Google lens, turning down your camera into a search box!


Google has never failed to impress people out there whether with its smartphone, its speakers and its services. Nowadays, Google is everything to people who want to search about something “Google it” and such comments can be heard from every person now. Google has been one station or solution for every reason for people. Want to know the food recipe? Google it! Want to know the nearby gyms? Google it! And many more things can be just solved in minutes with the help of Google. Many people have increased or started their business on this platform which is now a success. 

So, to help people more into their business and daily day basis, Google has launched the all new “Google Lens”. Google lens, an AI powered up technology which is being used through your smartphone camera and deep machine learning which helps to detect any object placed in front of your camera and along with this, these lens understand and offer an action such as translation of language and other, shopping things and scanning documents and much more. 

Google lens enables the user to point out at something through their phones like some random flowers and then just ask out your Google Assistant, “What was the object I was pointing on?” You’ll automatically get some suggestions on the basis of the object your lens showed like if you took a picture of a flower, then it could show you some nearby florist shops or something but, yes it won’t be told out loudly to you. Another example which is the best suitable to understand the lens is WiFi router, just take down your WiFi router and take a picture of the SSID number placed on it, on its back. After this step, your smartphone would automatically connect to the concerned WiFi connection without any other steps like opening the settings option or something like this. With these amazing featured Google lenses, the user can just point and shoot! 

Also, through these Google lens features, it will automatically recognise the restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs and many other places which would just have a presenting of a pop-up window which shows reviews, details like address and opening & closing time. It has the ability to recognise the objects used on an everyday basis. Also, it can recognise a hand and will suggest the emoji of thumbs up which is a fun fact but try out any kind of drink or something and find what it shows! Normally, if you show up the glass of a drink then it could suggest a whole range of drinks and then just tap on this and see what they are and maybe how they are made and many more. Through this, it could be shown that the lens is fast and smart enough to find out things and objects but yet, not totally accurate. So, download & check out your Google lens today and find out more of features. 

Features of Google lens

Google announced its first Google I/O in 2017 as Google lens, it is one of the most considerable apps for many things and it is also considered as the most amount of development made. It also appeared to be inside the Google photos then it was moved to the Google assistant and now finally it is into a feature which is built in almost every Android based device out there.  Aside from these facts, the Google lens has many features, let’s check them out:

  • Translation:

    Google keeps upgrading their services into various other apps and features, but now, Google has added a feature Google translation into the all new feature Google Lens. The user can directly translate the texts from almost 109 languages to their own natve language. Just point your camera lens on your phone on a text with the Google translate plug on and check out the translated text into the selected language by you in live. Google lens has the mode to detect the text by  scanning them and identifying the particular language in the real time and then translate into the selected language according to the user’s choice. Moreover, the user can use the already shot picture and translate them into different languages. This is an amazing experience to have!
  • Text selection and copy:

    One of the most used features, it could be said as, is this, the copying text and selection. It’s a pretty great feature to work on and quite handy too. The user needs to just point the camera on the text that the user needs to copy, just highlight the text with the help of google lens, and just copy it up on your smartphone. The user can also simply drag to select the content whatever the user needs to copy down and then click on the ‘Copy text’ button and it’s that easy! So, let’s just imagine to point out your phone at a WiFi password and then just the user is able to copy or paste the content into a wifi login screen. 
  • Scan codes and text search:

    Another feature of Google lens is that the user can scan the QR codes and Barcodes. This feature is already being used by many countries but now Google has decided to expand it more and more by giving support to many other regions which includes India as well. With the help of Google lens, the user can scan out the barcodes and QR codes and provide some information from various companies or items like ISBN, FSSAI and AGMARK and also other local companies from the other regions. Also, with the support to scan the QR codes, the user doesn/t need a this-party to note down the information by downloading an app from play store or app store. While in the text search, when the user highlights the text in the lens, the user can also search the text with the help of Google Assistant as this method is very handy if the person needs some definition or meaning of a particular word. 
  • Shopping usage:

    It’s a pretty useful feature for shopping crazies out there to have on their phone. Through this, the user can easily find out the similar or just the same object along with the objects buying link and the pricing, reviews and more. It pretty great at what it works on and sometimes it does mess it up but still a worth feature to try on.  Suppose, you see a dress, a jacket, pair of shoes or study lamp or anything else while shopping, Google lens can help you out to identify that particular and similar piece of clothing as well. This is great for household objects and for decoration to buy and scan with relevant pricing and reviews and other options as well. So, next time don’t worry to about forgetting or finding something attractive out of the budget kind of thing while shopping, just whip out your smartphone, open google lens and here you go with your results! 
  • Scan URL form PC/Laptop and open in your phone:

    Has this ever happened to you that you visited a website on a laptop and then want to open it up in your phone as well? So, well with Google lens, it’s easy now! The user just needs to launch the Google lens on the phone and point it at the URL link in the browser and tap on that. Google will automatically detect the URL text and give an option to GO ahead or not to the given address in your phone. The limits to this feature is that if the URL is longer which doesn’t fit totally into the URL bar in the browser then the user needs to copy and paste the URL into a notepad and then scan it out or else, the user can extend the QR code into the browser which is converts the URL links into the QR codes which then can be scanned with Google lens and open up in the smartphone browser. 
  • Add contact and scan the business/visiting cards:

    Another feature which is quite handy and great for business people and for people who meet a lot of people who has visiting cards, then Google lens is just the great to use as it has the ability to add up the contacts by simply adding the business card by scanning it. Also, the user can also have some general info like direction to the store or business hub by scanning their cards in the Google lens. Well, it doesn’t always work like this as it works on the Google maps and the businesses who are listed on the Maps would be easily traced. The user can be able to get the drive, walk or bike the directions of the business which are being listed by just scanning their business or visiting card. 
  • Scan tickets, add events and review books:

    Google has a feature to help the user keep their track of events which are important to attend or just scan their tickets to keep them safe. With this help of Google lens, the user can simply scan out the ticket of a movie which the user has booked or add up an event which is important to attend and it will automatically suggest the usr with their upcoming plans and events. A great and pretty hand feature to handle all the last minute hassle and mess for the important events or tasks. Google lens also has a feature of supporting the books section. If the user needs to scan a book with the Google lens, the feature will throw out the user with a summary of the book, buying options and links, ebook availability and also reviews. If the book is available in the ‘Google Books’ then it will allow the user to read some of the sections from the particular book. This is the best feature for students, book lovers and academicians to just scan out the book and have every detail about it!
  • Search around you:

    If the user points out the camera around themselves, the Google lens will automatically detect and identify what is around you and your surroundings. This means like some local shops like for shopping games, clothing shops and more around the user will be detected easily anytime and anywhere which is just one click away. This makes it easier for the people who shift to a new city or state or the people who are travelling to new places. It is a pretty handy and great feature for the people to use!
  • Detect items like flowers, animals and more:

    Google lens is a pretty great feature to detect the flowers, paintings of famous art, animals and other stuff like this. So, if you go out on a walk or something, and catch out on the pretty flower or cut animals, then just try to use Google lens to figure out hat are they. Just simply point the cameras’ lens on the object you need to find out and what it is about. Or else, it is an easy way just to click the picture of it and go to google photos and use google lens there.  Yes, this doesn’t work all the time but give it some time to know more around the world. 

How does the Google lens work? 

Google has a feature of  standalone apps on the Android smartphones for the google lens.The user can access to the google lens through a wholly new range of methods.  The xperience is a bit similar to the approach you want to take, just click on the icon of google lens in the Google assistant which takes the user through the same view which the lens app can directly get. 

Google Assistant:

With the help of Google Assistant, the user will get to see whether the google lens icon is in the bottom of the right-side corner. Just click on the icon and point the phone’s camera on it and there you go with the required information like movie timing. After then, the user will get presented with the number of suggestions in the app like song form some artist picked by the apps itself, tickets for some events or events like shopping. Using this feature to grab some information without even having to write down the info is pretty handy i guess, and without remembering anything related to events or something is also great. 

Google Photos:

With these google photos, the lenses can identify and detect any buildings or places or landmarks with their directions, reviews and opening hours. It can also show some information of the famous work of art or something. So, while browsing the pictures and videos in google photos, the user can see and check out the Google Lens icon in the bottom of the screen or window and just by clicking on that icon, the user can see the scanning process being started as scanning dots start to appear on the picture and then the Google will serve some of the suggestions to the users. 


In some of the Android phones like Google Pixel 4 and many others, it has a feature of google lens which is being directly added into their device’s camera. It is pre-installed in the device camera app, in short. It could be in the ‘More’ section under the camera app. The apps, Google lens can differ on the devices and manufactures and also it depends alot on the users’ interface. 

Tip and tricks of Google lens

Google lens is one of the best and most described as the search engine app in the real world. The Google lens uses a feature of artificial intelligence which helps to identify both the text and the objects within an image and in a view front the phone’s camera and also this lens, helps the user to learn about and interact with the elements which are of all sorts of interesting ways. 

So, now grab your Android device and install the Google Lens App (if you don’t have) and get ready to know how your phone has some useful new tricks with the Google lens! 

  1. Find similar products
  2. Scan codes and Barcodes
  3. Copy text
  4. Add contacts
  5. Scan URLs

Activate Google Lens on your phone

To activate the google len feature in your smartphone, the user first needs to make sure and check on that whether the users’ phone has an Android software with the latest version or not, is it up-to-date…

First of all, the user needs to go to the settings app/tool, then under the setting tool- go under a list and check ‘system’, then under the ‘system’ tool, check out the ‘system update, as the phone will start checking it out. If there are some updates pending in the system, it will automatically show up and the user just needs to download or install them. And if it’s already updated, then check it out under camera. 

What if the system is up-to-date and there’s an issue that it’s not showing up or not being displayed? Then after updating the Android system, the Google lens is not being able to display on the Google assistant then the reason is although the system of phone is up-to- date, the main google app is still going to have features of Google lens but in the old version. 

To solve out this problem of not showing up or not being displayed:

  1. Firstly, open up the Google play store app on the phone
  2. Then search for google and open it up
  3. In google, go under the section of ‘Update’ 
  4. After that, the update will close all the recent applications which also includes the google assistant. 

When will the lens be available?

Google lens will be available on the Google Assistant and Google photos within some new upcoming updates. Google lens is the first which is being available on the Google photos with other apps as well like Assistant and Allo which is being followed. Within Google, the assistant users will be able to access to the lens by just clicking or tapping on the google lens logo. As per the Google updates and launches, there’s no confirmed yet that when will be the google lens release, on which date and for when will the google lens be available for public access.


Google lens is a path down for Google to pull the users towards the net gen tech and show the users what a small piece and glimpse the users come around can do with the help of the AR and Computer vision. The idea to launch these lenses is focused on Google’s original model which could be an efficiency to have a shot on towards fame and success, and also to make it the most widely used app or search engine around the world, which it already is. 

Google lenses are being operated by using machine learning, AI tech and computer vision. These lenses try out to make the sense of the photos more powered up and relevant for real-time info which is straight into the user’s screen with minimum efforts. The tech has changed in the recent times and has grown a lot from the older input method to the newer ones which is being recognised by computing a factor that most of the business and companies take into consideration.  These devices are to see and make sense to the world all around and must be done without the needs and wants of the input. 

So, these are some useful and important things to know about the Google lens. Yes it isn’t perfect but it wont mess it all up, as well. It is surely a benefit to double up for people and also great for people who type slow or don’t know how to use a smartphone with more features and effectively. Hence, try out the all new AI generated Google lens to make your everyday daily task easier and make your search methods more smoother!

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