Prime Day Laptop deals: Prices slashed, Grab soon…


Regardless of the world situation going-on in this year 2020, there are things and situations which have been changed forever in the market such as the event marketing companies have been switched all over to the virtual meets and events because of the guidelines due to Covid-19. Also, many companies have switched to long-term remote work due to the pandemic. Yet, there are still some things/events which are still the same or have grown. Events like Amazon Prime day sale or Black friday sale have been neutral. The amazon prime day deals has been moved to the biggest sale of the year with a different time frame.

You’ll surely be excited about the upcoming prime day sale of amazon with so many items on deals which is just amazing and unbelievable and also a plan to cover all the products this year. Not only headphones, earphones, smartwatches, tablets or even smartphones are on a deal but there’s some best deals on the laptop section as well. Laptops under Chromebook & Macbook will have some deals with exciting pricing that are going to be live only on the laptop deals on amazon prime day sale. Before purchasing on  amazon, first be the Amazon prime member thru which you can avail many more exciting offers in delivery methods and others.

The amazon prime deals offers really amazing offers to the users and also attracts the bargain customers with their big fat discounts which makes it more reliable and trustable for the customers. It’s a 2 day shopping event with amazing discounts to offer great deals on laptops from various different brands and various differences in the pricing. Customers do wait and look forward to avail massive discounts on their favourite laptop brands and products. So, if you’re looking for a good deal  to buy a laptop and can’t wait until November for the Black Friday sale?You can easily look up and be dependent on the Amazon prime day sale which is arriving this october with amazing offers and discounts.

So the offers of the laptops vary from country to country like there are different pricing and deals in India as compared with the UK. For example the amazon prime day’s sale offer on the Macbook Air is being slashed from £999 to £930, isn’t this an amazing deal to catch up with? It is, indeed. So offers like this are all over the prime sale with many other laptops brands’ to catch on. 

Deals to expect from the Prime day sale!

Though, it’s a prime member sale which is limited but the prime day sale is just the best sale of the year  other than the Black Friday sale to avail amazing items and electronics like laptops and mobiles. Through prime day laptop deals, one also gets an opportunity to look for more products which aren’t easily available and are rare to have on such huge discounted prices such as Macbooks, one of the rare items to have on such discounted prices. 

But yes the majority of the laptop deals would be available over the Windows and Chromebooks, because of obvious reasons like they have much  more variety of products available in the market to purchase rather than compared with Macbooks. So if you’re looking for gaming laptops, 2-in-1 laptops or everyday and regular laptops, prime day sale is a platform for you to purchase the best at amazing pricing and it’s expected to have many offers on this section of laptops. Also, the biggest offers are on the old version and generation of laptop models like from 2018-2019 or something but the newer stuff and products would also have offers at lower prices that would be best you would see. So if you get one of those with low priced and newly added in the market, don’t wait, act fast and grab on! They won’t wait too long for you! 

So, now lets see what type of laptops are available in the amazon prime day sale to purchase…

Best laptop deals to grab on prime day

Now, lets know the deals in categories like Apple’s macbooks, Chromebooks, Gaming laptops on sale and even Windows laptops on sale. Know them by dividing into categories to catch them up easily!


  • While this is a rare deal for most of the customers to face, the macBook Air 2020 is likely to be on the prime sale this year. Isn’t this amazing? This beautiful newest piece of Apple, Macbook Air, a 13-inch retina screen with true tune tech and 16:10 aspect ratio & 8GB RAM macbook which has the new 10th gen Intel core i3 processor with Iris plus graphics, touch ID fingerprint sensor, improved and incredible magic keyboard and two thunderbolt 3 ports. Also, this macbook has a fast SSD storage with fast and force touch trackpad and a battery life of up to 11 hours a day. Moreover it has a resolution of 2560*1600 at 275 pixels per inch with added colourful and bright colour accuracy. It has a turbo boost of up to 3.2GHz which comes along with 4MB L3 cache. Also, it has a display port, charging port and a USB 3.1 port & it comes in 3 colours which are Grey, Gold and space grey.  

On the Amazon prime deals, both the models of the laptop are going to be on sale for the price of $999 which is down to $950, which is just amazing and gives a confidence that there will be even more better offers to avail. 

Apple macbook air
  • Also, the Apple Macbook’s Pro is on sale! Yes you read it right, the Macbook Pro is also on offer on the Amazon Prime day deals. An amazing piece with 16-inch LED backlit screen with the all new IPS tech, a macbook with a resolution of 3072*1920 with a 226 pixels per inch with support of multiple colours, a 2.6GHz 6-core Intel core i7 processor with turbo boost of up to 4.5GHz and 12MB shared L3 cache. Moreover, this amazing macbook can go up to 8TB SSD storage which is the highest of any notebooks, up to 64GB of memory to edit your pictures and video easily and store them and a battery life of up to 12 hours a day, isn’t this everybody wants? OH, yes the macbook comes along with AMD Radeon Pro 5300M graphics which is loaded with 4GB of GDDR6 memory and Intel UHD graphics 630. Also, the ports of this macbook contains four thunderbolt 3 ports, a charging port, a USB 3.1 port and a display port and comes in a Space Grey and Silver colour. Also, a 6 speaker sound system isn’t just incredible while watching movies or shows? It is so! This is an unbelievable and powerful piece Apple has made. The pricing of this macbook was $2399 which downs to $2099, you save up to $300 in the all new amazon prime day deals!
Apple Macbook Pro


As we know that, the market is being ruled and dominated by the Windows 10 in the latest laptop and in the operating systems from Microsoft. So, below are some of the laptops which are on discount by the Amazon prime day sale. So, let’s check them out with their amazing features!

  • Acer Aspire 1 :
    An incredible and large laptop to be dependent on and work on for hours with an amazing 15.6 inch FHD display and an Intel Celeron N4020 chip set. Through this wonderful piece of laptop, one can easily surf, steam and do so much faster than ever like editing pictures and videos. It has a widescreen LED-backlit TN screen with 1920*1080 pixels and Intel UHD graphics, just so correct! Also, it comes along with many ports such as USB 3.1 port, USB 2.0 two ports, HDMI port and ethernet port and a combo of microphone and headphone jack. This laptops specs also include a 4GB RAM with 64GB SSD storage and a decent battery life of up to 10 hours a day. It also comes along with a Windows 10 in a S mode which is specially designed for high performance level and security purposes. The pricing of this laptop was for $499 and in the prime day sale, it’s for $399 (saving of $100).
Acer Aspire 1
  • Lenovo Ideapad 2020 :
    The amazon prime day deals with bulk of electronics like budget-friendly laptops for their customers. This amazing laptop features a 14-inch screen size with LED backlit and dual core processor. The AMD A6 APU helps to handle the AMD Radeon graphic which enables an amazing performance level and rapid multitasking. Also, it comes with a 1366*768 HD resolutions, 4GB DDR4 memory which gives full power multitasking and 64GB eMMC flash memory. The laptop has ports such as two USB 3.0, one HDMI port, one media card reader, one combo of microphone and headphone jack and a battery of 35WHr. Also, it has introduced many new features like the edge web browser which helps to mark up web browsers. The pricing of this laptop is $399 and after the prime day sale, it’s for $305. 
Lenovo Ideapad 2020

“Also catch up on the Lenovo Ideapad Slim 7”

  • Microsoft surface Pro 7 :
    This laptop of microsoft turns out to be an amazing laptop with best pricing. This packs up with 12.3 inch display size with touch screen feature and 10th-gen Intel Core i5 processor. A next-gen and best-in-class laptop with a feature to turn into a tablet, so work, touch, draw and write with full fun and in a smoothless way. A product faster than surface pro 6 showcases what’s better in a thin and light-weighted laptop. The model comes with a 4GB RAM and a 128GB SSD storage to a 16GB RAM and 1 TB SSD storage capacity. It has intel iris plus graphics for core i5 and i7 and also intel UHD graphics. Also, it has a resolution of 2736*1824 pixels, the battery life stays up to 10.5 hours a day and also comes in colour like Black, Platinum and Matte Balck. The pricing of this laptop is $1029 which is dropped to $827, isn’t this right to purchase? 
Microsoft surface Pro 7
  • Dell XPS 13 (7390) :
    One of the best and favourite laptops for many users out there in the year,2020! This amazing laptop packs up with a 13.3 inch 4K Ultra HD display size along with 8th-gen Intel core i7 processor. In fact, it gives an amazing infinity display which enables a 13.3 display size in an 11-inch for with 80% screen to the body ratio. The colour spectrum is fully sRGB colours and 1500:1 is the contrast ratio which helps to take every shape and brightness scenes definition. It’s a cut out from a single block of aluminium. It comes with a 4.6GHz CPU speed and a 3840*2160 pixels of resolution and a RAM of 16GB. It has one USB port of 2.0 and two USB ports of 3.0.  It is said to be the CES Innovation Award Honoree in the category of Computer hardware and components. It costs about $1799, but after purchasing it from Prime sale you’ll get it at $1650. 
Dell XPS 13(7390)


These are the most reliable and affordable laptops running on Google Chrome OS, which are particularly based on the Chrome browser and other tools like Gmail and Docs and more. Even Google Play Store is being included in this and is compatible for the Android applications. So, now let’s know some chromebooks which are going to be on offer on the Amazon Prime day sale. 

  • Acer chromebook 315 :
    An amazing piece of laptop with 15.6 inch HD screen size  which comes along with Intel celeron N4000 with 1.10 GHz to 2.60 GHz and Intel UHD graphics 600. Some of the amazing features of this laptop is that it has 4GB LPDDR4 RAM along with 32GB eMMC storage and with WiFi 802.11 ac and bluetooth 5.0. This laptop has a resolution of 1366*768 pixels, which isn’t just great? And also it functions on the all new ‘Chrome OS’. This is an amazing featured laptop to use on a daily basis. This laptop also has an HD webcam with dual speakers to make your video calls and sound more clear and with ease and a protective sleeve. The ports of this laptop contain a memory card reader, two USB ports of 3.1 and two USB ports of type-C. The RAM system type used in this laptop is DDR_DRAM. The battery life of this laptop is 12.5 hours a day. The price of this laptop after Amazon’s prime day sale is $272 (actual was $330) 
Acer chromebook 315
  • Samsung Galaxy Chromebook :
    An incredible chromebook with great features for everyday use. It packs up with a 13.3 UHD AMOLED display which comes up with Intel UHD graphics. The screen is a 4K AMOLED provides a high-definite screen and rich colours and black hues with fully Adobe RGB and 100% DCI-P3 support which helps you to edit your docs like a professional. The ultra-thin bezels which is sized of 3.9mm helps the user to immerse themselves into the graphics. One of the amazing features this laptop contains is that the Ambient HQ, it is used to adjust the colours and brightness of the laptop automatically according to the environment. It really provides a user an image with a more realistic picture and helps to reduce eye-fatigue. It has an built-in pen feature which makes the screen feel  like an imagination come true with the pen which is sensitive to 4096 levels of pressure. The resolutions for this display is 3840*2160 pixels with 8GB RAM along with 256GB SSD Storage and an 8 hour battery life for a day. 
Samsung Galaxy chromebook
  • Lenovo Chromebook S330 :
    An affordable and easy to carry 14 inch laptop which is a must try for the chromebook lovers’! An IPS thin and lightweight laptop which is powered by the latest Mediatek MTK8173C processor with 1.70 GHz. A laptop with a resolution of 1366*768 pixels with anti glare and integrated MediaTek graphics. The camera is of 720p HD camera with the integrated microphone and the memory of 4GB RAM LPDDR3 1866MHz which help to smoothly run multiple applications easily and all at once with the 64GB eMMC storage. The number of ports this laptop has are display port, USB 3.0 port, USB type-C port, HDMI port, Audio jack and SD card reader. The operating system is Chrome OS and it has a battery life of up to 10 hours a day but depending on the settings and usage of the laptop, but isn’t it amazing to have?   The price of this laptop is $395 but after the Amazon prime day deal, the price has dropped down to $375. This is surely a laptop for the chromebook lovers’!
Lenovo Chromebook S330
  • HP chromebook:
    This laptop is actually great for everyday usage as it comes with a 14-inch touchscreen display with HD WLED backlit, so isn’t this enough for a everyday use? I guess it is. It also includes built-in cloud support for the users, built-in virus protection support and Google support along with its products like Google Doc, Gmail, Chrome etc. It also comes up with a Celeron  N3350 dual-core 1.1 GHz , 2M cache and turbo boost up to 2.4 GHz processor and Intel HD graphics 500 and a resolution of 1366*768 pixels. Also, packs up with 4GB RAM and 32GB eMMC storage for making the multitasking more smooth for the users out there. But the operating system of this laptop is Windows 10. Also, it has got an built-in media reader for making the photo transfer process simple and an built-in HD True vision camera with dual array microphone. A battery life of up to 10 hours a day, is i guess all the users want these features in their laptop. The price of this amazing laptop is $367 which is down to $336 only at the Amazon Prime Day deals! 
HP chromebook

  • ASUS chromebook:
    An amazing laptop with 14-inch FHD anti-glare  and Nanoedge display which features an ultra-narrow bezel with anti-glare coating over it to reduce the reflections and resolutions are 1920*1080. The FHD display of this laptop has a durable 180 degree hinge which can be turned into a flat laid to share your content with others. This laptop is powered by the Intel dual core celeron N3350 processor 1.1GHz, 2M cache and turbo boost up to 2.4 GHz for a faster and snappy performance. This laptop has 4GB RAM LPDDR4 and 32GB eMMC storage with integrated HD webcam and Intel HD graphics 500 and a bluetooth 4.0.  The ports of this laptop are two USB 3.0, two USB 3.1, Type-C gen 1, one USB type-A, Media card reader, combination audio jack and comes in the silver colour. All the Google apps you know and love are pre-installed in the chromebook which means you can edit, download and convert the files like Microsoft office files like Google docs, sheets and more. The price of the laptop is $459 on the Amazon prime. 
Asus chromebook

How to shop for a laptop

There are so many things to consider while buying a laptop which differs on what kind of design you need under different use of cases. So firstly, decide what you need from the laptop, like what kind of features you require from the laptop and what kind of operating system you’re looking for. It matters what you look for in a laptop whether you’re web browsing, word process, PC gaming and much more uses of a laptop. 

Secondly, know your budget for the laptop, which automatically indicates what is your budget to get a laptop and what kind of laptop you’ll need. Yet, some of the combinations of laptops kind and price doesn’t really set well like an affordable laptop. 

Thirdly, finally you need to know what must-have features you need a laptop, like should your laptop have a webcam with amazing clarity, or great graphic processing power to boost up the games and the most comfortable keyboard with great keys. Narrow down a list of things you need in your laptop which are your must-haves in your laptop.

So on Prime day, shoppers may find many options to choose from the rest but think wisely and know what you need in your laptop to make it worthy for you. There are an impressive number of laptops available on the Amazon site like Macbooks, Chromebooks, Windows laptops and many more to choose from. Laptops are chosen on many things like office use, everyday use or gaming use and depend on their compact size and portability.

Many professionals use Apple MacBook as it’s a premier choice of them because of the speedy performance and smooth OS. Also, people really prefer windows like Dell, HP and Lenovo which basically comes with Microsoft OS systems being installed with plenty of connectivity and adequate processing power. On the other hand, the Chromebooks from Acer, Samsung, HP are being provided as a third alternative with an operating system of Chrome OS which are well for students and employees. 

Check out the Amazon Prime Day deals to grab the best laptops at amazing pricing! 

“Check out the laptop which the great to buy in 2020 with affordability and durability”


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