The best 4k monitors to buy in 2023

The Best 4k Monitors

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The market is fully loaded with amazing and unique computers. There are a lot of options to choose from like the brand, operating system, keyboards, and even monitors nowadays. Monitors with good features and looks are the soul of computers, it makes the computer completely. Without a correct display, everything you do on your PC whether Gaming, Watching a movie, or working appears a bit dull. So, naturally choosing a correct display takes a lot! Designs may appear a bit impressive at first but don’t get fooled by the designs, look at the other side as well, know what kind of features does your display have!

The monitor plays a very important role in the PC. There are different types of monitors available in the market like Full HD, 2K resolution, and even 4K resolution! According to me, the best display one should have is a 4K resolution display to have an amazing experience under reading, watching a series, or even gaming. The world is in the focus of a 4K resolution. As technology rises, the next biggest step to have under the PC world is to have an incredible visual and graphic quality in the monitors. But, is the 4K resolution really necessary to have? What does the 4K monitor provide? Let’s know, Why to Buy a 4k monitors for PC – Are they wroth it. Also, you can see the best 4k gaming monitors

What’s a 4K resolution monitor?

With great pixels in the monitor comes great image quality. It’s not a surprise that the hike of the monitors has gained so much with so many revolutions such as 4K resolution.

The term 4K means that there’s a next generational leap to take on in the PC world which is beyond HD i.e. 1080p. The size of the Full HD content is 1920*1080 pixels while the other side, the 4K display provides 4 times the pixels of HD content, which is 3840*2160 pixels. One of the biggest benefits one can get form the 4K display as compared to the full HD display is the 4 times pixels which are also meant as the 4 times screen real estates. Work with more tabs opens, windows open, or even applications in an effortless manner. 

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The 4K display comes in a variety of sizes but the most common is 24 inches, 27 inches, and 32 inches. The number of pixels on the different size of the display is the same. The only difference one might notice and it has is the pixel density, which could be measured in DPI (dots per inch). Comparing a 4K resolution display on a 24-inch screen size with a 4K resolution display on a 32-inch or more of screen size is totally different. The larger the size of the screen, the less density of the pixels. A 4K gaming PC would be the best thing for a crazy gamer!

What’s a significant difference between this HD, 2K, or 4K displays?

As we all know, 4K is in the line next, it will make sure to provide an amazing experience to their users. Though 4K and HD are a bit similar the biggest difference is its resolutions, the HD comes up with 1920*1080 pixels whereas the 4K resolutions come up with the 4096*2160 pixels, which is a BIG difference. The difference between the 2K and HD display is the number of horizontal pixels. Both of them have different horizontal pixels which are great in their own way. The 2K resolution has 2048*1080 pixels whereas the HD display has 1920*1080 pixels. It is said that the total number of pixels in the 2K resolution is pretty much higher, which is 5-6% higher than the HD resolution display. The difference between the 2K resolution and the 4K resolutions is the biggest difference in their pixels. As the pixels of the 2K display is 2048*1080 pixels & the 4K resolution display’s pixels are of 4096*2160, we can guess which one’s better, right? According to the figures, the total number of pixels in the 4K resolution display is way too more than the 2K resolution which is said to be 4 times. So, the higher the resolutions, the higher the quality and clarity!

4K resolution display: worthy enough?

Getting a 4K monitor seems to be like an expected move by people with so many reviews over it. Higher the resolution means having more details and more quality of images on your monitor for various different uses like watching a movie or series, working on the presentation, surfing/reading, or even gaming.  

Yet the question rises is “is it worth purchasing a 4K resolution monitor?” Well, accordingly, it totally depends on what way you want to use your computer. Whether it’s for playing games, for everyday use like editing or watching stuff or just to work on some excel sheets? Whatever it is, it all depends on your usage, so let’s know about them in detail…

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4K monitor – purpose: Gaming :-

Gamers who love to play competitive and fast-paced games should better be getting off from their 2K resolution gaming displays. The less resolution means more frames on the basis of per second which means to have a lower input lag and smooth performance level which is obviously every gamer’s priority!

Gamers with PS5 or Xbox can take an advantage of working on the 4K display with 120Hz and powerful hardware. While on the other side, PC gamers have multiple options to choose from less resolution display to the highest one with refresh rates. So, a 4K display for a PC gamer would be a great choice to choose to form so many options. To have better graphics and visuals and image quality, 4K display is the best to pick as it comes up with a powerful GPU and 60+ FPS. But, it also depends on what are your preferred games and preference.

4K monitor – purpose: Professional :-

Are you a YouTuber or a content creator on Instagram? 4K monitors are a tempting item you should have with incredible picture quality. Editing your videos and pictures with more fun, more vivid details and great experience is what it matters, right? Also, you need to consider some things, as we know that the 4K monitor provides high quality of pixel density pictures in a 32-inch monitor screen with tiny elements being tiny means you need to scale it up for a better version of it.  

Also, it requires a lot of RAM of your PC, good storage capacity, and a strong based GPU but it depends on the complexity of your videos, the format you use and it’s editing. Even though, nowadays the price of the 4K monitor is cheaper than before but the hardware is pretty expensive. Watching a presentation or reading content on a 2K resolution display is still a standard thing to do but ask yourself out and switch to 4K display without any worry.  

4K monitor – purpose: General :-

A computer with general usages like watching movies or shows or web surfing, a 4K monitor is the best and viable option to go for. Even though, 4K monitors are smarter and cheaper than the regular 2K ones. 4K resolution displays are supported by Intel’s core integrated graphics which makes it smooth and effortless to watch a movie or videos. But graphics card and a good internet speed Wi-Fi or internet connection are preferable to have a smooth ride over your 4K display PC.  

So, while choosing a 4K monitor for your everyday usage is a bit tricky but here’s your solution which you need to keep in mind, such as the display size, it matters a lot and is very important, the panel, another important factor to keep in mind and connectivity with at least 25 Mbps speed to give a smooth and great experience. 

Quick buying tips for 4K monitor

  • Monitor size:

    The bigger the size of the display, the better it is! But it requires a lot of space and money too. The size of the display is measured diagonally on its length. The size of the screen is mentioned before itself and is mentioned in an aspect ratio manner. So, for a fun fact if you know algebra and geometry from the schooling time, you can easily measure the screen size by the given ratio. The more number of units falls into the line, the high or more is the ratio of the screen. 

  • Determine the main purpose :

    Know the major purpose to buy a PC’s monitor, whether it’s a gaming purpose, working on the presentation’s purpose, or just for an everyday purpose of usage. But, according to the gamers’ point of view, their priority is to have a monitor with faster refresh rates and less time to the responses. According to the professionals’ point of view, they need them with great features of working fast like opening many tabs and color accuracy should be there. According to the everyday usage point of view, they opt for a display model with higher contrast VA panels.

  • Resolution :

    The higher the resolution of your monitor, the better the image quality you’ll have. Resolution is the number of pixels a monitor contains to display an image in a better way. It shows you how many pixels a monitor has in a form of “width*height”. But editing pictures in the 4K monitor is a good option to go for higher resolution. Also, low-level resolution can be shown on a high-resolution monitor. With a 4K monitor, you can have images in a more of a sharper way with QHD which is much better than the Full HD, which is the minimum one need.

  • G-sync or Free Sync :

    The features with G-Sync in a monitor will only work with the NVIDIA’s graphic card for a smooth flow of work. While the Free-Sync monitor will work on the HDMI. Technologies like this G-Sync and Free Sync offers a feature which removes the stuttering and screen tearing factor to make the gameplay flow smoothly even if the graphic card struggles or the framerate drops below 40 FPS or even low than this. One should seriously look after the G-Sync or Free-Sync monitor before purchasing and especially if you’re purchasing the monitor for gaming purposes.

  • Panels and its types :

    There is basically 3 type of panels in the 4K monitor for better image quality. Also, it might be difficult for beginners to choose from. Here’s the solution, firstly, TN (Twisted Nematic) one of the fastest yet the cheapest and most common. It has a poor image quality when you view from side angles, very low input potential that is of 1-5 ms, and has good contrast. Second, IPS (In-plane switching) has a slightly faster response time, provides images with better and precise color presentations, and high input latency with 5+ ms. Third, VA (Vertical alignment) comes along with the best contrast as compared to the above two and good color reproduction.

  • Refresh rates :

    the bigger the rates of refresh are, the better it is! This factor shows that the number of times you refresh your monitor with some new info and it is measured as in “Hertz (Hz)”. The more and bigger the number of Hz is, it’s much better and smoother to see the images with less level of jerky ones. This factor is great for gamers especially, as the refresh rate is very important and the monitor should have at least 75 Hz to 144 Hz of rate. Along with so much of rate, it’s a combination with low response time you’ll need. For the people using the monitor regularly for general use, the 60Hz refresh rate should go for them.

  • Connectivity :

    Know what and how many ports does your monitor has. But this is dependent on what kind of needs you have formed the monitor. So, the idea to have a 4K monitor with ports you need to have is dependent on your needs from it. While choosing a monitor, many ports are required to be considered like a USB port, HDMI, and more. With the 4K monitor, there’s a 4K HDMI support which needs to have a graphic card to support it more. The USB ports are also a very essential part to have and offers high-speed rating.

  • Brightness :

    Most of the unique, new featured and high-end monitors are designed in such a way that offers a brightness rating which is really great and according to the shifts. The brightness rating is majorly from 300 to 350 cd/m2. In case, working in a much brighter room, you can easily handle the brightness level in the range for your monitor but they do harm your eyes by causing more strain. The most preferred and suitable brightness level in a monitor is said to be 250 cd/m2.

So, in the bottom line, choose a laptop with amazing features and all the important stuff you need but before that, know the purpose of your laptop. 4K monitors’ are an end-all everyone needs.

Best 4K monitors to purchase?

4K monitors have been the best monitors to purchase with unique and powerful features. To handle more visually demanding tasks, a monitor plays an important role. The best monitors will offer you amazing features while gaming or watching a movie. Also with higher resolution, one can get more of a screen real estate with the 4K monitors and makes it very comfortable and easy flow to do multi-tasking and do a lot of work at one time with more of a creative workflow. So, let’s know about the best 4K monitors to purchase for every day, professional & gaming purposes as well. 

The Best 4k Monitors to buy in 2022

  1. Acer Predator X27
  2. Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ
  3. BenQ EL2870U
  4. LG 27UK650
  5. ViewSonic XG2700
  6. Dell Alienware AW5520QF
  7. HP Omen X 65 Emperium 
  8. Philips Brilliance 328P

1. Acer Predator X27


Amazon Logo

Screen size: 27-inch | Resolution: 4K with 144Hz | Aspect ratio: 16:9 | The Panel used: IPS | Response time: 4 ms | Sync used: G-Sync

Thinking to buy a monitor with great features like viewing angels with perfection and color accuracy of the IPS monitor, then Acer Predator X27 would be the perfect fit for you to choose. The Predator X27 is known as the best ‘4K gaming monitor’. An amazing featured monitor & a tough competitor in the market with a 144Hz refresh rate, so isn’t that great for your gaming purpose? Playing a fast-paced game with maxed settings won’t blur out your view. It works successfully on the G-Sync with both, the standard and the HDR content which helps to avoid screen tearing and blurring out the images with supported with the NVIDIA graphic card. You can buy this monitor at a price of $830 which is cheap, affordable, and great to have!

2. Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ

Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ

Amazon Logo

Screen size: 27-inch | Resolution: 4K with 120Hz | Aspect ratio: 16:9 | The Panel used: IPS | Response time: 4 ms | Sync used: G-Sync

With more and more increase in the 4K monitors’, we still need a monitor that can change everything and provides an amazing experience. The all-new and incredible, Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ is the one you need. Asus has managed to craft out a 4K gaming monitor with excellent features to work on and also use it for professional use. A gaming monitor with HDR and color accuracy support you need to enjoy your gaming or work on its best. Nothing can beat the full-array WLED backlight with the zone dimming feature of this monitor. A monitor which renders a 120Hz to 144Hz refresh rate with a G-Sync linked with it and gives a real-looking graphics and textures. Also, this monitor comes up with an HDMI port, DisplayPort 1.4, Audio jack, and two USB ports (3.0). Amazing display to have for gaming purposes!

3. BenQ EL2870U

BenQ EL2870U

Amazon Logo

Screen size: 28-inch | Resolution: 3840*2160 | Aspect ratio: 16:9 | The Panel used: TN | Response time: 1 ms | Sync used: Free Sync

The budget free category and best 4K gaming monitor is here, BenQ EL2870U. A decent and incredible model with affordable pricing. It’s really a well-built monitor with in-built speakers, which is one of the unique features and also helps you to cut down the cost of buying an all-new individual speaker. A budget level monitor with top and glorious features of 4K resolution at 60Hz and a 4K entry point. There are no G-sync but with the help of the Free Sync, it helps to smoothen the workflow experience or gaming experience. One of the best features is that the laptop has a “Low blue light tech” which is helpful to not strain on your eyes while working for a longer period of time and remove the harmful lights with the help of its “Brightness Intelligence” feature which changes the brightness and color temp accordingly.

4. LG 27UK650

LG 27UK650

Amazon Logo

Screen size: 27-inch | Resolution: 3840*2160 | Refresh rate: 60 Hz | The Panel used: IPS | Response time: 5 ms | Sync used: Free Sync

One of the greatest and amazing 4K monitors for gaming purposes only. The monitors’ screen size is 27-inches which delivers an amazing quality of pictures, great experience with the games, and fast process. The monitor has got a decent, elegant, and simple look like in design-wise which fits easily into any settings with the thin bezels. The panels are of IPS with a really wide viewing angle which has got reflecting handle and is bright enough to avoid the glare. Not very great for working in a dark room as it has a low contrast ratio which makes the black look more greyish. It has really got a fast response rate which results to have minimum motion of blur in the fast-paced gaming and with the help of Free Sync, it helps not to tear-off the images. Also, the G-sync is supported and works really very well with the NVIDIA graphics card. If you’re looking for a decent and versatile monitor then this monitor is really the best for professional purposes and not that great at the gaming purpose.

5. View Sonic XG2700

ViewSonic XG2700

Amazon Logo

Screen size: 27-inch | Resolution: 3840*2160 | Refresh rate: 60 Hz | The Panel used: IPS | Response time: 5 ms | Sync used: Free Sync |

In order to play the latest and fast-paced games in the 4K gaming monitor, one needs to have a powerful graphics and visuals which provides a smooth flow of gameplay with the highest image quality and display. With the View Sonic XG2700, one is capable to do all of these things that too very smoothly. This monitor is able to handle the high-resolution work without blurring any images or motion stutter. A monitor with a 27-inch screen size that uses AMD’s Free Sync tech to deliver smooth flow and performance. The monitor consist of rich and powered performance level with providing accurate color representation. The brightness of the screen could be higher and it has no in-built speakers. So, to have a smooth multi-tasking with your workload, this monitor is the best option to choose from!

6. Dell Alien ware AW5520QF

Dell Alienware M15 R2

Amazon Logo

Screen size: 55-inch (16:9) | Resolution: 4K with 120Hz | Refresh rate: 120 Hz | The Panel used: OLED | Response time: 0.5 ms | Sync used: Free Sync

Got a room for a monitor with a budget and to have the finest and incredible experience like never before? Alien Ware AW5520QF is your solution, totally! You can’t get anything better than this, the first real OLED 4K gaming monitor to give you an unbelievable experience of gaming in 55-inch screen size. Yes, you read it right, 55-inch of screen size! With this 4K gaming monitor, you get images that are jaw-dropping to see, with so much clarity and without any image tearing. With a 120Hz refresh rate with a 4K resolution, you get AMD’s Free Sync & NVIDIA G-Sync technology with a fluid experience to have while gameplay or in images. With amazing design features and many port options, in-built speakers and even having remote control over the monitor, isn’t what we want in the monitors’ in this generation? Absolutely yes! This Dell’s monitor is actually a piece to experience gameplay in king-style!

7. HP Omen X 65 Emperium

HP Omen X 65 Emperium

Amazon Logo

Screen size: 64.5-inch | Resolution: 4K | Refresh rate: 144 Hz | Panel used: VA | Response time: 4 ms | Sync used: G-Sync

Being a couch game player, you need to replace your TV with a big screen sized monitor to enjoy it while staying far from the screen. With this amazing and outstanding monitor, HP Omen X 65, one can easily have that fun! With a 64.5-inch display size, it’s easy for one to do things from their couch itself, isn’t it? This experience is more than just gaming on a monitor regularly, it’s more of larger sized TV gaming. This monitor stand-out if placed in the living room or somewhere, it’s an eye-catcher for people. The performance level of this monitor has been matched according to its price tag as well, that too without any glitches and with high frame rates. It also includes an in-built soundbar with four 4-inch woofers, two 1-inch tweeters, and 2 radiators which adds up a feeling to hear the sound clearly and with clarity. Also, it comes up with the great HDR display which is high in contrast and giving amazing color accuracy to have a great experience without any image tearing. Also, there comes the NVIDIA Shield Android-based steamer interface which means gameplay and watching movies or shows are built accordingly to your gaming display.

8. Philips Brilliance 328P

Philips Brilliance 328P

Amazon Logo

Screen size: 31.5-inch | Resolution: 3840*2160 | Contrast ratio: 3000:1 | Panel used: VA | Response time: 4 ms | Brightness: 300cd/m2 |

A 4K monitor with great features and affordable pricing is on the market, the all-new Philips Brilliance 328P! It just does all that what you need in a monitor to have at great pricing. It combines a 4K VA panel type which is great and comes along with a decent and simple HDR performance which makes it all up that you don’t need to take this monitor on a loan. The brightness level is pretty good but not quite great to reach an HDR 600 rating. It is really a great monitor to see under 4K monitors at affordable prices.


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