iPhone SE 3 Rumored Release Date, Leaks, Price, Specs, and News…

iPhone SE 3 Review

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The iPhone SE 3 has a lot to prove. The iPhone SE (2020) costs $399 and has a powerful A13 Bionic processor in a small package. Despite certain flaws, the phone offers excellent overall value. 

According to reports, Apple will deliver at least two major enhancements for the iPhone SE 3 in 2022: 5G connection and the same strong A15 Bionic Processor speed present in the iPhone 13. The new processor is expected to boost not just performance but also photos and battery life. And it’s one of the phones we’re most excited to see in 2022.

Unfortunately, Apple appears to be using the same design on the iPhone SE 3 as it does on the current iPhone SE. Nonetheless, the combination of 5G and the predicted power for what should be one of the best cheap phones might make the iPhone SE 3 a lot larger issue than you realize.  Also, you can see Sony Xperia Pro-I Review: With 1-inch Image Camera Sensor

iPhone SE 3 Rumored Release Date, Leaks, Price, Specs, and News…

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iPhone SE 3 Release Date Rumors

So far, all reports point to the iPhone SE 3 being released in early 2022, with regular and trustworthy tipper Mark Gurman predicting the iPhone SE 3 will be presented at the next big Apple event. This event, which is likely to be a virtual display, is expected to take place in March or April. So, if these reports are true, we won’t have to wait long for the next low-cost iPhone. 

Interestingly, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Apple plans to release a new iPhone SE model with a bigger display in 2023. 


  • According to Mark Gurman, the iPhone SE 3 will be unveiled during the next major Apple event, which is expected to take place in March or April. 
  • The iPhone SE 3 is reportedly undergoing trial production, which is a critical step toward making the estimated March 2022 release date.
  • If you’re debating whether to wait for the iPhone SE 3 or buy the current iPhone SE.

Price of iPhone SE 3

We don’t know much about the pricing of the iPhone SE 3, but we believe Apple will stick to the $399 mark. The price-to-performance ratio is what makes the SE (2020) so enticing to many people, and Apple would be crazy to ignore that. 

According to one report, the iPhone SE 3 would cost 3,499 yuan (about $542). That appears to be a hefty price to us, and such currency exchanges are rarely precise.

According to JP Morgan, the iPhone SE 3 might sell more than a billion copies due to its ability to attract “roughly 1.4 billion low-to-mid-end Android phones and around 300 million older iPhone model customers.”

That’s a big forecast, but it appears to be aided by competitive pricing and trade-in value. According to Samik Chatterjee, an analyst at JP Morgan, while Apple’s trade-in value for older Android phones vs older iPhones is biassed in favor of Apple phones, the iPhone SE 3 might have an average starting price ranging between $269 and $399. The iPhone SE 3 might sell a lot of units if the price is right.

Specifications of iPhone SE 3

So far, we don’t know much about the iPhone SE 3 specifications, but according to the Macotakara report, the next iPhone SE will be powered by the A15 Bionic chip. This is the same processor that powers the iPhone 13. As a result, the iPhone SE 3 might possibly be the quickest low-cost phone on the market.

Another significant enhancement rumored for the iPhone SE 3 is the 5G connection, which appears to be a no-brainer for any phone in 2022. Google already has a low-cost 5G phone in the Pixel 5a. 

Leaks and Rumors of iPhone SE 3

The largest iPhone SE 3 leak to date has revealed a lot of potential specifications.

The phone will have an A15 Bionic chipset and 5G capability, but it may otherwise be identical to its predecessor, with the same bezel-heavy design and 4.7-inch LCD screen, according to another source, and 3GB of RAM.

We’ve also heard that it might include a 4.7-inch LCD screen and 5G compatibility, so those features seem feasible. A third source recently stated that the A15 processor and 5G would be included, but the design and screen size will not change with the next update.

However, another source indicates that it will feature a 5.7-6.1-inch LCD screen, and elsewhere we’ve heard that while it may continue with a 12MP camera, it may have a new sensor.

We’ve also heard that Apple may include Face ID in a future iPhone SE generation. That would almost certainly necessitate a significant redesign, with no home button and instead of a notch. However, considering that the reports above indicate that the iPhone SE 3 would have a similar appearance, this update may be postponed.

One source suggested an iPhone 11-like design was in the works, but Apple later changed its mind and declared it will remain with the iPhone 8-like design for 2022. According to the insider, Apple intends to employ the iPhone 11-like design on the iPhone SE (2024).


The iPhone SE (2020) was built on the same frame as the iPhone 8. Even though the phone’s design appears to be badly obsolete by today’s standards, it was an efficient cost-cutting measure.

The bad news is that the iPhone SE 3 may retain the existing iPhone SE’s design. A 4.7-inch display, wide bezels, and a real Touch ID button would be the result. We hope that’s not the case, but expert Ross Young backs up this theory, claiming that the iPhone SE Plus will include a 4.7-inch display and 5G connectivity. That, he claims, is the name of the upcoming iPhone SE smartphone, not the iPhone SE 3. According to sources, the device under trial production looks similar to the existing iPhone SE design.

The iPhone SE 3 concept renders show it as a reinvented iPhone XR, with Face ID through a display notch replacing the Touch ID-equipped home button. 

This design is clearly more appealing, but we’d be eager to see if Apple didn’t go in a different way, such as using a punch-hole selfie camera and embedding a fingerprint reader in the phone’s power button, as seen on the iPad Air 2020.


Thanks to Apple’s computational photography, the iPhone SE 2020 shoots good-looking photos, yet it only has a single lens. For the iPhone SE 3, we’d like to see Apple include an ultrawide lens.

To complete the Pixel 5a, Apple could also add a night mode to the iPhone SE 3. The front camera of the iPhone SE 3 might also use an improvement, as the present selfie snapper is limited to 7MP.

Battery and Charger

The iPhone SE’s battery life was a noteworthy flaw. The iPhone SE managed 9 hours and 18 minutes in the Electronics Monk battery life test, which was over 4G. Fortunately, the A15 Bionic chip should make the iPhone SE more efficient, and we’re hopeful Apple can also fit in a bigger battery.

What we Expected to see in iPhone SE 3

As fantastic as the iPhone SE (2020) is, there are a few things we’d want to see fixed with its successor.

5G: Now that other phone manufacturers are selling 5G phones for less than $500, if not less than $400, it’s time for Apple to do the same for its affordable device. Despite the fact that 5G networks are still being implemented, consumers want future-proof connections.

OLED display and higher resolution: The LCD on the iPhone SE (2020) is adequate, but we’d prefer a superior OLED display in the iPhone SE 3. This would result in brighter colors and deeper blacks with improved contrast. We’d also want to see a resolution increase. The pixel density on the iPhone SE (2020) is also not particularly high at 1334 x 750.

Better battery life: As previously stated, the battery life of the iPhone SE (2020) is adequate. It doesn’t reach the 10-hour average that we want in our battery testing, but it will carry you through a day of light to medium use. We hope that Apple employs a larger battery with the iPhone SE 3.

More cameras and Night Mode: The iPhone SE (2020) is equipped with a single 12MP wide-angle camera. It takes good images, but in certain situations, Apple is behind the Pixel 5a. If the iPhone SE 3 gets a second camera, it’ll most likely be an ultrawide sensor. We also want Night Mode, which the SE (2020) lacks.

Slimmer bezels: The iPhone 8 was a good gadget for its time, but it predated the iPhone X’s radical redesign. As phones’ bezels become slimmer and slimmer, the iPhone 8 body begins to seem old and out of date. We are hopeful that Apple will alter the design of the iPhone SE 3 to make it more modern. Other low-cost phones appear more current.


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