Future of monitors: Ultrawide monitor

Ultrawide monitor

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You must have seen people working on multi-screens, maybe to make their work faster or just for an experience or maybe just to view things on a bigger picture. Having a multi-screen setup takes a lot, for instance like it is very much time consuming to set it all up in a proper manner like wiring & connections and could actually be displaying a lot of information at one time, which could be disturbing. So, don’t you think it’s time to upgrade your technology ? Upgrade to a level where one could have all the information on one big sized screen with unique and up-to-date features. Won’t that you’ll crave to work on? So, here ‘s your solution to make that happen!

Manufactures now have started to develop and produce a new tech to cut down the multi-screening tasks, the all new tech “Ultrawide monitor”! These ultrawide monitors are quickly increasing in the market and becoming favourite among the people for no reason especially among the gamers’. Not only the reason being its display size, which is the top most advantage one can have but also the amazing features and looks these monitors have make it’s more desirable among the people. There’s something unique about the ultrawide monitors which they possess that the regular displays don’t. So, let’s check out the ‘Ultrawide monitors’ in depth…

Ultrawide Monitors

Ultrawide displays are a newer and unique style of monitors in the market for over the past 2-3 years which are designed in such a way that they laid off the dual and tri screening markets forever. These monitors have more space on the screen in width than compared with the regular one’s. One of the major differences between the Ultrawide and the regular, standard monitors is i guess the shape and the size in which they are designed. Also, one of the major aspects to look into ultrawide monitors is their ‘aspect ratio’ of the screen. The aspect ratio of the Ultrawide monitors which makes it stretch things out on a horizontal basis is 21:9, while on the other side, the standard and regular monitors’ aspect ratio are 16:9. So, you can easily guess the difference which only the ‘aspect ratio’ puts in here. And we can easily say that the future of ultrawide monitors are way bright and can not be compared with any other monitors.

Depending on the size of the screen, the display of the ultrawide monitor is either 2560*1080 or 3440*1440, which means you can multi-tasking easily and smoothly. A higher pixel in the display means one can easily run and fit the app like games, MS files, videos or music, all at one time on the screen and that too without any error or hang ups. One can easily switch the screen smoothly. So, if you squash the aspect ratio of the display by some numbers, then one can easily get an increased amount of space on the screen with the help of windows, gets a vision of the videos which feels like watching a movie in cinema and the gaming experience just turned out in a great sense. 

Even just not in gaming sense, but these ultrawide screens give an immense multi-tasking factor on such a big screen which makes it more effortless of the user to use 2-3 apps at one time, just streamline your work or watch a video, you can just make it easier to get your stuff done. Besides, having these multi-tasking and amazing gaming factors, there are other factors which makes it more great to work on like seeing a budget-friendly ultrawide monitors, size of the monitor and even the features like for example faster refresh rates of the monitor is also considered and surely you’ll meet whatever your requirements are from this incredible ultrawide displays. So, the question arises here is “Which one’s a better 4K or Ultrawide monitor?” Let’s get to know about the difference in depth!

4K or Ultrawide Monitor?

Just like any other component, there are many other factors to take in consideration while choosing one of them. Like people say that 4K has better resolutions, than they think it’s better than Ultrawide. Some people also think other features are better in the ultrawide  and have more better features than the 4K. And hence, it’s confusing to go through people’s choices, right? So here’s a list of points which can help you to decide which one’s a better monitor for you to purchase with reasons:

  • Resolution:

    When it comes to resolution, the Ultrawide displays have a variety of options available in the market to choose from which are said to be rated as below the line of 4K resolutions. These ultrawide monitors have 5120*2160 resolution which is great and the 4K resolution is standard which is 3840*2160 but still these resolutions don’t increase equivalently as the 4K resolutions. This means that there are standard resolutions of 4K but with the ultrawide resolutions, if it’s closer to the 4K’s resolution, then it would have 5120*2160, thru which we can easily notice which one’s more proportional.

  • Size:

    One of the factors which matters a lot at the time of purchasing a monitor. One cannot say that xyz is the most preferred size of the displays as its’ very subjective towards it. The better way to know about which size to purchase is to first know what is your purpose of using the display which will automatically help you to choose the size accordingly. If you go for the ultrawide monitors, you’ll find it’s more better and appropriate to use because of its size as you can easily multitask on such a huge screen. And regarding the space as well, if you don’t have space for 2 screens at one desk, then ultrawide is a better option to choose over the 4K display. 
  • Pricing:

    In general, the ultrawide monitors are high-priced as compared to the 4K monitors as with the help of ultrawide, one can have a huge sized screen to work on. They are said to be the high-end monitors in the market but not because they are rarer to find but because of their size which affects the pricing. They offer you a larger screen than the standard one like 4K which will obviously have high pricing. But if you’re more concerned about the pricing factor, then you should go for the 4K resolution as these are standard and regular displays which are easily available in the market. From high price to low priced, there are plenty number of manufacturers to offer 4K high resolution displays, which are now even more cheaper than before.  
  • Usage:

    This is the factor which matters the most while buying a monitor. As the ultrawide one’s have a usage for the people who want to multitask, like they need to use 2-3 applications at one point of time. So ultrawide helps them to make the work easier by just having two apps on one screen. So, if you’re a type of a person who wants to use the apps side-by-side and continuously then ultrawide is the best option for you. Whereas, under the 4K monitors, if you want to have a high resolution display, the 4K display is much better for you. They could help you to watch movies more clearly and play games with more quality, then 4K ultra HD displays are for you with higher quality!

So, as we can see the difference between the two displays’, it is easier to make a choice on how to choose and which one to choose from. Yet thinking that dual screen monitors are better than the ultrawide monitors? Still not sure to replace the dual screening thing from ultrawide monitors? Let’s clear it out here!

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Dual Screening VS Ultrawide Monitors?

Ultrawide screens are a better option to go for the people who need extra screen to real estate and work productively rather than dual screening. It’s a great option to opt for the people who need to work on dual screens, they can rather opt to go for an ultrawide monitor. With an ultrawide monitor, one can easily work smoothly and interact with their work using different applications and without disturbing themselves by changing the monitors from one to two. Below are some reasons to compare between dual screens and ultrawide monitor:

  • Extended screen real estate:

    as we know that the dual screen monitors take a lot of space and stuff, one of the major downfalls to compare and a gap between the two monitors is called the ‘bezel gap’. One of the major improvements you can see while switching to the ultrawide monitor is that there’s no dreaded bezel gap to block or disturb your view. It helps to make the work flow smoother by doing multitasking.
  • Aspect ratio:

    The most noticeable feature by the user when switching from dual monitors to ultrawide monitors. As mentioned above, the ultrawide’s aspect is 21:9 which is a great quality especially for watching a movie. Therefore, through this aspect ratio being so great, while watching a movie on an ultrawide screen it helps to cut down the letterboxing, that is the black bars on top and bottom of the screen and letterboxing are majorly appeared in the 16:9 monitors. So, through this letterboxing it also helps to have a full screen cinematic view for the movies. 
  • Consistency while working:

    With the help of ultrawide monitors, one can easily work on one screen and do their job while having multiple tabs open on a screen. Whereas under dual screening, one needs to switch to the screens when the work process is going on as each screen would be doing different tasks which could be irritating and confusing at times. With the ultrawide screen, it helps to eliminate the fluctuations with the colours and uniformity while working whereas in the dua screen, there are 2 independent screens on which you need to focus one-by-one.

  • Convenience:

    Well as we know, working on ultrawide screens is pretty much a better option than dual screens. So, adjusting settings like brightness, sound and all in 2 independent screens could be difficult compared to a single monitor. If you want to rectify any settings in your monitor, then calibrating a ultrawide monitor (single screen) is much better than 2 independent one’s every time you need to adjust. While calibrating on a one single monitor, it takes less time and effort than compared with dual screens.

Hence, we know both of the monitors as an individual  are excellent in whatever way they work and come. But while comparing them, it’s easily seen that there are some significant qualities and features the ultrawide monitor possess and are unmatchable with the dual screens. Also, ultrawide monitors have more advantage than compared with the dual screening which are obviously hard to ignore while purchasing. So, now let’s know about the advantages and disadvantages of ultrawide in detail. 

Pros & Cons of Ultrawide screens

As we have discussed much about the ultrawide screens above, it’s easy for you to guess and pick out the pros and cons of the ultrawide monitors. So, here is a short description of all the pros and cons to help you out easily.


  • Looks matter:
    There’s no way of getting away from the desk with such an amazing featured and impressive  monitor on the desk. As i also think that the regular screens are just basics and have norms, ultrawide screens will look way better than them and have an impressive and longer future as compared with the flat and regular screens. So, working on a monitor with great looks, amazing features and a sharp body would surely make the user sit and work more. 
  • Extra space:
    As with the dual screening on the desk, they consume much more space as compared with the ultrawide one’s (which is obvious). A wider screen size with more pixels would allow the user to work on different programs over one single screen only. If you switch from a dual screening to an ultrawide and single screen, you’ll feel that extreme jump you’ve taken of what you can display over your screen. So, it gives a much extra space on the desk to work freely. 
  • Just run your one screen:
    some people might have a habit of running 2-3 screens at a time or to run a software which doesn’t work well over the multiple screens, this is the great option for you to opt and work on. These ultrawide single screens will help you to work on an amazing screen display and also with amazing softwares and increase the amount of tabs you want to display.  


  • Price:
    Ultrawide screens can be expensive to purchase for working mode as you’ll get a high-priced monitor but with good features. For example, if you purchase a ultrawide monitor for like $1000, then on the half a price or below or even more like $500-$600 you’ll get a 4K ultra HD resolution display to work on, which is also great but have a monitor with extra features and impressive looks is all a user wants right, especially the gamers’ right?
  • Pixels:
    The pixels density of most of the ultrawides are said to be not that good as compared. Smaller pixels could be used to lead to a smooth and detailed graphics which is being measured in the images and quality of the screen. Most of the ultrawides have the same as being compared with the normal and regular screens which is not bad as we say but according to the cost, it should be much better.
  • Resolutions misunderstandings:
    Couple of users think that the 49” ultrawide monitor is a 5K resolution  and 43” is a 4K resolution which is not correct. As the 4K resolution comes with the 3840*2160 pixels to use. The 43’ ultrawide with a resolution of 3840*1200 pixels is just 50% of the 4K resolution. While a 49” ultrawide offers only 50% of the 5K resolution display and only 80% of the 4K resolution screen. Again, these things can create a lot of misunderstandings and confusion among the users.

So, ultrawide monitors can be a good choice if you stick to running only one screen display or a software which will benefit you with extra width and helps you in editing pictures or videos  which makes a lot of sense for the content creators. It also shows a lot of information on a screen at a time and the costing is also considered so think wisely. So, after knowing the pros and cons of an ultrawide monitor, the questions are ultrawide monitors’ suitable for gaming or for everyday use or office use? Let’s know how!

Suitability of Ultrawide monitors

Ultrawide monitors have been in the market for the past few years and have also been designed in such a way which could be used fully and sufficiently by the professionals, content creators, gamers’ and more with the impressive looks and eye-catching design. The ultrawide monitors are designed in such a way that its width is the most impressive one and is measured diagonally. The horizontal screen size is beneficial in many ways such as that could be used in the professional and gaming world. 

  • Ultrawide in Gaming zone:

    All the ultrawide monitors’ are not designed in a gaming way but some of the monitors, the ultrawide have the most immersive gaming experience with the great features. The large sized, ultrawide monitors can wrap around the gaming vision in such a way which is more encompassing. But not all the games support the ultrawide resolutions, and with extra pixels, it can tax up on your graphics card. These ultrawide gaming monitors have many features in common as compared with all gaming monitors. These models have high refresh rates and adaptive sync. These ultrawide monitors have a panel with a RGB lighting and some also use joysticks.

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  • Ultrawide in the workplace:

    A business monitor which is ultrawide is a boon for the multitasking people as they let you use multiple screens at one time with a full-size screen window and also the software which helps to split the screen display. These panels are also a good substitute for the multi-screen arrays. A 21:9 monitor screen with aspect ratio is twice a regular monitor which has aspect ratio of 16:9. Generally, these ultrawide business monitors’ have many ports such as one HDMI port, one display input port with up and downstream USB ports and also, USB type-C port which are typical in every monitor. With the latest ultrawide monitors, one can even transfer the videos and music by using the Type-C port. 

So, these are some features and use of the ultrawide monitors according to the  uses like gaming or professional. So setting up with the ultrawide monitors can help you to enhance your gaming experience and working experience as well. 

Future or Fad of ultrawide?

There are plenty of models which have been successful under the ultrawides, but each gamer and professional wants to have the best. Surely, the ultrawide monitors would be the only choice left for the gamers to choose because of the improved aspect ratio and also simply they are wide! The future of ultrawide is really gonna be amazing and surely at peak. 

  • Experience gaming in advance style:

    one of the major reasons why users need an ultrawide monitor is to have more fun while gaming. As the ultrawide’s screen size is so big, won’t anyone need to enjoy it while gameplay? Obviously yes, through this monitor, you can have a big game interface and create an illusion that you’re actually in the game. 
  • Support of graphics card:

    this is one concern of the ultrawide monitor. It’s a power of graphics card, with this monitor one can easily have amazing graphics in their gameplay. Liek if the resolution is 3440*1440 pixels, the common and standard one for these ultrawide monitors, then it will provide you with 140%+ pixels compared with the standard monitors which are 1920*1080. So, isn’t that just amazing to play on? 

By looking at these features, I could easily say that there’s a future of these ultrawide monitors which is unbeatable and amazing to see. The users would surely won’t be able to handle themselves after knowing and using it.  

Future of Monitors: Ultrawide Monitor

  1. Samsung CJ791
  2. Dell Alienware AW3420DW
  3. LG 34WK95U
  4. Acer predator X34
  5. BenQ EX3501R

Must Ultrawide Monitors

1. Samsung CJ791

Samsung CJ791-QLED-curved

Amazon Logo

This piece of Samung monitor is a strong and striking piece of hardware which has a design of effortlessness and professionalism which helps to make it more impressive in the looks. The looks of the frame and stand which supports the monitor and it seems to melt down the eyes of the user when seated in front of the monitor and also makes the user look and sit there for hours. It offers an incredible picture quality with rich black and intense lifelike colours which makes your vision soaking into a dream. The monitor has 100Hz refresh rate with AMD’s freesync. Also, offers a variety of ports like display input, HDMI port and two USB A ports.

2. Dell Alienware AW3420DW

Dell Alienware AW3420DW

Amazon Logo

Dell Alienware 34-inch monitor with extremely amazing features and excellent choice for the gamers. It packs up a 3440*1440 resolution which is nourished by a curved IPS panel- 1900R which produces rich colours and wide viewing angle.  With a brightness level of 350 nm and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. The device includes 6 menu buttons for major modes like automatic overclocking, stabilization that is too dark and brightness control and contrast. Also, there’s a line-out jack, a headphone jack and display port, 5 USB ports and an HDMI port.

3. LG 34WK95U

LG 34WK95U

Amazon Logo

An ultrawide LG monitor with panels in which you don’t need to sacrifice the resolutions. A Nano IPS panel backs this display of this device with 5120*2160 resolution with HDR. It has a wide and flat screen to work on your desk comfortably. This monitor has got a penty of ports and displays which have Thunderbolt 3 port, a display port, a HDMI port and a type-C USB port. Also, it has got two USB type-A Ports but they are having a downstreaming connection.

4. Acer predator X34:

Acer predator X34

Amazon Logo

A great wide screen display which supports G-Sync technology and is great at gaming features. There’s nothing quite like the Acer predator X34. A resolution of 3440*1440 for your gaming purpose and a 100Hz refresh rate and 120Hz overclock. The brightness is 300 nits which is just more than enough to have for a non-HDR screen display. Enjoy the amazing view angles for your work and gameplay with the IPS panels. The colour support is incredible with 8 bit colour depth and has decent colour accuracy.

5. BenQ EX3501R

BenQ EX3501R

Amazon Logo

BenQ monitor with understated look, being used by professionals and with good looks. It features an amazing and great 1800R curvature. It is one of the most vibrant and accurate display one can ever see with the 3440*1440  resolutions and 35-inch HDR screen which packs up the contrast of 1100:1 and a brightness level of 330 nits and more. It also provides stunning dark black and white colors with accrancy. The connectivity is good as it includes HDMI port, USB type-A port which is of 3.1 gen, USB type-C port and display port.


Hopefully you’ve got your ultrawide monitor’s options and conclusions here. Just know that these are some amazing and stunning monitors to have whether for gaming or professional use. And if not, look for more options to see what matters to use like what kind of usage do you have from your monitor and then purchase. These are a bit overpriced but they are worth it. It’s an easy choice to make but the key to make that happen is always the same, so keep in mind the right choice you want and for your requirements. 



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