65-inch Android Tvs – a striking device for a room


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Android is one of the most known and whenever people hear Android, the first thing a person remembers is their smartphone, but android isn’t all about smartphones. The world of smart TV is also dominated by the Android OS in India. It is the most preferable to go with the Android TV OS as it is built from the ground up for the TV. People used to think that the Android TV’s aren’t great to have and users felt a buggy experience. But with the expansion of TV, android TV are the premium one’s nowadays which gives the users an experience with smooth flow and has provided the users with the clean and easy flow.

Android TV is a customized style of Android which is being created by Google to upgrade the TV standards. The user can have quick access to their favourite streaming apps like Netflix, Prime and more other services. Android Tv also has an in-built chromecast support by Google. So, if you’re watching some of the pictures or videos of yours on your phone while using Google photos or any other streaming service, so you can just simply click on the chromecast icon on the phone and watch the same on the TV and enjoy it more on the big screen. 

To get access for searching the apps or shows, there’s a feature on the TVs remote for the users which is known to be as Google Assistant which makes the access to your TV’s shows and movies more smoothly and quickly. The best android TV size which is recommended by the users are the 65-inch screen size. There’s no difference between the regular and Android tv, Android TVs are just like the regular TVs and people are buying these android TVs more nowadays. 

65-inch Android Tvs – A Striking Device for a Room

Android TV features

There are some amazing and unique features which the Android TV offers to the users:

  • As a Chromecast:

    One Of the best features by the Android TV, for sure. The user can cast the audio and videos using the cast-enabled feature app such as Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and many more with your phone or using a tablet on both the Android and iOS and even from the chrome on laptop, any laptop like MacBook, Chromebook or Windows. So, there’s no need to worry about the setting the whole TV thing too. The casting option under this TV is available on the Android or iOS apps which can automatically see your android tv listed. 
  • Voice control & Google assistance:

    Google assistant is an built-in feature in the Android TVs, which allows the user to search for movies or shows, adjust the volume, check out the time and weather forecast. Control the other devices from your home and other activity by just telling the Google assistant. 

    Change some background settings and make it as you wish to do it. So the steps to work on it is open the Google Home app on your phone, whether android or iOS, then tap on your avatar and go to the assistant setting. After choosing the assistant, choose out the android TV device and don’t forget to enable the personal result option. Just press the mic button to use the Google assistant feature and say ‘ Ok Google’ and there you go!
  • Add the gaming controller:

    There are various options for the games being available on the Android Tvs. Playing these games on Tv that too without a remote control device is not very convenient and great to use for many users out there, so, with the android Tv the user can pair it by enabling the bluetooth game controller. So, don’t worry to play your games on such a great big screen 65” sized  screen, that would be the best one a gamer could ask for! The user just needs to open/click on the settings option on the android tv and choose the category ‘remote and accessories’. If you want to add an accessory, click on ‘Add’’ then the tv automatically searches for the devices of controllers available and then pair it up. Also the controller can be used for non gaming apps or functions. 

  • Sideload the apps:

    The user might feel a difference between the google play store on the android tv and the google play store on the smartphone. The play store’s of your android tvs only have or get to see the user the apps which have been developed or made for the big screen sized like 65” inch tvs. But yes, you can add any apps on the android tv but yet some apps might not load or have issues in it when used on the TV even if they are installed successfully. Some apps can’t understand the interface of the TVs or they just don’t support and work on the controllers of the android TV. So, this is the reason to restrict the users from downloading these kinds of apps. 
  • Squeeze the screen:

    The user has an option available to customize the home screen of the TV and twist it up and the orders of the apps in the way and manner the user prefers. The user can make sure to see the content only which he/she likes to see. While browsing it  up, it also shows or previews whether the videos and sounds of the content. So, while customizing, the user needs to open the setting on the android TV and then select the device which ever is being preferred by the user and the home screen as well. Even make some quick changes just by holding on to the selected buttons which are on the remote just while browsing around the screen. 

So, these are some features which makes the android tv more special and unique to buy and the best to have are 65” inch android tvs as mentioned because these are the standard size which makes it a must-have feature in the android tv. Just think about gaming, streaming on some shows and browsing in such a large sized tv, won’t that be more of fun and enjoyment for the gamers and the general users as well? Ofcourse, it will be just amazing to watch or play on a 65 inch tv. But people still think that are these tvs worth it or how to choose an android tv for a living room? On what basis? These are some common questions which arise, so let’s check out some buying guide on the android tv to help the user out while purchasing the best tv set. 

Buying guide

A guide to finally buy out the android tv is a must for many users as people don’t get what’s the difference between the regular one’s adn android tv, they don’t know what kind of android tv they need to have or which brand is great to have and many more questions are being asked. So to clear them all, let’s take a guide tour to buy an android tv…

  • Resolution:

    Screen resolution is another factor which needs to be taken care of while purchasing a TV. There are many resolutions available in the market in the LED television sector like 720 pixels, 1080 pixels and 1440 pixels. Most of the set up companies do provide HD and full HD content to their customers. So, if you’re thinking of buying a TV to watch on the DTH box, then 4K is not your solution to this. So, if compared then the 4K TV resolutions are around 3840*2160 pixels and the Full HD screen has around 1920*1080 pixels, the 4K screen has almost four times that of full HD screen. 
  • Panel used:

    This feature shows how accurate your display’s colours. To get better colour accuracy and reproduction in your tv screen the user needs to take care about the panel tech. It really matters a lot while choosing a TV. There are a number of types of Tv panels available in the market like IPS, QLED, OLED and more, but the OLED panel is said to be the best in terms of colour accuracy and reproduction. In QLED, the major factor is brightness of the panel and uses quantum dots, even with the highest brightness there will be no compromises in viewing experience. In IPS, it’s the best as it’s cheaper than compared with OLED and QLED. 
  • Screen size:

    Well, considering the size, it basically depends on what kind of room you have, small or big, your requirements and budget accordingly. For a room, choosing  a 32 inch to 43 inch TV is great, you can even get a 55 inch or 65 inch TV for a room which makes it like a home theater with such a big screen size. Also, the user should know the distance between the TV palace and sitting area as it also depends on this factor as it would clear what kind of resolution a person needs in a TV to see it with clarity at a distance. Also, with 55 inch or 65 inch TVs the resolutions are of a 4K display as the full HD display can be stretched till 43 inch of TV. So, it asy to choose now as if you have distance between the two then choose accordingly and also, with larger resolution in a TV the display size is also large.
  • Refresh rate:

     It’s the number of times the picture on tv changes per second. In most of the TV sets, the standard refresh rate is 60 Hz which is great to binge on some shows or watch movies. The higher the refresh rate, the more clearer and vibrant the pictures are on the TV. The transition in some videos are actually so clear and smooth because of the refresh rates of the TV. Refresh rates and smooth video and image flows go like bread and butter, the higher the rates, the higher the clarity. For the users who didn’t know about this feature, do keep in mind while buying devices as the quality of your data depends on the refresh rates.
  • Connectivity:

    When talking about connectivity in Android TVs, wireless tech is the most important factor. To watch shows and movies on online platforms, access to internet connection to Tv is important. Most of the smart TVs have an HDMI and USB port to connect with the external device via laptops or USB drives. Nowadays, the Android Tvs and Smart LED Tvs have a connectivity feature of bluetooth, which allows the other devices like mobile phones or speakers to connect to the TV for more fun. Also, through this bluetooth feature, the user has a cut down to the wires needed. This makes the connectivity easier.  

Hence, these are some reasons on the basis of which the user should buy the android TV to use it to the fullest. According to me, the user with a big living room or something should buy a 65-inch Android tv to make the living rooms’ look complete and gives a room a makeover and an eye-catching factor. So, here’s a list of Android TVs in 65-inch which are great and the user will automatically glance at them for once. 

Topmost 65-inch Android TVs

1. Sony KD-65X8000G

Sony KD-65X8000G

Amazon Logo


  • 4K HDR + 4K X-Reality Pro
  • Clean Cable Management 
  • X Protection Pro
  • Motionflow XR with Full Android TV
  • Value for Money


  • Apple Device Support – No

It is one of the most popular TV brands in the market. This is an amazing piece of TV which uncovers all the major and minor details with the 4K HDR feature. Pairing up with the 4K clarity for improved brightness and colour accuracy, it will surely provide a wider range of light than compared to any other TVs format. It enables the user to provide with the great highlights and subtle details. It is packed up with the best bass reflex speakers which makes the sound more clear and vibrant right from high to low ends. To provide the users with strength and enriched sound, the Clear Audio+  and beautiful tunes are used.

The TV packs with the 4K ultra HD screen display with the resolutions of 3840*2160 and a refresh rate of 50 Hertz which is just great to have, right? The connectivity provided by the TV has 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports to connect the external device, I mean it’s just wow! The shield used is by X Protection Pro which is on advanced level to protect it from electrical problems. Also a motionflow XR is being created and used to provide extra frames between the original ones.

2. MI TV 4X


Amazon Logo


  • 4K HDR 10+ with Ultra HD TV
  • Swipe and share with Easy Mirroring
  • HDMI and USB ports
  • Vivid Picture system.
  • Mediatek 64 bit quad-core processor.


  • Low black level.

This 65-inch TV packs up with amazing features, the model holds down to meet the HDR standards. It comes up with the 3840*2160 resolution and makes the pictures look in a more of a detailed manner which makes it look more realistic. The TV comes with a panel which has a wide viewing angle and high light and also comes with LED backlight which increases the brightness. It smoothly managed to deliver the accurate colour and vibrancy which allows the user to watch their movies or shows with a pleasuring view. It has a smooth reduction of fast motion and has 4 speakers which makes it sound like movie theatre.

This TV has a unique feature which is to swipe and share where the transferring of contents is just by swiping the fingers on the portable device. It has amazing box speakers which is great to have and ease to customize home UI. The aspect ratio is fulfilled with the regular requirement and has the power of 190Watts. It has an easy mirroring option to quickly port the device on the TV. It packs up with USB ports and HDMI ports which makes it more easy to connect and watch.  

3. Samsung UA65TU8000KXXL

Samsung UA65TU8000KXXL

Amazon Logo


  • Tizen Smart TV
  • In-built Box Speakers
  • Easy Screen Mirroring.
  • Clean Cable solution.
  • Crystal processor Display.


  • Installation Issues

This samsung model has set a milestone to achieve to the other competitors. This TV is just as perfect as white colour is and is very much affordable with great features. It is a full of HDR tech which helps to level up the brightness of the TV. Through this tv, the user can blend the visual and sound of the TV to make the experience with more fun. It has a seamless remote which controls the TV and keeps the content flow smoothly. This tv uses the 4K crystal processor which makes the picture quality amazing and with high contrast ratio and HDR. 

It has enhanced the subtle details of the tv in dark and glossy areas. It also packs with a motion ratio to improve the performance level. The assistance is by Tizen OS to search out the content for the user, and providing sharp and clear cut images. Take a breathtaking experience like a theatre one at your place. Also, it can store files, data and docs in the home cloud too automatically. It’s also crafted with minimum style from every angle and to set up high standards. Connect the TV by using a WiFi, USB, HDMI and AV ports with the external devices smoothly and with 1 year of warranty.

4. LG 65SK8500PTA

LG 65SK8500PTA

Amazon Logo


  • OLED Black 
  • Content Store and Magic Remote
  • Wireless Sound
  • AI Acoustic Tuning
  • Apple Airplay 2 
  • 4K Cinema HDR with Dolby Vision
  • Worthy enough


  • Need Automatic Volume Controls

LG is also a very famous and old brand name for TVs. This TV comes with the processor which is being enhanced for everything. It packs up with the A7 Gen 2 which is the center for all the pictures, actions, videos, and color accuracy. It also comes with the Airplay 2 in the Dolby vision which allows to share some movies, shows, or photos easily. It has some vivid color which is just accurate to have in a 65-inch tv. It also has a Google assistant and Alexa to help you control and search contents online. It is a full powerhouse with great entertainment. The pictures and sound makes the user feel just like a cinema movie hall and it’s a great experience to have at home with ultra vivid images. It also has Bluetooth based magic remote and can connect via Bluetooth headphones wireless easily.  

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