LG OLED G1 TV Complete Review: Top 10 Reasons We Love It


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The first time, LG’s G1 OLED TV offers OLED Evo, a breakthrough technology that promises a better viewing experience. If you’re looking for an alternative to the expensive Gallery Series sets, this set is a great choice, even though it falls short in certain places.

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Reasons why to buy LG OLED G1 TV

  • The exclusive OLED Evo panel produces a brighter image
  • This year’s Gallery Series is more inexpensive than the previous year’s
  • The same razor-thin design
  • Upgrades that are great for gamers
  • The new remote is a significant upgrade

Reasons why not to buy LG OLED G1 TV

  • The OLED Evo provides just minor enhancements
  • WebOS 6.0 is a disappointment

Despite a plethora of upgrades, including a boost in brightness, the LG G1 OLED remains a more appealing prospect than ever.

LG’s G1 OLED series goes where no LG OLED has gone before thanks to a revolutionary high-efficiency ‘Evo’ panel architecture and an improved color system. As a result, LG’s OLED TVs can now deliver more of the raw brightness and color reach that’s so crucial to a real HDR experience.


It’s important to note, though, that the brightness and color enhancements aren’t as severe as they seem. Despite the Evo moniker, it’s still more of an evolution than a revolution. The LG G1 OLED is a true standout in today’s market.
In addition, LG’s AI Picture Pro video processing has been improved, and all four HDMI ports are now compatible with all of the new 4K, HDR, VRR, and 120Hz gaming capabilities. Also, you can see the 7 Best 4k TVs For Gaming Console

Price & Availability

There are three screen sizes available for the G1, with pricing in the UK starting at a little under £2,000 for the 55-inch model. The 77-inch model would have been a bit of a challenge.

Here are the prices of all three LG OLED G1 sizes:

  • OLED55G1 – £1,999/$2,199
  • OLED65G1 – £2,999/$2,999
  • OLED77G1 – £4,799/$4,499

    In some sizes, you may buy the LG G1 straight from the LG shop or through Currys PC World and John Lewis. Sixty-five inches is what Sevenoaks and Hughes have.

    ‘LA’ is the model number in the UK, whereas ‘PUA’ is used in the U.S. C1 model, which adds a 48-inch panel to LG’s OLED product range, lacks the G1’s panel innovation.

What is the LG OLED G1 TV?

The LG G1 is a straight successor to last year’s GX model. Screen sizes range from 55-inch (OLED55G16LA) to 65-inch (OLED65G16LA) to 77-inch (OLED77G16LA). Unfortunately, the G1 does not come in 48 or 83-inch sizes with an Evo panel, so if you want those sizes, you’ll have to go with the C1.

This panel is also meant to be wall-mounted. It comes with a wall bracket that makes the panel flat with your wall. Normal OLED TV designs feature a very small top portion that opens up to a considerably bigger bottom section where the speakers and circuitry are located. G1 may be placed on a desktop using stand feet. The GX from last year has the same design.

As opposed to past years when the LG C1 and G1 TVs were made with identical screens, this year the G1 features a distinct OLED panel from the C1 model, ensuring a difference in both picture quality and style. As a result of changes in organic chemicals within the panel makeup, the G1 panel is called OLED Evo to symbolize the “evolution of OLED.” Using new red and blue materials and a green layer, LG claims that the phone’s brightness has increased by about 20 percent as a result. Advanced video processing, upscaling, and color fidelity are all enhanced by the 9 Gen4 AI processor 4K. If this leads to increased performance, we’ll test and measure it.

As opposed to past years when the LG C1 and G1 TVs were made with identical screens, this year the G1 features a distinct OLED panel from the C1 model, ensuring a difference in both picture quality and style. As a result of changes in organic chemicals within the panel makeup, the G1 panel is called OLED Evo to symbolize the “evolution of OLED.” Using new red and blue materials and a green layer, LG claims that the phone’s brightness has increased by about 20 percent as a result. Advanced video processing, upscaling, and color fidelity are all enhanced by the 9 Gen4 AI processor 4K. If this leads to increased performance, we’ll test and measure it.

WebOS 6.0 and a fresh design for the User Interface and menus are new for all LG 2021 models. On LG TVs, the launcher bar at the bottom of the screen provided quick access to your favorite apps and functions. You could also move this bar across the screen as you saw fit. You may browse between layers of content based on type, as opposed to the launcher bar, which is gone in the 6.0 upgrade. Wenn Sie dies Home button on the remote press, LG says, you are no longer interested in what you are viewing and want to switch to something different. You can explore what’s available in the launcher bar while still watching what’s going onscreen with your current viewing option, although I don’t necessarily agree with this. That’s hardly progress, I’d say. Three huge boxes with nothing fascinating or helpful displayed, plus one will be ads, take up the top third of the screen, and I can’t help but feel that it’s a waste of space. Apps are presented horizontally on the left, along with suggestions from Apple TV+, Disney+, and others, and inputs and frequently viewed TV channels are displayed on the right. All of these modifications are controlled via a new remote control. Also, you can see the Gaming Monitor LG 27GP950-B 4k 144hz – Full Review 

Design of TV

There are numerous similarities between the LG G1 and LG’s Wallpaper TV. There’s plenty of room for everything the TV needs, including sound, in a 20-millimeter-deep body. Most OLED TVs feature a thin display with a protruding component box on the back, but the G1 instead has a uniform thickness featuring a recessed mount and input panels for concealing cables. Also, you can see the 7 best 240hz PC gaming monitors buy

The LG G1 isn’t meant to sit on a stand or hung on the wall with a VESA mounting bracket, just like the Gallery Series sets before it. In the package, the business included a bracket that’s meant to be used for mounting. G1’s flush-mount look is compromised by the TV’s L-shaped feet, so you’ll want to hang it. If you want the complete Gallery Series to look, LG also advises expert installation with a recessed AV box installed by a specialist. Your TV may appear as it belongs in a museum with the help of a unique easel-like stand.

Despite its ability to handle cables, I can’t picture it being particularly useful for your peripherals, either. A simple easel could be a better choice for someone who prefers a more refined and minimalistic design.

Performance of TV

Most HDR viewing formats are supported, including HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision. Filmmaker Mode and Dolby Vision IQ are also available. As its name suggests, Filmmaker Mode reproduces the image as the moviemaker intended. Because ambient light in the room affects the brightness and dynamic range, Dolby Vision IQ automatically adjusts brightness and dynamic range. Also, you can see the best 120 Hz monitors for PC gaming

Since I just reviewed the LG GX, I’ve been worried about how well the screen will perform in rooms illuminated by window light. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the Evo panel may have eased my concerns. Greyhound is loaded with frightening, low-light images out on the water and plenty of tiny variations of dark colors, which I viewed once again. Those minor changes were a challenge for the GX, but the G1 handled Tom Hanks’ captain’s outfit and the pounding seas with ease.

In motion handling, there wasn’t much space for improvement. Greyhound’s ship was about to be hit by a torpedo, and the G1 was there to assist generate suspense in the wake of the water. When a torpedo bounced off Greyhound’s hull during World War II, it saved the crew from an enemy U-Boat attack. In search of a lighter viewing experience, I turned to Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. The G1 was known for its comic-book colors, and it did not disappoint. Peter B. Parker, Miles Morales, and Spider-Woman Gwen Parker used their web-shooters to flee Doctor Octopus’s laboratory. “It was like staring into a kaleidoscope”


After a year away, Freeview Play returns in 2021, with the UK’s catch-up TV apps and EPG in their silo. A lot of potential TV purchasers are interested in the convenience that Freeview Play provides. Also, you can see the Dell Alienware Area-51M R2 Competitive Gaming Laptop Review

A potential buyer should be informed of OLED’s burn-in and image retention. Burn-in can be more persistent than image retention. If the TV is pushed hard over a long length of time, both of these factors come into play. LG employs methods such as Pixel Cleaning, Screen Move, and Logo Brightness to combat this problem. Burn-in and image retention should not be a major issue if the TV is used appropriately, as with any other electronic device.

By eliminating motion processing and other improvements, the Filmmaker mode retains the artistic purpose of films and TV shows. Filmmaker mode is best viewed in a darkened room. FMM is compatible with SDR, HDR10, and HLG. After receiving an FMM signal, the device will automatically switch to the image mode when it gets the signal through HDMI or from a streaming app. It appears that there is no content for the Filmmaker mode.

There’s a new version of Dolby Vision IQ, as well. Color, contrast, and brightness for Dolby Vision HDR video are optimized using the TV’s light sensor. IQ works in unison with the AI Brightness function to improve the image without the need for the user to pick a specific setting.

Among the most gaming-friendly screens available, LG’s OLED television lineup includes some of the best. In 2021, Google Stadia will be available on the Xbox Series X TVs. Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium are supported for VRR.

As a result of VRR, the image is more fluid, responsive, and less prone to flickering. Using a 4K and 1080p lag tester, I measured the latency at 12.5ms, which is somewhat quicker than the CX’s 12.5. My response time for starts in Moto GP 2021 jumped from ordinary to super-snappy, and I felt like I had been given an unfair edge by the bike’s increased responsiveness. When using Boost mode, LG claims that latency may be reduced to 9.6ms for 60Hz content. However, the actual figure was 12.5ms.

Gamers may make use of the TV’s Game Optimizer, which acts as a central point for adjusting the TV’s game settings. All HDMI inputs support 4K/120Hz HFR, so you may connect as many consoles or PCs as you want. If LG’s OLED TVs support 4K/120Hz with Dolby Vision for gaming, it hasn’t been verified yet.

When it detects a game signal, ALLM instantly switches the TV into its Game mode, while HGiG enhances HDR tone-mapping for a more consistent picture. When I looked at a photograph, I noticed more information in the darker areas than I had ever seen previously. Three USB and CI+1.4 slots are also included. Four HDMI 2.1 inputs are provided as well as a headphone output and a digital optical output. Pass-through of lossless/higher-quality audio such as Dolby Atmos is possible with HDMI 2.

Wireless connection is defined as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 in broad strokes. AirPlay 2, Chromecast, WiSA, and Bluetooth Surround Ready are all supported by the LG G1.

LG’s ThinQ service, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant all provide digital assistants. When I asked a few queries, the Google Home app on my smartphone found the TV, but the Google Home app on my smartphone couldn’t detect it from my smartphone. And, luckily, I could call her up without having to use the remote control. Google and Alexa’s replies were a touch slow, however.

Audio of LG OLED G1

Other than the Evo panel, LG Gallery Series TVs provide improved sound performance than LG C Series TVs. The LG G1’s 60-watt speakers are more powerful than the C1’s 40-watt speakers since they can be spread throughout the chassis.

It employs artificial intelligence to create more immersive audio soundscapes by better identifying the type of audio information being played. To further customize your audio experience, AI Acoustic Tuning employs a remote control microphone to calibrate sound and adjust it to your space.

Both Greyhound and Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse benefit from Dolby Atmos’ rich soundscape. I could hear each person’s speech well even in the hectic command room.

With the Sonos Arc soundbar, I was also able to test the LG G1. It’s one of the greatest soundbars on the market, thus the listening experience was enhanced by it. The built-in technology and AI capabilities will not disappoint, but a high-end soundbar is always a good purchase, especially for bigger rooms and areas.

Image Quality

It is LG’s first major OLED TV hardware upgrade in years. Many hardware upgrades were made along the road, but they were all minor and incremental. LG’s ‘Evo’ branding exercise – complete with a new and expensive-looking TV advertising campaign – is designed to highlight the distinctions between the two handsets.

The LG G1 OLED’s new Evo screen isn’t a radical upgrade, but it does increase the phone’s ability to display images with great dynamic range.

New materials used in the Evo’s panel let it operate more effectively, allowing higher brightness settings without increasing power consumption or the risk of irreversible screen burn. On a 10 percent white HDR window, our tests show a peak brightness rating of a little over 870 nits. When you switch from Vivid to Standard, the peak brightness drops by 100 nits or so. There are two ways the G1’s brightness is better than that of the GX.

Our prior LG TVs had somewhat less brightness in the brightest areas of HDR pictures. This applies equally to both artificial and natural light sources, such as bare bulbs, torches, streetlights, and so on. This high-intensity image is enhanced by the high-contrast capabilities of OLED technology, where black and full-brightness pixels may coexist without any mechanical compromise between the two. Even more so if you can make use of Dolby Vision HDR support on the LG G1!

This slight increase in brightness has not harmed LG OLED’s black level performance either; in fact, dark scenes are rendered slightly better than on the GX range, with a touch more detail revealed in dark areas and none of the brightness instabilities or flickering that plagued the GX range in the past. An additional layer of ‘green’ in the Evo panel increases color volume and raises OLED’s HDR credentials, even if it still falls short of certain premium LCD TVs’ blazing brightness levels. When it comes to local light management and contrast, LCD TVs can’t match with OLED.

LG’s new Alpha 9 Gen 4 chipset is responsible for a substantial picture processing boost in the LG G1 OLED. It reduces judder, a common problem with 24fps sources, without adding undesirable artifacts or making the image appear unrealistically fluid.

LG’s AI Picture Pro mode is also a huge boost in terms of processing speed. AI-based automated picture improvements are applied to every source it encounters, in an attempt to give the best possible results on the screen. New tools for detecting and applying particular image rules to different forms of scenery and distinct body and object identification algorithms have been added to this picture option for 2021 LG OLED TVs. As a result of these enhancements, every source has a noticeable increase in clarity, brightness, depth, and vitality. As a bonus, the current edition of the AI Picture Pro system does all of this while eradicating virtually all of the undesirable side effects associated with prior versions of the AI Picture Pro software. If you’re a purist, you can turn AI Picture Pro off, but we think it’s worth a go.

WebOS 6.0 with Smart Home Features

All LG 2021 TVs come with webOS 6.0, a redesigned interface that looks nothing like previous versions of the platform. Say goodbye to the launcher bar and bottom menu tiles; now, all content is accessed via a rather unappealing whole-screen home page. If you want to find something amid the clutter, you have to stop what you’re doing and look for it. If you want to change the settings without interrupting your show, you can do so easily.

The Game Optimizer is a completely new feature in the settings. As a result, Game Optimizer lets you easily adjust settings from game to game. Gamer-friendly settings menu sets a new standard for LG TVs in the age of next-gen console obsession.

You’ll be able to watch every Marvel movie on Disney Plus, all of the best Netflix shows, and more with webOS. On Twitch, you can follow your favorite streamers. I wish there were more sports apps available in the Content Store, but at least it has a built-in Apple TV app.

From your Blu-ray player and soundbar to your LG InstaView fridge and other smart home devices, LG ThinQ’s smart home platform is now available on the G1. This way, you don’t have to grab your phone or get up to dim your connected smart lights before watching a movie. When your guests arrive, you can tell your smart robot vacuum to start cleaning before they arrive.

This means you can use your TV to answer questions just like you would a smart speaker. All of these AI butlers are compatible with most smart TVs, though few let you summon them using the remote control. The G1 is one of the few that offers a far-field microphone. For example, you can say “Hey LG” when you want to change the channel or pause your show or find new content. TV becomes a smart speaker without the need for a remote.

Remote of LG OLED G1

The new remote is one of my favorite additions from the LG TVs of the previous year. In the past, I wasn’t a fan of the textured plastic and cluttered button array, but LG reduced the overall design and streamlined some of the functions for 2021. Instead of individual tuning controls, there are now volume and channel rockers. In addition, the majority of the buttons are round rather than oval. It appears more contemporary, even with the same wireless cursor that reminds me of a Nintendo Wii controller.

There are also more specialized launchers than previously, such as Alexa and Google Assistant launchers. With the LG G1’s OLED remote, you can easily access Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney Plus.


While the Evo panel offers apparent improvements for video, those gains are amplified while gaming, where visuals tend to be more intense…

This is a genuinely amazing big-screen gaming experience, especially when you include Evolve’s brightness and color effect, as well as the set’s capacity to support 4K at 120Hz refresh rates and all sorts of variable refresh rates, among other things.

A new Game Optimiser has been added to LG’s 2021 OLED TVs to improve the gaming experience for all of its models. It includes such useful tools as picture presets based on different game types, separate adjustments to the dark and bright parts of the game image, as well as a ‘Fine Tune Dark Areas’ tool to prevent VRR mode from adversely affecting black levels in the game picture.

Standard mode reduces the time it takes to render images to 12.4ms, while Boost mode gets it down to 9.4ms. As with LG’s 2019 and 2020 OLED TVs, there’s still some apparent flickering during VRR gaming.


Before I reviewed our test findings, I wanted to appreciate the LG G1 OLED TV and its evolution. However, the stats don’t lie: the OLED Evo isn’t as revolutionary as it claims to be. It functions more like a yearly update, with minor improvements across the board. That’s saying something because the Gallery Series is one of the greatest we’ve ever tested.

Although the anecdotal brightness enhancement is good, there are other aspects of the LG G1 that make it really superior to the GX before it. Gamers will like the Game Optimizer menu and reduced lag time, while the redesigned remote and ThinQ smart home features are among the best in the TV category.

There’s also the ultra-slim, museum-worthy design to consider. Even though I’ve seen the Gallery Series in action before, every time I catch a glimpse from the side, its unbelievably thin construction makes a lasting impression. The LG G1 OLED TV is a reminder of how far modern television technology has progressed – I only hope it hasn’t reached a stalemate.


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