Top 10 Light bulb cameras to buy on amazon


If you want to monitor your home and protect it from robbers, there can be nothing better than a light bulb camera. We sorted the top 10 light bulb cameras, researched them for a good 68 hours, and consulted 4 cyber and security experts to get to the list of top 10 light bulb cameras to buy on amazon.

The light bulb security cameras are discreetly hidden during a light bulb and attached to its fixture. From the surface, they appear sort of a regular light bulb, but they track everyone’s movements and activities well with their fish-eye lenses. they’re actually the most effective tool to stay an eye fixed on nannies, house staff, office, workplace, or a warehouse.

Here we listed, the 10 light bulb cameras to buy on amazon:

Wyze Security Cam in under 50$

OLTEC Light Bulb Camera:

This is an excellent camera within the market disguised inside the sunshine bulb. We’ve included it in our list thanks to its portability and exciting features.

While reviewing the OLTEC wi-fi light bulb security camera we were amazed to work out its 1080P camera. The lens system is hidden inside which makes it an ideal device for a nanny cam, pet cam, or for general security. The camera features a 360-degree angle view without absolutely zero blind spots. The fish eye within the camera can provide you with an overall view of what’s occurring at your house. you’ll keep a watch on your property 24*7 from anywhere within the world employing a graphic interface. you have got to attach the device to the Wi-Fi.

Furthermore, the camera encompasses a motion detection sensor. On detecting motion, an alert is shipped on your phone app with a snapshot so that instantly you’ll check the live stream. If you want to record the videos, insert a micro SD card. The device supports a maximum of 64GB card which you’ve got to shop for separately. Lastly, installing is straightforward; it’s actually a plug-and-play device. So, video and charging are finished at the identical time.

MELESPLUS P6 Light Bulb Camera:

If you’re searching for an actual bulb quiet thing then this one in all the simplest light bulb cameras within the market. MELESPLUS is thought for its affordable price and customer-satisfying features.

MELESPLUS wifi light bulb Security Camera incorporates a 2MP full HD camera that you simply can easily screw sort of a normal bulb. The optical lens records HD quality videos because it includes a 25FPS rate. the most effective thing is its multi-view feature. you’ll install these best light bulb cameras altogether in your rooms and monitor them on one screen. Moving on to its installation, because it could be a Wi-Fi light bulb camera so you would like to attach it to our router and so your phone/tab/PC for live-streaming.

What we loved more was the motion detection sensor. The bulb starts recording in an exceedingly snap after detecting a motion and sends an alarm notification on your phone. To store the recorded video, the camera supports a 64GB memory card. Interestingly it’s a loop recording feature to avoid the trouble of transferring/deleting the videos. Nevertheless, confirm you save the important footage on time as otherwise they would be overwritten with the new ones.

Spy-Max Light Bulb Camera:

Spy-Max is a light lamb camera, we loved the fact that this doesn’t need to be fixed in a place. You can carry it around and place it in a position that you prefer, unlike other best light bulb security cameras. It is actually a light lamp that can be picked up by the handle and placed anywhere in the room.

The Spy Max wi-fi light bulb security camera records the video in HD quality with full color. The camera works at a 30 frame rate per second and a good angle which makes it perfect to record a transparent video with no blurred effect. Further, what we love more is its setup. you have connected it to your home Wi-fi then to your PC/Mobile/Tab for remote viewing. Further, you’ll connect it to your PC’s Winchester drive to store the recorded footage. The footage is recorded looking at the scale of your disc drive. Besides, the recorded videos are saved with time and date stamps. The only glitch which we found is that there’s no scotopic vision within the Wi-Fi light bulb security camera, but you’ll be able to always turn on the sunshine bulb to illuminate the realm and record the videos.

Further, the camera features a motion-detection feature. So, whenever it feels a motion it starts recording the video. we propose you attach it to your disc drive to avoid wasting the recorded footage. On the full, a transportable discreet device which will be used as a surveillance device, as a nanny’s cam, or for general safety.


Maximus Outdoor Light Bulb Camera:

When reviewing the outdoor light bulb security reviews, we found this Maximus device works the best. This device is named Kuna and is thought more for its smart security control features. Kuna outdoor security bulb features an HD recording that you simply can control from your smartphone from anywhere within the world and keep your family and residential safe in the slightest degree of time. you’ll install it within the outside door, backyard, or doorway side.

Kuna camera has a 720P wide-angle camera to clearly record a wide area in front of your door. Not only this it has a 2-way intercom that lets you talk to the visitors on the door from inside the house or from anywhere in the world using your phone. Further, it has a motion sensor that starts recording a video just after detecting a motion and it also plays an alarm sound at the same time. We tested it and found on detecting a motion the video is started in a snap and thus makes sure the entire activity is recorded.

Furthermore, installing the Kuna Wi-Fi light bulb is exceptionally easy. you would like to fix it and connect it to your Wi-Fi so your phone for monitoring. you’ll be able to access the live videos or review and download the events at no cost for two hours. And if you would like continuous monitoring then you wish to travel for the 30 days optional subscription plan.

Nucam Premium Light Bulb Camera:

If you are looking for a premium best light bulb camera that can give you a live panoramic view of your place to keep an eye on your nanny, caretaker, kids, pets, or your workplace then look no further. Nucam bulb camera has a 360° camera vision and 180° modified extender which helps you to monitor every corner of your space at any time anywhere. They come with a 2K HD resolution camera. Further, the camera also supports night vision. So, be rest assured whether it’s nighttime or daytime, you will get a perfect clear quality view at all times. Moving on to its installation, just like other wifi light bulb security cameras you have connected it to your Wi-Fi router and then to your phone.

The Nucam light bulb camera also features motion detection. When a motion is detected an alert is sent to your phone along with a picture and short video footage which is quite amazing. For saving the videos you need to have a separate SD card. The device supports a 32GB micro SD card but the downside is that it comes without a card. What more exciting is that the device has an H.265 technology. With this technology, the recorded footage size is; ow down to one-fourth. So, you need not buy a high-size memory card anymore.

Sony FX3 Full-Frame Cinema line Camera- Vlogging camera

KingVision Full-HD Light Bulb Camera:

KingVision is the perfect exquisite light bulb security camera. We loved the fact that the camera has the very best camera quality in comparison to other light bulbs within the market.

KingVision light bulb camera has 3MP HD camera. The lens of it’s a fisheye to relinquish a 360-degree view to deliver ultra-clear images. We tested and located that the camera gives a view of any corner of the area without a single-blind spot. It also supports scotopic vision with its 3 LED floodlights. The scotopic vision IR lights automatically activate detecting dim or low lighting conditions. the sunshine requires a Wi-Fi connection and once it sets to the Wi-Fi you wish to attach it to your phone/tab/PC. you’ll monitor through the app. what’s unique during this is that the incontrovertible fact that you’ll share the device along with your family too. It supports sharing with five unique devices.

Meco Wi-Fi Light Bulb Camera:

Meco wi-fi LED bulb security camera is one every of the most popular selling products within the market. People am fond of it for its price and its camera quality.

Meco Light bulb security camera sounds like a usual bulb with a hidden wide view 360 degrees 960P HD camera. We found it covers the whole room or space area without a single-blind spot. Further, the camera also supports visual sense with a spread of around 25 feet. the standard of the videos in day/night is sweet and clearly visible. Like other security light bulb cameras, this also needs Wi-FI connectivity and monitoring via the app on the phone/tab. But what’s unique during this is that the undeniable fact that the device comes with 5 different viewing modes which allow you to view all the corners of your space on one screen on just one occasion.

The other features of it include motion detection sensors. On detecting motion, an alert message is distributed to your phone automatically together with the auto recording. The camera supports loop recording and it has a free 16GB memory card. No other competitors provide a free memory card. Lastly, the memory is expandable to 128GB just in case you have got long footage.

360 Degree Light Bulb Camera:

360 Degree Wifi Bulb Hidden Camera could be a worthy investment if you wish one. This hidden camera includes a design that’s best fitted to surveillance on large areas of the house. Though the planning is impressive on its own there are great features for this one that you’ll love.

It has a built-in monitor sensor, which means, you don’t must worry if the camera records because it’ll record and activate once something enters the realm.

Another great feature for this can be the image quality. it’s a full HD 1080p image and video resolution, which’s really an excellent feature to capture images and videos clearly.

And in fact, this one incorporates a WIFI-enabled feature that permits you to test the feed anywhere you’re within the world as long as you’re connected to the net.

Sony Alpha 7C Compact full-frame camera

Rayolon Full HD 1080P Light Bulb Camera:

The Rayolon Full HD 1080P Light Blub Camera has wi-fi accordant to be able to connect from an intelligent device. you may be able to use a smartphone or a tablet to observe some corners of your home without being there. Among the extra functions, two-way audio communication is complemented by night-sight. Motion detection is available to you.

You will be notified just in case the camera detects any kind of motion. The installation is extremely easy to perform and only some steps are required to start out using this security camera. The camera resumes operation when the facility goes down and resets. this is often one of the foremost convenient devices for several homes too.

BESDERSEC Light Bulb Camera:

The BESDERSEC light bulb have intelligent AI mode and Smart motion alert system features to offer you the sting over other bulb cameras. It lights up when someone passes by, perfect for your porch, backyard, and entranceway.

Because of its 360 degrees bird’s eye view without a blind spot feature, it gives you a transparent take for it comes with a built-in HD 1.44mm fish-eye lens.

You can install this easily at your home by simply screwing it into a lightweight socket with a 110V~240V, no drilling, no wiring, no cable. Once installed you’ll be able to open the iCSee app to line up the camera and so you’re done within a minute!


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