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Beats Fit Pro

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The Beats Fit Pro is a budget-friendly alternative to the AirPods Pro. On iOS users benefit from an advanced feature set that includes active noise removal, spatial audio support, and hands-free Siri, but Android users do not. The Beats Fit Pro is a snug-fitting, workout-friendly alternative to Apple’s flagship true wireless earbuds, but there’s still space for improvement.

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  • Active noise cancellation
  • Apple Music’s spatial audio
  • Improved battery life
  • Siri’s H1 chip allows for hands-free use
  • Fit is comfortable and secure


  • The ANC may be more powerful
  • Studio Buds are more pricey
  • They should have had wireless charging
  • Features are not available to Android users

The Beats Fit Pro is just the Apple AirPods Pro with a few changes. They include a noticeable wing tip that makes it easier to keep them in your ears while working out, as well as a custom-designed driver that makes music sound like embassies. Furthermore, the Beat Fit Pro features a little longer battery life and a more compact carrying case than the earlier Powerbeats Pro.

By many accounts, this should make them the de facto standard in fully wireless earbuds, but there are a few minor flaws that keep them from taking the top rank.

One of these drawbacks is that, while the Beat Fit Pro offers active noise cancellation similar to the AirPods Pro, it isn’t as strong as comparable Bose and Sony earbuds. Second, the wing tip keeps them in place, but it also puts extra pressure on the outer ears, making them difficult to wear for long periods. Finally, Android users won’t get the complete iOS experience, and their sticker tag is… well, on the higher end of the spectrum.

All of this is a long way of saying that, while the Beats Fit Pro outperforms the Beats Studio Buds in terms of sound quality, there’s still room for improvement. Also, you can see the Boss Noise Canelling Headphones 700 Review

Beats Fit Pro Review

  1. Beat Fit Pro Specifications
  2. Beat Fit Pro Price and Release Date
  3. Design
  4. Features
  5. Beat Fit Pro Battery Life
  6. Call Quality


Beat Fit Pro Specifications

Active Noise CancellingYes
Connection TypeWireless
Wireless ConnectivityBluetooth
Microphone FeaturesNoise cancelling
Water ResistantYes
Battery Life6 hours
ColorBlack, White, Sage Gray, Purple
Dimentions0.75” H, 0.94” W, 1.18” D
Weight0.146 pounds


Beat Fit Pro Price and Release Date

Beats Fit Pro

Credit: Apple Support

The Beats Fit Pro will be available to buy from this November 5, for $199 in the United States, about £150 in the United Kingdom, and AU$300 in Australia. That makes them marginally cheaper than the AirPods Pro but significantly more expensive than the previously released Beats Studio Buds.


Design of Beat Fit Pro

Credit: WIRED

While the Beats Fit Pro does not reinvent the wheel (or, in this case, the wing tip), it does it in a unique way. It may latch onto the inner ear to hold the buds in place because it’s a part of the earbuds and has more flexibility. 

Other earbuds have used a wrap-around design in the past, and while we think that design is more comfortable, we think the fin being directly attached and within the ear is really elegant.

The Beats Fit Pro comes with two more sets of different-sized ear tips in the package to help you obtain that ideal seal, and it’s certainly worth taking the time to figure out which one fits best. 

When it comes to fit, the Fit does a fantastic job of remaining in your ears. The buds did not move a millimetre after they were correctly inserted at any point during our study. However, because the fit was so precise, the ears were placed under considerable strain – especially after a time of wearing them. 

Design of Beat Fit Pro

Credit: WIRED

That’s especially crucial because the Beats Pro Fit is designed for gym addicts and has an IPX4 water-resistance rating, indicating that they should be sweat-proof. They’re not waterproof, so use caution near a pool or on the beach, and they’re also not dust-resistant, so keep them clear of the sand.

The touch controls on the exterior of each bud let you play, stop, and skip between tracks. A long hold activates an ambient listening mode that disables noise cancelling, and a second long press activates it again. 

Because the controls are a little delicate, you’ll have to be careful while inserting and removing the earbuds – trust us, it’s quite easy to accidentally hang up a phone conversation or blast music in your ear without trying to.

We’ll go over them in greater detail later, but it’s worth noting that each earbud includes a total of six microphones that assist pick up your speech and blocking out incoming noise. There’s also a new driver and ventilation system to make the bass range sound more weighty, and the H1 chip inside will allow a number of interesting iOS features. 

Finally, the revised casing, which is substantially smaller than the one that comes with the Powerbeats Pro, is worth mentioning. It fits neatly into a pocket and has a smooth body that is pleasant to grasp… Just make sure it doesn’t fall out into the sidewalk or the floor, since it can be scratched.


Features of Beat Fit Pro

Credit: Business Wire

While it wouldn’t be a feature, we enjoy the Fit Pro’s ability to be customized in four different colors. It’s available in a variety of colors, including the standard Beats Black and Beats White, as well as a striking Sage Grey with light green accents and Stone Purple, which is lavender with dark grey accents. 

Of course, the H1 chip is the major reason you’ll spend a little more for the Beats Fit Pro than the recently released Beats Studio Buds. This enables them to use Apple Music, Apple TV, and FaceTime with hands-free Siri and spatial audio support.

The fact that they feature active noise cancellation, which blocks out some ambient noise, is another reason they cost more than comparable earbuds. In fact, we found that they weren’t nearly as good at filtering out background noise as the Sony WF-1000XM4 or Bose QuietComfort Buds, but they perform a fair job while working from home.

While the earphones were designed to function with both Android and iOS smartphones, Android users will not have access to all of the capabilities. They’ll be cut off from an always-listening aide as well as spatial audio.

These flaws aren’t deal-breakers, given how many earbuds lack spatial audio at this time – plus Beats has a wonderful Android app that lets you tweak your controls – but they may encourage you to go with a more Android-friendly choice like the Sony WF-1000XM4 instead.

Beat Fit Pro Battery Life

The Fit Pro, according to Beats, provides some of the best battery life of any of their earbuds, lasting roughly 6 hours per charge with 18 hours in the charging case with ANC turned on. That’s around an hour and a half more per charge than Apple’s flagship true wireless earbuds, and it’s a big improvement over the AirPods Pro. 

With ANC switched off, the Fit Pro will last even longer – albeit the battery life may be a little shorter if you’re using it to converse instead of listening to music.

Overall, the battery life is comparable to other noise-cancelling earbuds, which is excellent but falls short of truly wireless earbuds without ANC.

The silver lining is that the buds allow fast charging, which means they may be completely charged in around an hour after only five minutes on the charger.

The one big letdown in terms of battery life is that, unlike the AirPods Pro, the Fit Pro does not enable wireless charging, which means you’ll have to have a USB-C charging cord handy whenever you need to recharge them.

Call Quality

Call Quality of Beat Fit Pro

Credit: Beats by Dre

The Beat Fit Pro provides excellent call quality in all but the most noisy environments. They issue with loud sounds, as do most true wireless earbuds, but when things are quiet, your callers will be able to hear you perfectly. They sound a lot better on calls than the Studio Buds, which are a little muddy.

Although Beats doesn’t have a specific sidetone setting for hearing your own speech clearly, you may use transparency mode before or during a conversation, which is essentially the same thing. And, thanks to the Fit Pro’s excellent transparency mode, these earbuds make excellent calling companions. The fact that you can use either earbud for calls and music independently is a plus.


How can I boost your Beats Fit Pro’s comfort, stability, and sound quality?

Beats earbuds come in three different sizes of eartips: small, medium, and large. The product includes medium eartips. Choose the pair that is most comfortable for you and delivers the best sound experience. To find the right eartip, gently put the earbud with the eartip attached to your ear. You may adjust the earbud’s fit until it feels secure. To take the earbud out of your ear, carefully twist it and pull it away from your ear. The wingtip is permanently linked to the Beats Fit Pro and aids in earbud stability. Fit the wingtip into the upper section of your ear with your finger slightly bent. When coupled with the appropriate eartip, the wingtip will give a pleasant, secure fit that will aid enhance sound performance.

How do you charge them?

Place your Beats Fit Pro in the charging case to charge them. When you need to charge both the earbuds and the case, place them in the case and attach them to a power source using the USB connection that came with your Beats Fit Pro. The case may also be charged without the earbuds. (Note: a USB-C power adaptor is required)

How water-resistant are these?

The Beats Fit Pro is IPX4 certified, which means it can resist sweat and water splashing from any direction. The casing is not resistant to sweat or water.

How do you turn them on and off?

Beats Fit Pro turns on when you remove them from the case and switch off when you replace them in the case with the lid closed.

How to control noise cancelling?

Toggle between Active Noise Cancelling and Transparency mode by pressing and holding the ‘b’ button. Within iOS or the Beats app for Android, you can also manage listening modes, including Adaptive EQ, and modify button layout.

How long does the battery last?

With ANC or Transparency set on, the Beats Fit Pro can deliver up to 6 hours of listening time, or up to 5 hours with ANC turned off. With ANC on, the case has roughly three more charges for a total of 27 hours. The earbuds provide 7 hours of listening time in Adaptive EQ mode and up to 30 hours overall when used with the charging case.

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  • Beat Fit Pro


The Beats Fit Pro delivers all of the features of the AirPods Pro, but with a higher fit, sound quality, and battery life. The call quality was rather worse, and there is no wireless charging, but the comfort and fit alone make the trade worthwhile.

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