2 excels at reproducing intricate details within tracks. From the pulsating synth sounds of UK Grim by Sleaford Mods to the rich acoustic guitars on Everybody’s Gotta Live by Love, these earbuds offer an expansive soundstage and remarkable stereo separation. The vibrant yet controlled sound profile sets the Ear 2 apart from its competitors.

A standout feature of the Nothing Ear 2 is the personalized sound profile available through the Nothing X companion app. By conducting a simple hearing test, the app tailors the audio output to match your specific hearing capabilities. This customization enhances the richness and clarity of the sound, creating an audio experience that is truly unique to you.

Noise-Canceling & Smart Features

Immersive and Intuitive

Noise-Canceling & Smart Features of Nothing Ear (2)

While the active noise cancelling (ANC) of the Nothing Ear 2 may not reach the level of high-end models like the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2 or AirPods Pro 2, it still delivers commendable performance. The ANC feature effectively reduces external noise, allowing you to immerse yourself in your favorite music or podcasts.

The Nothing X app provides various ANC settings, including high, mid, and low options, as well as adaptive ANC that adjusts to your surroundings. Moreover, the app offers a personalized ANC feature that takes into account your individual hearing preferences. This level of control ensures a customized listening experience tailored to your needs.

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Another notable feature of the Ear 2 is its multipoint technology, enabling simultaneous connection to two devices, such as your phone and laptop or tablet. While this feature adds convenience, occasional connection drops were observed during our testing, requiring manual reconnection.

Additionally, the Ear 2 incorporates a transparent mode, allowing you to stay aware of your surroundings while still enjoying your music. This feature proves particularly useful in situations where you need to remain alert without removing the earbuds.

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Battery Life & Charging

Power to Keep You Going

Battery Life & Charging  of Nothing Ear (2)

The Nothing Ear 2 offers decent battery life, ensuring uninterrupted music enjoyment. With ANC turned off, these earbuds provide approximately six hours of playback on a full charge. While this falls slightly short of some competitors, it is still sufficient for most everyday usage scenarios.

The charging case extends playback time by an additional 36 hours, making it ideal for extended listening sessions. Recharging the earbuds is a breeze, whether you opt for a USB-C cable or take advantage of the built-in Qi wireless charging capability. With just a ten-minute charge, you can replenish eight hours of playback, ensuring you can quickly power up your Ear 2 when time is of the essence.

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Price & Availability

Unmatched Value for Your Investment

Price & Availability of Nothing Ear (2)

Priced at $149/£129/€149, the Nothing Ear 2 delivers exceptional value considering its features and performance. With ANC, wireless charging, multipoint connectivity, and high-res compatibility, these earbuds compete favorably with higher-priced models from established brands. The Ear 2 embodies Nothing’s commitment to providing a premium experience at an affordable price.

When compared to close competitors like the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, the Ear 2 stands out due to its superior design, fit, and sound quality. For budget-conscious consumers, Nothing’s Own Ear (Stick) is available for $99/£99/€99. Although lacking ANC, the Ear (Stick) offers an open design that may appeal to specific users. Additionally, the previous-generation Nothing Ear (1) remains available for purchase at $149/£149/€149.


The Nothing Ear 2 represents a remarkable achievement in the world of wireless earbuds. While it has minor drawbacks such as battery life and occasional connectivity issues, its strengths far outweigh these limitations. With superb sound quality, an aesthetically pleasing design, effective noise cancelling, and a range of intuitive features, the Ear 2 sets a new standard for wireless earbuds—all at a highly competitive price point.

Nothing’s commitment to continuous improvement through firmware updates gives us confidence that any existing issues will be addressed, further enhancing the user experience. If you’re seeking attractive wireless earbuds that deliver both style and substance, the Nothing Ear ) is an excellent choice. Experience the pinnacle of wireless audio with Ear 2’s remarkable audio performance, sleek design, and advanced features.


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