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Lenovo Slim 7, a stunning and seamless experience laptop for everyday use. It’s recommended to use daily because of its features which makes it so unique and smooth to work every day.  It is packed up with the all-new AMD’s 8 core Ryzen 7 4800U processor to make your laptop work effortlessly. The Ryzen 4800U is packed into a 14-inch device to offer the CPU a power that is in a smaller form that has never been possible before. The touch of the laptop feels great as it has got metal lids, panels with grey color (that too interior and bottom), the corners of the laptop are round-shaped. The laptop weights for about 1.4 kg without the charging cables’ weight. The thickness is less than 1.5 cm so it’s great to carry it and roam around.

So now let’s talk about its display, the screen size is 14-inch, as mentioned above with 1080p IPS glossy screen. The brightness is 300 nit. According to the parts list, there are 3 different panels used. As being tested, the maximum brightness is of 257 nits with AMD’s Varibright off unlike others such as Notebook reports of 400 nits of brightness with AUO panel. The screen has got almost 98% of sRGB, 68% of NTSC & 74% of AdobeRGB, so we can say that it’s quite decent and has a good compare ratio. The minor mistake was the Backlight Bleed, never noticed it but in darker views, this will vary between the laptops and panels. The screen is so strong and lightweight that one can open it with one finger and even the screen goes like for 180 degrees back fully for sharing the screen comfortably. Screen flex was on the lower side which was good because of the support of metal lids.

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The laptop’s camera is 720p which is just above the display in the center with IR for Windows support. The windows hello support also actually works great & quickly. The keyboard has a backlight of white colors which could be used in dark to function any keys smoothly and it also lights up all the keys, the secondary ones. Brightness could be adjusted in between 2 levels only or else turned off with the function and space bar. The sound of the keyboard typing is ok just like the normal laptops have. The other feature is that the speakers of the laptop are actually on the front face on either side of the keyboard. The sound level of the speakers was good at the max volume and is clear enough to hear out the sound. The accuracy of the touchpad is also great and works out well but there’s a sort of spring sound in the bottom of the pad which was quite different, while the left and right ones were alright.

One can easily clean-up the dirt and fingerprints on the display or on the keys with a micro cloth to dirt it off because of the matte grey finish. On the left side, there’s a USB port of type-C which is also the power button, HDMI output of 2.0, another USB port of type-C which offers a power delivery to the laptop and display port output, and the audio combo jack of 3.5mm. On the right side, there are 2 USB type-A ports of 3.2 Gen-1, the power button at the backside, and a microSD card reader. The backside of the laptop has nothing, just the air is exhausted below the screen. One the front, there’ something like a lip sticking out in the center of the lid.

One the inner side of the laptop, after opening it up, the battery was one of the things to take up the most space than was the storage slot in the center of M.2. Also, there’s a small M.2 slot on the right side to install a small-sized SSD reader and the WiFi 6 card is hidden inside of the laptop near the heat pipes. The laptop is powered up by a 4-cell 60Wh battery which lasts for more than 12 hours a day. Lenovo has installed a Vantage software which helps you to manage the device and apply updates accordingly. The power modes come in 3 types which are battery saving, extreme performance, and intelligent cooling which could be changed here by software function. With the CPU stress over the laptop, it starts to be a little warm in the middle of it, gets higher in the performance mode. It feels warm at the wrist support area on the laptop. The fans sounded silent at the start without the CPU’s stress. Even in the performance mode, the sound is not that loud.

Let’s know the temperatures when running above 100 degrees, it sits at 3.1GHz over all the 8 cores, and when at 26 watts, it would boost up in a shorter time to reach high speed. Although, it’s not a gaming laptop you can get gaming at 1080p with Radeon graphics at a low setting. Also, it has got free sync which ranges up to 40Hz to 60Hz. Adobe premiere was estimated at 3 hours when tested. Video editing on the AMD CPU didn’t go that well at the start.

So, let’s pack it up here, it’s a great machine to work upon. Before Ryzen 4000, this level of processor power in such a thin device of 14-inch was not possible. The processor might get hot when to hit it up with the CPU and heavy multicore load. You can easily limit your performance level in the laptop like if you prefer cooler temp if you want a lower performance level but when you smash all the 8 cores. The Radeon graphics help you with great gaming and editing. The metal built laptop body is great, the battery is all powered up for a long day and the screen is decent and too bright to use every day. The keyboard and touchpads are good but make a weird sound at the bottom, the speakers are good and worked well.

So, let me know what are your thoughts or comments about the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7!

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