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Google and its applications have always been great to use and with experience. Apps by Google have never failed to impress people. Suppose, Gmail, one of the most used and popular e-mailing apps being used around the world, for sure! It is one of the bestest and finest apps to use while working for an office or sharing heavy docs. Gmail is an app with constant progress and the amount to hold the power is great and yes, there are many other apps like this but nobody can improve as much as gmail has. 

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Gmail inbox has always been great and easy to  use on a daily basis. It is being armed with the number of gmail tools, gmail tips and filters which makes it more effective and productive to use. It’s great to use for professional purposes and just easy to create an account. There are many features which are great about Gmail. Gmail is one of the dominant and incredible email service providers in the industry and with many productive enhanced facilities.  There are many hidden features of Gmail which the daily users even don’t know, with features make your Gmail account more classy and cool according to your taste. 

So, as we know Gmail has a lot of features which makes it more cool and attractive to use, let’s discuss some of them to introduce new features to people. Powder some of the settings in the Gmail account and take the full advantage of it beyond what the Gmail offers you right now. 

  • Tips for Productivity

    1. Snooze emails in Gmail:

      This feature is the best as when you’re busy working on some docs and at that time you get an email that you can not respond to at that point of time, then you can just push it towards the back of your workload and think to get it back later. So, just use this feature as Gmail’s snooze feature which ensures that none of the emails of your won’t slip out of the way, no matter how busy the person is. With this feature, snooze the emails and get a reminder from Gmail wherever you’re ready to answer it out. 

      How to use:

      Just right-click on the message you want to snooze and pick out the date and time when you can handle to reply it back and there you go, you’ll get a notification from Gmail automatically.

    2. Set up priority inbox:

      This feature of Gmail allows the user to keep their important mails on the top of the inbox of the mail. If this setting feature is enabled, the user can see that the emails will be categorised into 3 parts, Important and unreads, Starred and More. Also, after this the user can modify their mails like which goes into each section of the inbox and how many items to view in these categories. Users can also choose an ‘Hide’ option. This feature is actually great, handy and makes the mails more organised to get caught up with important convos.

      How to use:

      Select the options ‘Settings’ under the Inbox tab, then there will be an option ‘Inbox type’ under that select ‘Priority inbox’ and also under this Inbox type, the user can choose their categories as well.

    3. Add mails to task:

      Make yourself the most productive with the help of these Gmail tricks by adding it to the Virtual ‘To-do-list’. If you got any mail regarding your job, just simply add that particular email to the task, when you’re ready to work on it just get a notification from Gmail and all the information and details are in front of you. This feature of Gmail is quite interesting as this makes the process good. This makes the reminders and all in a more easy way to remember. 

      How to use:

      Click on the emails that you want to create as a task and then click on 3-vertical dots below the search bar, select on the ‘Add to task’ option and set up the date and time when you would like to work.

  • Tips/Hidden features of Gmail

    1. Delete large sized attachments:

      Ever happened like working on some important stuff and stuck in between because of the space issue or something? So, through this feature this problem is just easy to come up, the user just needs to free up some space by deleting their large sized attachments of say, 10MB or something which makes more space. The user just needs to search out the email which is attached with large sized attachments and docs and just hit on the ‘bin’ button to  delete it. 

      How to use:

      Just type “Size: 10M (the size of the file)” in the search bar on the top of the page and for files which are larger in size then 10M and type “Size:10MB” for docs and attachments which are larger than 10M and more, then just click on the binn button and you’re done!
    2. Accessing without internet:

      Through this feature, the user can access their gmail, it allows the user to compose the emails without internet service. Users may be stuck at some places where there will be no internet connection such as lifts or parking lobbies, then Gmail will allow the user to go through their emails and compose new emails as well. These composed mails are then sent when the user is back into an area with internet connection. So, this method makes the users to access their gmail anytime and anywhere without any hassle.  
    3. Recall sent email using Undo email option:

      This feature from Gmail allows the user to have a sent email or message to stop within a period of time which is being assigned by the user itself. Everyone must have made a mistake by sending the mails accidentally and then wish to unsend it or something, well with this method just assign the period of time to undo the sent message or mail in the settings. After clicking on the send button, there will be a popup which shows to undo the mail by a specific period of time or date which is decided by the sender.

      How to use:

      Click on the ‘Settings’ option under General setting bar, then the user will find an option with ‘Undo send’, just click and select the time period the user wishes to have to under the sent message or mail.

  • Lesser-known tips

    1. Confidential mode:

      Through Gmail, the users are allowed to compose some emails which automatically are being deleted late at some date chosen by the user. Let these mails be as private emails when they are sent out. Suppose, let’s take an example that the message or email is sent by you and you don’t want the particular message or mail to be copied, downloaded, forwarded or anytime by the end of the receiver’s side. Then for this option, the sender can add an option to auto delete it after a particular time frame set by the sender which can not be copied or downloaded.

      How to use:

      Compose the email first, then click on the clock-like button or icon in the mail box at the bottom right, there the user will see an option to set a time frame period on which the particular mail should be expired.

    2. It has an impressive feature to host the options which are available in the search queries, this allows the user to narrow down their search option by going through the filters which are available in the search bar. Like, if you want to search for an email sent to someone, then type ‘to:’ and if you want to search a mail sent from someone then type ‘from:’ and more. Also, the user can search on the basis of labels, subject, emails body message, attachments, date, size and much more. This feature makes the whole search process very easy to go!

      How to use:

      type the query in the box to search at the top of the page, to create filters and narrow down options, click on the arrow which points towards the down side in the search bar.

    3. Migrate users from Hangouts to email:

      This is one of the features which is just being upgraded in June, 2020. The user can migrate all the other users from classic hangout chats to the Google chats by just using the chat preferred option under Admin in setting. Through this feature, the communication between the users was too easy and hassle free. It enhanced the chat experience and features like 1:1 along with group chats, forward messages, emoji reactions, deleting messages and more. This method is surely a great use for people talking with other people sitting in different regions without any problems.

      How to use:

      Log in to the ‘Admin console’ option, go to the settings option for hangout chats and then, choose the person’s chat. Turn on the ‘Chat preferred’ option in there and hit the save button.

  • Personalization options

    1. Add a personalized sign:

      The user of the Gmail account can easily mark up their own brilliance at the end of the mail which is being sent by the sender. This could include the sender’s job title, links to their social media platform accounts or profile links like Linkedin, Websites link and contact number and more. This all information at the end of the email, makes it look more of a professional person and helps the recipients to see at the company’s background at one glance. Google has also released an option to add up multiple signature options now. 

      How to use:

      The user can choose many signatures as required, like people can have two signs, one for the website and profile work and one should be a small one, like with name and company designation. So choose the sign according to the mail’s template.

    2. Translate messages:

      Gmail allows the users to translate their messages into many different languages. If the user knows only a specific language and wishes to see out the message into another language, then this feature could help them out a lot just by selecting the required language and then it will be translated into the that language which the user desires to have. This feature is great for  people who are in contact with the clients of different regions and aren’t familiar with the each others’ native language or something. It’s very easy to use features by Gmail.

      How to use:

      Just click on the vertical dots which is next to reply option and then click on translate message option. Gmail will popup with the list of languages from which the user needs to choose one for their translated language. Then select the language into which the user needs to translate and it’s done!

    3. Customize inbox view:

      Imagine to turn your Gmail into an amazing and customized account according to your categories, labels and more? Won’t that be fun? Gmail has come up with a new and handy feature where when the user has too many docs and files on their email and it makes it look more crumbled and cluttered in the preview, choose this option to make it look better. By using the Display Density option, the user can simply choose their accounts preview and email view into a Default, comfortable or in a compact view. In default, it shows the attached previews in the inbox while the comfortable and compact one’s hide the previews. 

      How to use:

      The user can just simply select the display density option available under the settings options in the Gmail. Then there will be an option for default, comfortable and compact to make your gmail account previews different!

So, these are some cool and useful tricks of Gmail with the updated versions as well to make your work go smooth, save your time from searching your old mails and make Gmail more and more productive to use on an everyday basis. Go ahead and try out these fabulous and powered up features and tricks to  enhance your Gmail account, improve productivity, automate the mails and have a personalized inbox. Use them and enhance your work experience with Gmail!


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