How to Factory Reset of Windows 11

How to Factory Reset of Windows 11

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Sometimes you just need to start over and reset your Windows 11 operating system. Perhaps you made so many settings or registry tweaks that you forgot how to change them all back to the defaults. Maybe you installed some software that’s messing up your system. Or maybe you want to donate or sell your PC to someone else and don’t want them accessing your apps or data.

You could download a Windows 11 ISO and do a clean install, but that’s not necessary. Like Windows 10, Windows 11 has a built-in function that allows you to restore your computer to its factory settings, remove all installed apps, and, if you choose, delete all your data too. You can even “clean the drive” so hackers who would attempt to undelete your files after you reset Windows 11 would not be able to. Also, you can seehow to reset an iPad

How to Reset Windows 11

1. Open Setting

Open Setting

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2. Navigate to System->Recovery

Navigate to System

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3. Click Reset

Click Reset

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4.. “Keep my files” or “Remove everything” are the options. If you don’t want your data files to be wiped, use the first option. If you want to hand over the computer to someone else, use the latter option to ensure that your data is not compromised. Before you reset Windows 11, be sure that any files you want to keep are backed up somewhere.

Choose a Option

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5. Select “Cloud download” or “Local reinstall” from the drop-down menu. Local reinstall is the way to go if your system is in good health and you just want to clean up your settings and data and start afresh. If you believe you have any corrupted system files, Cloud download may be able to assist you.

Reinstall Windows

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6. If you’re OK with the settings and don’t want to “clear the drive,” click Next.

Additional Settings

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If you’re removing all files and want to clean the drive (making it much more difficult for a hacker to recover the erased files), go to “Change settings” and enable “Clean data?” This will extend the reset time by several hours, so only do it if you’re really worried that someone else will get this PC and run some kind of undelete software to look for your files. It could be worthwhile if you’re selling or giving your PC.

Choose Settings

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7. Click Reset

Click Reset

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You can now leave the room for a bit. Before it resumes automatically, the device will need to prepare for a few minutes.

Preparing to Reset

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The computer will restart and undergo a resetting process, which will take a few minutes.

Resetting PC

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The machine will eventually start asking you the same questions it asks with a fresh setup of Windows 11.

8. To finish the system restore, follow the instructions. Selecting your nation, keyboard layout, and privacy settings, as well as enrolling in your Microsoft account, will be among them.

System Restore

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You’ll have your Windows 11 PC returned to factory settings in a few minutes. Then, if you want to stay using the computer, you may change the size of the Windows 11 taskbar or replace the Windows 11 Start Menu with the Windows 10 File Explorer.


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