Windows 11 God Mode: How To Activate It And What It Does

Windows 11 God Mode- How To Activate It And What It Does

Credit: Techbard

The more modern and dazzling Windows’ UI becomes, the more difficult it becomes to reach its most complex settings. Windows 11, like Windows 10, seeks to lead you to the new, modern-looking Settings menu while hiding but not deleting the old-fashioned Control Panel, which still has a lot of useful settings for Windows 11 God Mode.

Even if you open the Control Panel, you can have problems finding the specific option you need. To alter your environment variables, navigate to Settings->System->About->Advanced System Settings or Control Panel->System->Advanced System Settings and choose the Environment Variables button.

The good news is that turning on “God Mode,” or, more precisely, creating a God Mode folder, will show you a comprehensive list of direct shortcuts. Unfortunately, this “God Mode” isn’t as strong as those found in video games, where you can walk through walls, be indestructible, and have access to all weapons. However, God Mode in Windows 11 can quickly bring you to your printer or Bluetooth settings.

Here’s How to Activate Windows 11 God Mode

Select New->Folder from the menu bar when you right-click on the desktop

Desktop Menu

Credit: Tom’s Hardware

Give a name to the folder


Give a name to the folder

Credit: Tom’s Hardware

When you’re finished, the name will disappear.

Disappear Name

Credit: Tom’s Hardware

Open the folder

Open Folder

Credit: Tom’s Hardware

There are over 200 different options menus to pick from, which are arranged into categories like Security and Maintenance and Power Options.

Individual shortcuts can be dragged and dropped

Manage Audio Device

Credit: Tom’s Hardware

If you want even faster access, you may save it to your desktop. If you want one-click access to the “Manage audio devices” option, for example, drag it to the desktop and it will appear as a dedicated shortcut.

It’s worth noting that the God Mode folder icon may change at some time, maybe after you reboot. We discovered that it appears as in the screenshot below.

God Mode Folder

Credit: Tom’s Hardware

The God Mode folder, whatever it looks like, is a huge time-saving.


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