Apple has always continued to work and develop over different and unique
products which is always full of surprises and a level that is remarkable. Right from smartphones to laptops to watches, Apple has always impressed a lot of people out there. Last year’s Apple iWatch series 5 has been on the peak because of its smooth work process and high profiled tech.

Now, that we have apple’s Watch series 6, let’s talk about it in more detail. It is assumed that Apple Watch 6 is one of the best smartwatches around the world. When it finally arrived, the internet was full of the review section on series 6 with many likes and dislikes. Everything about the apple watch has been disagreeably seamless and that’s one of the reasons why Apple owns half of the smartphone market.

So, this blog is all about the review of the Apple watch series 6, right from its pricing to its features & functions, you’ll get every bit information in this blog. Firstly, the pricing of the Apple watch series 6 starts from $399 which comes along with a new health sensor. This sensor will help the person to measure their blood level, oxygen level from their wrist, as said by Jeff William’s, Apple’s COO at the launch event.

So what’s new in the watch? The Apple Watch Series 6 deals with the blood
oxygen (SpO2) monitoring, which is for the very first time. A brighter always-on the display and a faster chip. Competing smartwatch companies seem to be taking larger jumps to move forward with their products in every launch, while Apple always sticks to its phased process and of course, it’s 18-hour battery life.

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The point here is not whether Apple’s watch 6 reviews are good or not. But it’s about whether the company has done enough progress over the watch and its pattern and functions which could justify the pricing of the watch which is for $399. The software update brings together some of the useful tools which are like a sleeping tracker. The watch has both, the upgrades and the downgrades. So, if you’re thinking to change your watch form series 4 or older to series 6, you also need to change your combination of hardware, software, accessories like belts and faces, and more.

What I liked in the Watch so far

  • Blood oxygen app:

    The app is pretty good though. It offers a brief detail about the blood oxygen level and gives a brief summary of it. Also, one can walk down the on-demand readings. When I first tried it, I was happy about the way it showed all the details.
  • Brighter always-on display:

    In indoor, the apple watch 6 display is much brighter than the apple watch 5. But while in the Outdoors, there’s a difference which isn’t noticeable in the direct sunlight. While looking at the images of apple series 6 it has seemed that it is much brighter and shined brighter.
  • New watch faces & third-party problems:

     Apple has launched its all-new watch faces which could help you to ditch the infographics. A fan of typograph faces with bold designs is a good option rather than others. Even, the strips and memoji ones are good to show off your personality thru it.

What I don’t like in the watch:

  • Same battery life:

     Just like the apple watch 5, watch 4 and even watch 3, the battery life for the apple watch 6 is the same which is said to be assessed for 18 hours. Maybe Apple would upgrade the watch’s battery life in series 7?
  • Solo Loop band:

    This is nothing to do with the apple watch series 6 but it’s a lot to do with the personal disappointments. Apple thought to bring back the old style bands in fashion but it is a big disappointment according to me. The sound of the loop band seemed like a replacement and ended up being in the classic strap.

Design and Display: What’s so new?

The apple watch series 6 look-alike the past few apple watch models which are squircle shaped, digital crown, and more. There are few competitors who have made and manufactured the watches which feels like the apple watch only. Although Silver, Space Grey, and Gold are still on fleek I’m very happy that Apple has finally entered the colorful tech land. The apple watch series 6 comes in Blue and red casings colors.

OLED to microLED display switch isn’t materialized, but the screen once again offered an always-on display to get your glance on the screen. But according to the news, the always-on display is over bright this time and can hold a person’s visual observation. It also looks sharper than series 5.

S6 SIP: what’s that?

The all-new S6 SIP (System-in-package) is based on the A13 Bionic processor
and enhanced for the all-new apple watch. This processor should yield around 20% of the improved speed and improved performance. In use, there’s not much difference so far. But if you try and launch on both, the series 5 and series 6, both of them had the exact same speed and were very fast to open up the apps. That’s because the apple watch series 5 was also quite speedy. The major time when you can notice the series faster processor is at the time of rebooting and also, welcomed by everyone who wants to reboot the wearables.

So, the competition in the market is growing more than ever. But like the
android’s smartwatches like Samsung’s galaxy watch 3 and Fitbit sense are also some few replacements to make from apple watch with spO2 and ECG worth. The apple series 6 version is attractive and eye-catching to the people.

Our smartphone buying guide could help you to access your needs to know
which the right is and correct wearable to buy. And to be honest, it doesn’t
matter what you wear like an android or apple watch, But Apple’s watch always edges it out and Series 6 is still the best smartwatch to purchase.


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