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Who Are We?

We love tech! We’re not ashamed to admit it. As a result, we’ll tell you what we think in an unbiased and balanced way. We’re all about it.

Because Electronics Monk is an India-based consumer technology news and review site, we can make this assurance because our editorial independence is supported by the weight of technology publisher Future, as well as objective test results from the Electronics Monk Labs.

Electronics Monk will keep you up to date on the new tech. We’ll do everything we can to provide you with unique quotes and access. We’ll take a close look at it.

We’ll explain to you how it works and why you should buy it (or not). Then it’s all up to you. Add your own thoughts and comments. Review gadgets for yourself.

Why Should You Write For Electronic Monk?

Is it possible to make a long story short?

You can get your name and ideas in front of a huge audience with Electronics Monk.

Our monthly audience includes a wide range of tech experts, curious first-time buyers, and a rising number of regular readers who depend on us to provide high-quality reviews.

Newcomers may start creating a writing portfolio by pitching our guest posts, and existing authors can grow their web presence by joining our staff writing team.

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Work with us to develop your pitch idea, polish your content, and master SEO so that your article reaches as many people as possible.

Writing Guide

1) Articles on electronic gadgets will be preferred, but topics about computers and technology will be accepted if they are well-written and provide in-depth information to our audience. Your best chance is to look over the information on our website and submit us articles based on the topics we’ve covered. List posts and in-depth reviews of electrical gadgets, product reviews, and new tech are among our favorite.

2) Articles must be original, high-quality, and SEO-friendly. Articles that have been copied or spun are strictly banned.

3) Your guest article must be written between 1000 and 1500 words long. Anything less than that will not be accepted.

4) You are unable to promote your service or blog in the title or body of the content. Once the content is finished, you may add it at the end with one backlink. You can include hyperlinks to other informative websites that are relevant to your article.

5) Guest posts should not be written as a press release.

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