How to turn down your android smartphone into a security camera?


Buying a new android smartphone is just an exciting thing for every person. Especially its more exciting to have a new phone when your old phone is two or more years old, as there are tons of new features to work on and to have a phone like this nowadays which as new features is must for people such as new performance level phones to relish and a new software version of Android system. Well, that’s alright, but what do do with the old and used headsets? The user would surely sell or trade it only if the condition is great, to make extra money and not too old. The mount the user would earn after trading it off won’t obviously be worth the hassle and the actual price of the item. There are stores and shops which recycle these phones, headsets, earphones and more. 

Well, just because a smartphone has old generation software and features, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be put into some good use. The user would surely sell it or throw it away even if the condition is good and less than the original price, but why not just have a repurpose of the android device and turn it into a say, security camera? Like yes, that’s true! There are many apps available online on Google Play store which allows the user to turn their old smartphone into a security camera. There are dozens of amazing apps available to have online and turn down your phone into a security webcam. 

In the last couple of years, the smartphones’ have always been manufactured with good quality, great cameras, memory space and battery life is also good. So, instead of selling off or trading off the smartphone, these reasons would state that turning down your old smartphone into a security camera is good. Also, an android phone is more of compact than compared to CCTV cameras and can be hidden anywhere inside the house because of the size. All it takes to turn the android phone to a security cam is just by installing an app. So, as we mentioned about applications, there are several apps available online to download but not each of them provides a desired and best result. 

Here’s what a person would need:

  • An internet connection like WiFi connection, 4G connection or something for your phone
  • A power back or source nearby the phone to ensure it doesn’t run out of battery
  • Maybe a google account which could be used to ensure privacy as people should not use their private google account for apps like these
  • Old or used android phone after doing factory reset

So, as talked about the several apps above related to security cameras in smartphones. Nowadays, the home security system is getting cheaper, smarter and much easier as compared every year. Most of the people are now involved in smart security systems and trying to opt for android phone cameras rather than CCTV ones. So, lets know about some android phone security camera apps:

  • Alfred:

    home security camera: Alfred, one of the most popular and finest home security camera apps for a long run, it has more than 10 million downloads and on the Google play store, the app has got a 4.5 star rating . This app has earned a lot of popularity and is liked by a lot of people. An security cam app with powered up performance level. This app helps to reuse the old smartphone for home security purposes. The app has features like remote access, video streaming that too live, cloud storage is free, a function of walkie-talkie, zoom feature and many more. Many of these features are available for free. Some other features like HD recording feature are available with a monthly subscription.
  • AtHome cameras:

    Another app which is being packed up with the useful features which is one better and popular DIY security camera app for households. This apps’ major reason to use it is the feature to support multiple platforms and is available on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. The camera of this app turns the device into a camera but while the other apps, the user can monitor it. Some of the features of this app is multi-view with upto 4 cameras, time lapse records, facial recognition and remote monitoring. Through this app, it’s a great way to reuse and repurpose your old smartphone and the app is totally free of cost. Also, it includes a two way talk option, AI learning to recognise people moving by and a night vision as well. This also gives a mode which has 24-hour time lapse and if there is a vibration, it will automatically start filming it.
  • Security Camera CZ:

    an amazing and best security camera app for smartphone users to turn down their old phone into a camera. An easily accessible app which can be one at home only without any huge investments. The app can detect motions and alerts around it just easily. This app also has a walkie talkie feature which is a two way communication feature along with a siren option which can be turned on when the user sees an intruder around their place. This app has 100000 downloads with 4.2 star rating. The security camera CZ also has its own paid subscription when the user signs it up with the cost of $6.50 per year and allows the user to keep their camera history which is upto a month, it also supports videos without any interruptions for around 30 minutes and no in-app advertisements. 
  • Nest:

    This is an amazing and wonderful app to use for security purposes. The user can navigate to the settings of the app as well as the protect and guard feature of the app. This makes a great deal for the app to work on and also, it can alert the user of motion that too at any of the designated areas. This app is available in the market for any nest hardware. The versatility of this camera is that it can be placed anywhere around the users home r property. For monitoring, the tablet can give a bigger vision because of the size of the screen but android phones are also great to carry around easily and check upon them. The user can set up as many cameras as possible with the app and the process to set it all up takes a few minutes. 
  • Ivideon:

    this app is also pretty great to use for security purposes with the required equipment and also the cameras’ also proven to be very much effective. The features of this app, Ivideon includes the capability to send back the audio version via online transfer only. The user can also do live streaming with the help of internet connection and that too from anywhere/ any location. Also, the user can connect their home security application with their android phone using  the camera in an easy way. While using this amazing app for home security, the user can save and recover the storage from the cloud. Even if the surveillance tape is broken down by someone or by anything, then too this app is workable. 
  • Hik-connect:

    This app is being manufactured in a way to work with the Hikvision brand named camera’s and other security equipment which makes it use-case on the hardwares which the user has.This app surely everything what a user is looking, right from the surveillance and monitoring to battery life and more which all are taken into consideration. When the alarm is triggered on the security system, the application will automatically notify the user on which the necessary actions would be required. Also, for the added layer up of security on the smartphone of the user through this app, it lets the user login the account by using a security login as a fingerprint scanner. It also packs up with the enterprise cloud storage service which the app can not help out to configure or upgrade the settings.
  • Warden Cam:

    it is a perfect choice for the users who want to turn their old smartphone into  a security cam for their property. The user is capable of keeping an eye on the everyday activity of their house like packages which are being arrived, checking on their kids or just monitoring their dog at home while the user is away. It is being claimed that this app works over the internet connection of 3G, 4G, and WiFi. Also, this app offers a multi camera setup with the support of Google drive and dropbox. Moreover, it can detect the motions and alerts the users along with the two way communication support. There is no monthly subscription to this app, it’s a single cost, which is the most preferable by people. The app is decent and simple to use.

Hence, these are some of the best security camera apps for android phones to turn into security cam which are available on Google Play Store. You can use any one of these apps to tie up with them with a surveillance or camera and then watch and monitor from anywhere around the world. Here you would have found out the best security camera available in the market for an android based smartphone to check up on your home or offices or any other property  while you’re roaming around. Try out one of these apps and let me know in the comment section about which one is the best to use! 

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