How to clear the cache on Xbox Series X

How to clear the cache on Xbox Series X

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You know how it feels when you’re playing on your brand-new Xbox Series X and everything suddenly slows down. Changing applications becomes a pain, managing storage becomes a headache, and tracking your achievements becomes a test of patience.

While there are a slew of possible explanations for frustrating system lag, one of the most common possibilities when it comes to poor Xbox performance is that the console’s cache needs to be cleared. If you’re encountering problems, you may always conduct a factory reset.

But what is a cache, exactly, for the uninitiated? Well, it’s data that your hard disc accumulates over time in order to be helpful and keep operations running smoothly – effectively decreasing the need to continuously load elements. However, over the course of weeks or months, they might accumulate to the point where the operating system begins to sag under the weight of all this redundant data. It’s probably time for a clean-up if you’ve reached that point.

It’s recommended to delete your cache on a semi-regular basis, because while a cache is a helpful tool, it may become inefficient with time, just like any other technology.

Most current consoles provide a way to clear your cache, even if the instructions are a little difficult to discover. It’s a handy little tool to have in your console management toolbox, especially if you’re juggling several use-cases for your console or if you have a large family using the same machine. Also, you can see the how to use Discord on Xbox One

Consider emptying the cache as a way to clean out or dust your storage (or your cleaning metaphor of choice). It’s the same premise as clearing your cache on your PC, and it’s the same principle on Xbox. And don’t worry, it won’t delete any of your important saved data or program installs. 

Similarly, don’t get too worked up over the possibility of mistakenly deleting something important from your cache. After some typical gameplay or media consumption, it will rapidly repopulate.

On the Xbox Series X, here’s how to delete the cache. This approach also works on Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X.

How to clear your Xbox Series X cache 

To delete the cache on Xbox Series X, you have two alternatives, both of which are simple.

One is by power cycling, while the other is through the system’s menus. Although there isn’t much of a difference between them, it’s always wonderful to have choices. Option two is more failsafe than option one because it does not involve any fussy disconnecting and replugging of your machine. Of course, if the performance of your menu has slowed, you may wish to avoid using the operating program entirely, in which case power cycling the console is your buddy.

Power cycling the Xbox console

The first option is to turn it off and on again, which isn’t quite the same as turning it off and on again. We’re going to restart after a full power cycle.

Unplug and turn off your console. Leave it unplugged for at least a few minutes before plugging it back in. Press and hold the power button a few times while it’s turned off.

When you turn it back on, your cache should be empty, and the speed of your console should be noticeably improved.

Clear the cache via the system menu

The Xbox’s menus are the second choice. Surprisingly, there isn’t a huge red button labeled ‘clear cache,’ but the step-by-step instructions below will get you where you need to go. In a future software update, let’s hope for a more obvious option in the menus, similar to the Nintendo Switch.

Until then, browse to the main Settings menu by pressing the main Xbox button on your controller. Look for ‘Devices and Connections,’ then click on the ‘Blu-Ray’ sub-menu, then ‘Persistent Storage.’ Then select the ‘Clear’ option.

And that should be the end of it! You’ve now cleaned the cache on your Xbox Series X, which should have removed any gremlins in the system that were causing any excessive lag. It’s a good idea to clean the cache on your Xbox Series X every few months, but if things start to become too congested, a message will appear.


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