TIGER LAKE (Intel’s 11th Gen) VS THUNDERBOLT 4 (AMD Ryzen 4000) : Who’s faster and better?


Intel has announced its all-new 11th gen core for the ultra-thin laptops in recent times. The code-name of the chip is Tiger Lake which consists of 9 processors which sort up to 4 cores, 3 GHz frequency of the base, 4.8 GHz frequency for the turbo, 8 threads and also, the integrated powered graphics by Iris Xe GPU.

While on the other hand, it’s rival, AMD’s Ryzen 4000 has retuned the laptops landscape which is not like any other CPU in years. A multi-core performance 7nm chip with 8 cores in it, holds a high ground! The Ryzen 4000 tops the range, have 8 cores with 16 threads, and a speed of 4.4 GHz. Provides an amazing power for gaming and streamers with a great performance.

AMD is dedicated to continuously pushing the boundaries of processing power and graphics performance to deliver amazing PC experiences for all customers, from mainstream PC users to gamers, streamers, and enterprise users,” said Saeid Moshkelani, senior vice president and general manager, client business unit, AMD.”

Knowing a little bit about both the companies’ top ranges, one could easily say to the people out there that there’s a tough competition out there! Now let’s see about them in detail.

Tiger Lake Vs AMD Ryzen 4000

The competitor: Tiger Lake

Intel has played its core and chip cards very close and there isn’t a lot of information on the table as well. The officials have said that the only main information out is that the 11th Gen, Tiger Lake CPU is built on a 10nm processor on which the Super Fin technology is primarily addressed. While the 10th gen, Ice Lake chip was more power-efficient than the older ones i.e. Comet Lake CPU. Intel 11th GEN.

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The top speed is 15-watt, the Core i7 and 3.9 GHz with 1.3 GHz base clock were the top range items under this chip. Intel also offers higher wattage core i7 which runs over 28 watts, turbo clock which is of 4.1 GHz, and a 2.3GHz which is for the base clock. Both the quad-core chips include Hyper-threading and iris gen 11 graphics which are running on the same clock speed.

High power draws at high clock speed makes it easy to work. But, as per Intel, the efficiency is getting across the board as well. Tiger Lake could run at a higher clock speed by using less amount of power. It’s a pretty decent part of it. The graphics of 11 gen has been beefed up with Xe, which is almost double the performance level of the Intel’s 10th gen, which is Ice Lake’s graphic. Also, Intel claims that the Tiger Lake is running over the 15 watts which is a lot higher than the Ice Lake chip, which is running at 28 watts.

The competing: Ryzen 4000

With the 8 core on a 7nm chip, the AMDs ryzen 4000 holds up the ground with a multi-performance and simply runs better and cooler than Intel’s 10th gen, comet lake. People have been impressed by the performance delivery in a budget laptop with a premium class. The AMDs Ryzen 4000 desktop processor comes along with the PRO technology for the enterprise-class solution, multilayered security, and advanced technology. The desktop processor is built on an industry-leading 7nm process and Zen-2 core to experience more power, more efficiency.

 The AMD Ryzen™ Desktop Processor offers:

  • Up to 2.5X multi-threaded performance compared to the previous generation
  • Up to 5% greater single-thread performance than the Intel Core i7-9700
  • Up to 31% greater multithreaded performance than the Intel Core i7-9700
  • Up to 202% better graphics performance than the Intel Core i7-9700

The AMD Ryzen PRO 4000 Series Desktop Processors offer:

  • Up to 31% faster performance than the competition
  • Up to 43% more performance per watt than the competition

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Intel 11th-gen vs. AMD Ryzen 4000

 So, we’ll forecast some of the top differences between these two:

  • Multi-performer: If you’ve heard a rumor of Tiger Lake that it will indeed only have a quad-core chip then, the Ryzen 4000 has an edge for that! It’s simple, 8 cores could easily beat up 4 cores. Tiger Lake might boom us with its high clock feature. But if it sustains the clocks, it could be close enough distance to cover to worry Ryzen. But, under this situation, Ryzen is on the table for the performance factor.
  • Graphic performance: Suspecting that Intel will be better in terms of graphics. Besides from effecting engines to 96 from 64, Intel has come up with a redesigned Xe graphics for the upcoming Tiger Lake laptops. It has already seen Ryzen 4000 graphics and performance accordingly, Intel is willing to take a stand that the Tiger Lake will also offer AAA gaming features which will be unlikely seen before.
  • Ringer: The main in all of this is the Tiger Lake’s support for LPDDR5 and LPDDR4X memory. Both of them exceed Ryzen and Ice Lake’s memory supporter. As graphics performance relies on the memory supporter factor, Intel has an advantage of it! It is easy to find the laptops which support the high-clock RAM.


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