A guide to the best Video cameras’ in 2022

Best Video Cameras

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Choosing a camera takes a lot of time, deciding budget, purpose, features and what not…it takes a lot of time and research while finding out the perfect cameras’. While photo cameras’ are still not too tricky to choose, according to me while the Video cameras’? There’s a tricky part as there are so many different and unique features to choose from for a video camera. Choosing the best 4K video cameras totally depends on what type of videography you do, as it’s a huge field where there are different types of users and wants from the camera. So, video cameras’ are being divided into 3 categories which could help to say what kind of video cameras’ are great for the people according to their usage and needs. Also, you can see the best cameras for vloggers

So, these are the categories:

  • Cameras for content creators:

    Many of the photographers have now moved to the video contents and often use cameras’ to shoot large sized videos or like 15 mins video or something as it’s pretty quick and easy to do rather than mobile phones. So, content creators do switch to these cameras for video making to ease their workflow and generate more clear content. 

  • Cameras for Vloggers:

    Pretty much the same as content creators, these cameras could be used by the vloggers. They are pretty much independent and have an individual vlogs like travel vlogs, beauty vlogs and more to create a content which is more significant and there’s some benefits they need form camera is like mic facility or attached mic to make the vlog’s communication more clear. 
  • Camera for cinema’s:

    These are the cameras’ which are being used in a professional manner like these cameras are used by the filmmakers. The cinema cameras’ are used in big projects and have lenses accordingly as well. They also want such type of resolution and features which could fit into the workflow to film a movie scene. 

So, these were the categories under which the cameras’ are being used, video cameras purpose it is. The cameras’ are used according to the usage, capacity, performance and quality of videos. The type of camera factor plays an important role while choosing one as it pretty much depends on the user.  These cameras are great to shoot videos outdoors and in house as well. Hence, let’s take a look at some of the best and topmost mirrorless video cameras’ which are great to have for videography.

The Best Video Cameras in 2022

  1. Fujifilm X-T4
  2. Canon EOS R5
  3. Panasonic Lumix S5
  4. Sony A7S III
  5. Nikon Z6

1. Fujifilm X-T4

So, as the X-T3 was launched back in 2018 with a seamless and impressive camera model with great features. As, the X-T4 simply adds up to being the best mirrorless camera around the world. The world seems focused and attention on the full frame cameras, X-T4 would be the best option for this because of its cheap proposition along with boasting up the advanced 4K video capability. Through these features, the capacity to have a shoot on this camera for a 4K video can go up to 60p and for a smooth 2X slow motion effect as well. With this Fujifilm X-T4 the user would be able to capture images with high quality of up to 10-bit video which is internal and it can be connected to an external recorder. The big step for this camera is its all new body stabilisation which helps to reduce the need for gimbal. 

2. Canon EOS R5

The all new and amazing Canon EOS R5 is simply just the best and the finest product under cameras’ ever. It is the on-point amalgamation  of the series EOS R’s form, the EOS 5D’s function and the autofocus system. This is one of the best cameras’ to choose if you’re stills or a hybrid photographer or videographer. This camera does have some amazing and attractive items for no such reason but yes, it does have a minor that it overheats while  recording a video of 8K video version. This camera may not be the perfect one to have, but on the given details like resolutions, frame rate and capabilities, when all of this is combined, it makes this camera a genuinely amazing product to have. 

3. Panasonic Lumix S5

Despite of its size, this Panasonic Lumix S5 incredible piece of camera has an impressive 24MP CMOS sensor which has improved a lot by time. Thi camera also comes along with the body which is tough and strong weather resistant and delivers up to 6.5 stops of stabilisation in images with a compatible lens. These are some features which makes it more attractive while other features are like dynamic range and 4K recording of videos and yes, also a 96MP resolution of RAW+JPEG captured pictures. Panasonic has surely made up an amazing and brilliant camera for content creators and videographers out there, these features do make the camera stand out in the market. 

4. Sony A7S III

To be honest, it took Sony 5 years to upgrade the video cameras A7S II to a Mark III but the wait of 5 years long was totally worth it for the camera lovers out there! It’s best suitable for the enthusiast and professional camera users there… It may not be the powerhouse machine or it doesn’t boast the video resolution up to 6K or 8K but it has 12.1 MP. This camera can only shoot up to 4K video resolution at 60p that too with full frame , no crops. The recorded videos are internally at 10-bit which is 4:2:2 with no limits on record time. The camera comes along with 12MP resolution which is a bit poor according to the stills camera, but has a natural 4K video resolution and an amazing 1000 shot raw buffer. 

5. Nikon Z6

There are so many reasons why the user’s love to have a Nikon Z6. The camera has an amazing build quality and controls which can capture full-width size of 4K video and a high ISO setting. Stills photographers and videographers might prefer to have this as it has an extra resolution of 45 MP but for 4K video resolution the Nikon Z6 is a much better and clear option to have. The body of the Nikon’s camera has an image stabilisation which is really effective and can connect with the external recorder if the user needs to record at a high quality of 10-bit. This camera could also deal with the RAW video capture which will be required to upgrade the hardwares. Nikon’s camera also includes a high dynamic range of N-log mode for those who need to have a flexible colour grading. Also the firmware has been upgraded for CF express memory card compatibility. It is a great camera which has been pushed up to the features which are amazing.

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