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An amazing and stunning laptop with all new features is here for you! This laptop comes with the AMD ryzen 5 4600H processor as well as the AMD radeon RX 5600 AMP for the graphics card. This laptop is said to be the first laptop with this combination of AMD. It comes along with a RAM of 16 gigabyte and 144HZ display. The design of this laptop is made out of plastic and according to me, it’s not that great. The backside of  the laptop looks better with the vents and G5SE logo.

“Check out AMD’s Ryzen 7 4800H in detail and what it’s like in comparison with Ryzen 5 4600H!”

The build quality of the laptop is actually very good, especially the gaming laptops of dell are great according to the build quality. Even if you put on the pressure with your hand on the surface or on the keyboards of Dell G5, there’s actually no flex and it’s quite impressive.

Now the display, the operating on this laptop feels really very smooth and precise accordingly. The model comes along with a 1920*1080p panel which is running at 60Hz. The brightness level, color accuracy and angles to view docs are pretty good for the price for this laptop. 

The ports on the right side, there’s a SD card reader, two USB 2.0 ports, security lock slot, and microphone jack combo. While on the left side, there’s a charging port, mini HDMI 2.0 port, RJ45 ethernet, USB 3.2 (super speed) and a USB port of type-C. One the keyboard, it’s two finger scrolling trackpad and it’s pretty great spaced and the keys are also great and decent. There’s also a numeric keypad. The only disappointment with the keyboard is the backlight is only available in red color which could be irritating at night.  But overall the keyboard is pretty good. 

Now, let’s know about the inside, there’s a 51 watt hour battery pack, which is a bit small as the other models have at least 68 watt hour battery pack. Also, it comes with m.2 slot and an extra M.2 which houses the 256 gigabyte SSD drive which is actually very tiny. There are dual fan setups, 16 GB RAM, also two 8GB sticks and 1650 WiFi six card. There’s a benchmark of 256 GB NVME SSD which has a fast speed. 

One problem was the battery life isn’t that great, it lasts for upto 4-4.5 hours with medium brightness. The 5600M supports AMD’s freesync which is Andy’s version of NVIDIA’s G-sync, which reduces tearing of images and improves game play.  The speakers are at the bottom facing which has good quality of sound. 

So, on the paperwork the laptop is pretty amazing but  if you test it there are minor bugs  which makes the laptop too hot and the design also looks very old according to the generation. There’s some sort of issue with the overheating and restarts, so think before buying!

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