FB Messenger Voice Chat and Video Calls will be Encrypted End to End


Facebook Messenger voice and video chats are becoming more secure thanks to the availability of end-to-end encryption, which means no one, not even Fb staffers, can listen in on your conversations.

Because of the upgrade, video chats and phone conversations are now encrypted in the same way as textual content chats, which have been protected since 2016. (though you do want to use the key dialogue function to enable it).

These options give people more control over how private they want their conversations to be, writes Ruth Kricheli, Director of Product Administration at Facebook Messenger. “Nowadays people want their mobile devices to be private and secure, and with these new features, we’re not only giving them privacy but even more giving choice over how private their calls and chats are.” Also, you can see how to install windows 11: Step by Step Complete Guide

Facebook video call
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More Features added soon:

A limited number of users will be able to view the end-to-end encryption options for group conversations inside Messenger and direct messaging within Instagram for the time being.

A new feature for one-to-one chats using vanishing messages will be available soon: users will be able to specify how long messages will remain visible after they’ve been read, from 5 seconds up to 24 hours.

To take advantage of the added protection and privacy, make sure to enable the feature once it appears on your devices. Also, you can see How to download Youtube videos Offline for free

Facebook chat and voice chat
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End-to-end encryption should be the default, in my opinion:

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As with a lock and key, only you and the person you’re speaking with have the proper key to decrypt the conversations and view what’s being said in real-time. They won’t be able to understand them if someone else intercepts them.

No one else can understand what you’re saying because they don’t have the appropriate keys, whether it’s a hacker trying to intercept your chats as they go across the internet, a rogue Facebook employee trying to tap into your communications, or a government agency trying to monitor what you’re doing.

Someone might still access your phone and read your messages as if they were you, but it’s a huge step in the right direction. Several applications support it, including WhatsApp, Signal, and Google Messages.

It’s amazing to see end-to-end encryption being started rolling out to more apps and forms of communication, even though some companies and governments don’t like the concept because they think it makes it harder to identify and stop online criminal activity.


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