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Travelling overseas has been in everybody’s bucket list like a dream country or state to visit but the most difficult thing was learning some basic words or phrases of the other country’s language like learning basic words of Spanish if travelling to Spain. People use to memorize them weeks before to use them there or just use to have a recorded voice of the words and sentences. But with the upgrade in tech with Smartphones, these two methods were out of the track. There were apps to learn or have at a point of time when to use by translating a text or even a spoken word but what if you lose up the internet connection or don’t have much data with you? 

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This is where there’s an advantage to the Apple fans. With the all new update of iOS 14, there’s an app included with it when the phone is updated on iOS 14, it’s named as “iTranslate” which helps to translate the language without even activating your data connection somewhere. Just type and click, there you go with the word or phrase in the particular language. Don’t worry when travelling, using this app you can enable translation to translate to an offline mode by just typing the text or with voice, and there you go with your sentence in a particular language. There are 10-12 languages to choose from which are: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

In the offline mode of iTranslate, the user first needs to download the offline languages available in the application. On testing the Russian language, it turned out that the language is not exactly accurate, it had some major minors, which I guess it’s okay as they still made the point clear. One can also add their translated words and phrases into a ‘Favourite’ section in the app which you need to have on an urgent basis in a new country. Well, through this app one can easily save it and so that makes it a complete history of translating. And for the shortcut, one of the users favourite, the Apple Watch makes it more easier for them to use it. Dictate or speak up a word or short sentence and within a few seconds or minutes later, the user will have an audio translation being played on the wrist. Yes, it’s surely not as fast as it would be on the Iphone app but if you’ve an internet connection, then it’s more reliable and convenient to use while being in some places. 


The design and layout of this app is way too simple and decent, it is very easy to use and handy as well. It’s simple and easy to use for the interface which allows the user to select the translate language option from top to the bottom or the user could just easily paste the text which needs to be translated or just speak it out by clicking on the microphone button. 

Translations are being shown in a large text which is clear and easy to see, the original sentence or word in the black colour and the translated sentence or word is being shown in the blue colour. The iphone can speak the translations out well and loud when the ‘play’ button is pressed on the translated word or sentence to get a proper and effective pronunciation or the user can just play the translated word or sentence to the person who speaks theat translated language. 


The app can help the user translate the words or sentences into 10-12 different languages out of which some are very common and must-haves for the people who love to travel overseas and especially in different countries. The languages being offered by the Apple’s iTranslate are

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Korean

So, these are some basic and important languages to have in a translator while travelling. Yes, there are apps with 50 languages in one app but is it important to have 50 languages when you need some basic ones? No need, right? So, use the translating app by Apple to have some great experience, fast service and appropriate pronunciations. 

Translations: Voice

To have a voice translating service by the iTranslator, the user needs to just open the app and click on the microphone button in the app and speak out the phrase or word you need to translate into a specific language. For example: if you want to speak ‘Where is the bathroom?’ in English language and choose to translate it into a Spanish language then the translation, that is the answer would be like this ‘Dónde está el baño?’. 

All the user needs to do is speak out the sentence or word you need to translate and there it goes, the answer in the translated language would be in minutes. The app really works great with the simple phrases, long sentences and some common words. 

Translations: Text

The text translations are quite simple and easy to use. It’s just the user who needs to type the sentence or the word in the language he knows and then the phrase would automatically translate. To enter a text, just click on the ‘Enter text’ space in the app and when it opens up, the keyboard would pop up, even the keyboard style would change if you select a different language and also the user can simply paste the required word or phrase to be translated.

The user just can type or paste the sentence or the long paragraphs of text in the ‘Enter text’ space. It’s a completely reliable and excellent app to use to translate your required sentences into a different language. 

Mode: Conversation

This mode known as Conversation is a neat and great little feature which lets the user chat with someone who speaks another language. Just turn your iphone into a landscape mode and then the conversation mode will be activated. Under this conversation mode, the iphone can listen for both the languages and helps to translate the language right between the person. Let’s say when the user is having a conversation with someone, just tap on the microphone button in the app and when the other person talks or speaks up , the translator will automatically translate the language into your required one. 

To use the conversation mode, there’s a feature for automatic speed detection which the user should make sure is enabled by tapping on the language boxes at the top of the app and scroll down to check and make sure whether the Automatic Detection is enabled or switched on or not. So, if the automatic detection isn’t working out well, it could help by disabling it and let speak by pressing the microphones buttons in the app at the bottom of it which could show up the automatic detection if off or not. This makes sure that the iphone is listening or not and translating into a correct and proper language or not. 

Mode: Attention

So, as we saw in the conversation mode, the iphone is turned into a landscape mode to use it, then in the attention mode, you just need to expand the 2 arrow facing outwards button which helps to show the  translated phrase into an Attention mode, which means having large sized sentences or words which takes up the whole and entire iphone screen size to make the reading easier for the user.

Under this attention mode, the text is large in size which is very useful for showing something to someone at a distant space and to get the message across the hall when a person can’t talk or speak the language. It is the best mode for short and small sentences and phrases rather than the long one’s because of the zoomed-in feature. So, press on the button of the microphone to speak the translation and also, tap on the conversion icon in the app which exits the attention mode and return the user back to the conversation mode. 


So, lost a word or a sentence which you translated weeks ago and it was important? Don’t worry, just remember to save your any recent translations into the “favourites” folder  so whenever you need to check out the sentence or the word which can be used in the future, then just open the app and click on the favourites folder and it will be saved for you and repeat it whenever needed. 

The user should keep in their mind that the translated words won’t automatically save into the history of your translations, you need to save it when you translate and if you feel like.  


So, it is the most important and useful feature to use in this app as when a user searches a word or a sentence and doesn’t know the meaning of it then the user could simply click on the word and get the meaning directly there. Just tap on the word of any language you need to know the meaning of, the dictionary will help you to provide the actual meaning of it, usage, and examples as well. In short, it’s a feature you don’t know that what does it stands for in any language available under the iTranslate app. 

On-device translations

Translations aren’t done by default by  its own on the device but if the user downloads a language pack in the translate app by Apple then the translation can be done through the person’s iphone like translation to and from the iphone for more privacy to the user. Translations which are being used offline, like which use offline language are on-device and private on which Apple doesn’t have any access or right on what has been translated. Offline languages are downloaded by pressing on the particular or selected language by the user at the top of the app and if the user scrolls down, there will be available offline languages option to access and download the language the user wants to download. 

Quickly use “Siri” to translate

In the updates of Apple’s iOS, Siri wasn’t much changed in the past years. With the start of iOS 14, Siri has finally received a much needed and wanted makeover to make it more useful. Apple’s Siri interface compact takes no longer time to cover the entire screen of your iphone. The improvements being made are not limited to interface. With the update iOS 14, now Siri has picked some of the handy new features which has the ability to translate the sentence on the go. 


  1. Trigger siri by saying “Hi Siri” or just press the power button. 
  2. Then just ask siri some questions or like ‘Translate Where are you in French’ and then it will show the results on the top of the iphone using the translate app. 

So, if you ask Siri to translate a sentence or word to any other unknown language, it will show up the ‘error’ which states that ‘I can’t translate into the language you asked for’. The user can also use an Apple’s Watch to run the WatchOS 7 which helps to translate the language using Siri.

Translate webpages in Safari on iphone

With the update of iOS 14, the ability to translate a webpage’s language into a selected language of the user is now a default part of web surfing in Safari. As for a long time the third party apps like Microsoft’s translation to webpages.


  1. First, open the website with another language and tap on the action button on the left side and the button looks like two’s A which are next to each other. 
  2. Tap on the translate button to know your device’s language
  3. Tap to enable the translation

Then the page will automatically be translated to the primary language which the user has set up in the device. So, to return back to the webpage’s original language. Tap on the translate button in the Safari address bar and select the option ‘View original’. And as for now, the safari translation feature is being locked to the US and Canada only. 

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Free translation app with support of Apple Watch
  • Offline mode for eight language
  • Amazing voice conversation mode


  • Paid subscription for Best features
  • In offline mode, Voice conversation can’t be used in conjunction
  • Offline mode not always accurate
  • Safari translation slower than in-app browser


By offline translation, Voice translation, Dictionary search, the all new amazing iOS 14’s iTranslate app has been leading the market over and over. App which supports 90 languages and more, the universal used translate app which offers to support Apple’s watch and offline translations. 

Apple’s iOS 14 update has brought many upgrades in the iPhones like totally changed the screen features and this app iTranslate. As the name suggests, it’s designed and made to offer the users to translate the language from one to another. The translator has some unique features which are actually useful and handy for both the users, the one who needs to learn a new language and the one who needs to talk to someone who speaks a different language. 


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