Top 5 Softwares to Speed Up the Performance of your Windows System

Speed Up the Performance of your Windows System

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Windows’ program handling is far from flawless. When you install software, bits of it are dispersed across your system, resulting in a slower computer.

You’ve probably experienced this: PCs get cluttered and slow after a year. The internal components haven’t decayed — they’re still as competent as the day you bought the computer – but your software is to blame. This is true even for apps you’ve already deleted, which leave behind traces like rubbish after a very enjoyable picnic.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that the most effective way to speed up a system is to completely clean it. Remove the remnants of previous applications, and Windows will no longer waste time hunting for stuff it will never discover. Also, you can see How To Make Your Old Computer Speed Up On Windows 11

But a speedy system is more than just a clean hard disc. Windows itself may be tweaked in a variety of ways to make it run more smoothly.

We’ve compiled a list of the five best software for cleaning out a clogged PC and adjusting its settings with minimal effort. There are both free and paid versions of each of these programs. Free variants are often light, focusing on removing temporary files and cookies, but commercial editions include strong features such as malware protection and periodic cleaning. It’s all up to you. Also, you can see, How to Fix My Computer Overheating Issues: Best 7 Tips and Tricks you Need To Do

Top 5 Softwares to Speed Up the Performance of your Windows System

  1. Ashampoo WinOptimizer
  2. IObit Advanced SystemCare
  3. Piriform CCleaner
  4. Iolo System Mechanic
  5. Glary Utilities

1. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

This guide will walk you through the Process of Speeding up your PC

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Credit: Ashampoo

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  • Quick system scans
  • Extensive scan findings
  • Affordably priced premium edition


  • There is no anti-malware software

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is one of the most user-friendly programs for speeding up your PC, and it’s a wonderful place to start if you’ve never used one before.

When you click ‘Start search,’ it examines your discs for problems and divides the results into three categories: clean up, optimization, and protection. You can correct them all with a single click, or you can learn more about them by clicking the ‘Details’ option.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer excels in this area. Rather than merely giving you a long list of file names, it takes you step by step through each problem, giving you a brief description, an explanation of how it could be harming your PC’s performance, and a suggested course of action. It’s nice to see an interface that has been thoughtfully developed with accessibility in mind.

There’s also a standard set of defragging, uninstalling, and startup management utilities, but the primary scanner is where this program shines.

The premium Ashampoo WinOptimizer 15 is now on sale for US$9.99/£8.74/AU$17.49 for a one-year license for one PC. There’s also a new game booster, speedier scans, Windows 10 privacy controls, and an SSD tuning wizard.

2. IObit Advanced SystemCare

With only a few clicks, you can Improve the Performance and Security of your Computer

IObit Advanced SystemCare

Credit: IObit Advanced SystemCare

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  • Toolkit with a lot of options
  • Clearly labeled scan results
  • Toolkit for security
  • Affordably priced premium edition
  • Affordable price


  • Limits on installation
  • Separate downloads and upsells are two benefits
  • There aren’t any community-based suggestions across the board

IObit Advanced SystemCare takes a two-pronged approach, targeting both general PC clutter and security threats.

The free version of the software covers the fundamentals, with quick system scanning, one-click protection from hacking, performance monitoring, and the ability to capture the faces of potential intruders automatically with FaceID.

These are all excellent tools – well designed and simple to use – but to reap the full benefits, you’ll need to invest in the software’s premium edition. IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro is one of the most affordable cleanup tools around. A one-year license costs US$23.99/£17.71AU/$30.64 and brings with it a raft of extra features including startup optimization, automatic updates, and performance monitoring.

3. Piriform CCleaner

Deep Scans are used, However it is presumed that some Expertise is required to Comprehend the data

Piriform CCleaner

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  • Scans in depth
  • The outcomes are well-organized


  • The file descriptions should be more concise

Piriform CCleaner is extremely comprehensive, examining every nook and cranny of your hard drive or SSD for superfluous files that may be slowing it down. It is, however, never overbearing, unlike some other system speed-up solutions. Any files that you would want to preserve are unchecked by default, and search results are arranged into appropriate categories.

CCleaner doesn’t explain all file types before proposing to delete them, but if you pick any of the files under the ‘Advanced’ header, it will explain why you shouldn’t delete them. We admire the effort, however it would be wonderful if all of the notes were written in such straightforward English.

The registry scanner in CCleaner is excellent; other system speed-up tools just offer a one-click option, but CCleaner allows you to choose which sorts of entries to look for. If you’re experiencing difficulties with something specific, this is the way to go.

The typical defrag, drive wipe, and system restores utilities are also included, albeit they can all be accessed from Windows 10’s Control Panel.

You’ll be given a download of Avast Free Antivirus when you install CCleaner Free. It’s one of the best free antivirus software out there, and it’s worth a look if you’re looking for a new protection package, but make sure you uncheck the option before continuing.

A CCleaner Pro license costs $24.95, £19.95, or $29.95 in Australia, and it includes real-time monitoring, scheduled cleaning, automated updates, and premium support. Although the free cleaner is really good, the Pro version will save you time and effort in the long run.

4. Iolo System Mechanic

This free version is adequate, but the premium version shines

Iolo System Mechanic

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  • Scans that are both quick and thorough
  • Results of a thorough scan
  • Malware protection is included in the Pro version


  • The Premium edition is pricey

Iolo System Mechanic is one of the greatest applications for speeding up your PC and removing useless files, whether you use the free or paid edition.

Quick and Deep scans are available in System Mechanic. The first option pinpoints the most prevalent problems. The Deep scan digs deeper and has the potential to uncover more information, but it takes a long time. Your results may vary, however, both revealed a comparable amount of faults in our experience.

Although it’s not quite as simple as Ashampoo Winoptimizer, clicking the ‘Details’ link gives lots of information about the reported problems and why you might wish to delete them.

The most costly of the PC speed-up apps featured is Iolo System Mechanic Professional, which costs US$69.95/£69.95/AU$89.32 for a one-year license that covers all of your PCs rather than just one. It’s also more than a system optimizer; it comes with dual-engine virus protection, data recovery, safe file deletion, and a slew of other features.

If you’re looking for an anti-malware program to use in addition to your antivirus, Iolo System Mechanic should be on your list.

You will be requested to provide an email address upon registration, but Iolo does not share this information with anyone else.

5. Glary Utilities

Quick scans, However we’d want additional information about the outcomes

Glary Utilities

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  • Quick Scanning
  • Updates are made automatically


  • There is some unusual wording here
  • There are no descriptions in the scan results

Glary Utilities promises to make your PC up to eight times quicker in both free and paid editions. The major feature is one-click cleaning, but it also comes with a slew of extras including a disc analyzer, process manager, and context menu manager.

Glary Utilities also gives you an estimate of how long it will take your PC to load up, and the free edition includes automatic updates, which you would typically have to pay for.

One maintenance tool scans the whole system for damaged and missing registry entries, as well as temporary files. Some of the descriptions are strange. Its history cleansing tool, for example, is called Tracks Eraser, which is a strange phrase you won’t see anywhere else. If Glary Utilities discovers any faults, you may click show details’ to learn more about them; otherwise, they will remain a mystery.

In terms of scan findings, instead of just a list of file names and locations, we’d want to see more information on what each problem found is, so users can make an informed decision about what to keep.

A one-year Glary Utilities Pro license costs US$39.95/£38.84/AU$67.13, but look for special offers, especially around the holidays.

One word of caution: the free edition of Glary Utilities includes an option to add a desktop icon for Maiagames, a free puzzle and adventure game creator. By default, the tickbox is unchecked, however it’s worth noting if you wish to prevent any excess.


What is PC optimization software, and how does it work?

PC optimizers are a type of software that can make a user’s device run faster. Users may do regular maintenance on the operating system using built-in tools to avoid slowdowns. Furthermore, these tools assist in the removal of temporary and useless files in order to clear up disc space. In addition, most optimization tools may assist with system settings or the removal of frequent faults.

What are the benefits of using PC optimization software?

Any long and intensive usage of an operating system collects a considerable quantity of unneeded data, such as old backups. The buildup of unsuccessful registry entries in Windows OS is defined by unsuitable program uninstallation and structural component problems. These variables slow down the system, resulting in a decrease in PC performance. Optimizer tools are one type of countermeasure.

Is it necessary to optimize the registry?

The registry is the key record of global and minor system settings in the Windows operating system. Consider how the register works: every day, you must pay one paper bill, but before you do so, you must verify all prior bills and have them with you at all times. This method, like reading a registry item with numerous superfluous keys, will take more and longer over time.

How do PC optimizers work? Do they clean or repair?

Many applications retain logs with varying levels of information for monitoring and detecting severe failures. They create temporary files in the process, which are not always erased and collect on the system, taking up space. In addition, OS remembers previously used applications and files to offer rapid access in the event that they are needed.  All of this results in the creation of a large number of unnecessary files that are kept on a disc. PC optimizers look for and erase unnecessary files in recognized places.

Scheduling vs. Active Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of the system status is performed by active monitoring tools, which include built-in optimizers. Users can create criteria and requirements for monitoring and cleaning in a certain order. The scheduling feature allows you to execute a checkup and optimization at predetermined intervals.


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