Ps5 Review: A Next Generation Gaming Console

Sony PlayStation 5

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The PS5 offers superb 4K performance, amazingly fast load times, and an amazingly fast controller that lets games play more immersive and tactile than ever before. It plays almost all PS4 games and allows them to run and load better than ever before in many situations.

There are, however, several reasons to wait for the purchase button – assuming you can even locate the new console for Sony, that is. There are very few exclusive PS5 launch lines since PS4 users can still enjoy big titles like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The huge size of the system might also bother individuals with limited room, and for anyone with tiny hands, the DualSense controller itself could be a little large.

As with most console launches, with fresh exclusive titles and features for those who want to wait, the PS5 will only improve in time. Also worth considering is the $499 Xbox Series X from Microsoft, which gives a little more power and works on Xbox games in four generations. But if you manage to choose a PS5 today, you know that it is a real next-generation experience with improved haptics, stunning visuals, and practically zero friction between you and your games.

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We hoped for big things from the PS5, and Sony’s next-generation platform provides the spotlight: the game. It creates a real sense of excitement with novel features and a fresh new appearance for the user interface as well.

The PS5 is launched and it seems like an overall move towards console gaming. The new Sony system offers a degree of immersion which was just not feasible on prior consoles with its amazing graphics technology and highly inventive DualSense controllers. The SSD is a literal changer of play, charging games in seconds — some of them offering new methods of communicating with them.

In a more straightforward set-up and thoughtful user interface, Sony has re-imagined the key components of the user experience. It also has a novel controller, and PS Plus users may immediately enjoy benefits. The results are a system with which we can’t help but be impressed, and it helped that the Sony PlayStation 5 has a strong array of titles to play on the first day, many exclusively for Sony’s new machine.

But Sony’s quick next-gen system has its problems, as we found in our PS5 review. The chassis is rather big and can be a nuisance in those with limited room. The system is sleek. The new PS5 interface is gorgeous and quick but currently seems a little barebone. The decision is always on whether or not you need an immediate upgrade with many of the PS5’s major games on PS4. Also, you can see a full review of the Samsung Odyssey G9 –  Best Gaming Monitor

Sony PlayStation 5 Exclusive Review

  1. Design
  2. Performance
  3. Features
  4. Ports and Expansion
  5. DualSense Controller
  6. Apps
  7. Heat and Noise
  8. 3D Audio Sound
  9. Release Date and Price
Sony PlayStation 5


PlayStation 5 Design

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The PS5 would be in the heavyweight division if the game consoles had weight classifications. We have measured around 39 x 10.4 x 26 cm (H x W x D), however, the curves are tough to quantify. The PS5 is also not light. It measures 4.5 kg and gives it a significant volume when you collect it. Also, you can see a full review of the Samsung Odyssey G7 Gaming Monitor.

Given these measures, it’s clear to see how PlayStation 5 is the largest Sony system ever built and teeters on the verge of just being too huge for a device that should be under your TV.

Many may have to reconsider their present configuration or replace their entertainment centers completely so that they can suit the new Sony machine.

As for the console’s colors and form, they may also become polarised. Some of us on the staff adore the PS5 design totally, while others love it. But its enormous proportions and two-tone color scheme need attention in every room.

The delicate lighting effect of the system, which creates a relaxing tone while the console is in operation or rest mode, is an element that is a wonderful and generally loved touch.

The light strip enhances the appearance and feel of the PS5 during the space era and provides a wonderful touch of PS4 continuity. Like the PlayStation 4, the system glows orange and transitions from blue to white when the PS5 is switched on.

But, especially when it comes to the USB front ports, we’re a little disturbed by Sony’s choice to install glossy plastics down the center spine of the Console. After more than six months of usage, we can affirm that the plastic can scratch with time, but while inserting any device into the front console, we were exceedingly diligent.

This was a worry when we evaluated the PS5 for the first time, and we were rather shocked that Sony didn’t look at this in the creation of the device. The bright finish is also a major fingerprint and dust magnet, which makes the choice even more puzzling.

Because of its curves and its high height, the console is not merely placed and played as the PS5 is pulled out of its box – the PS5 is not the most user-friendly experience. You will require the head to be wrapped around its attachable stand first.

Without a PS5 stand, you cannot put the console horizontally and risk blocking the airflow if the PS5 is not upright. It is another step, although it will be eliminated if the unavoidable ‘thin’ version of the console comes in only a few years, which will hopefully be a bit of a faff.

The stand seems a little cheap although it is practical. It has a little room to retain a lonely screw and it doesn’t appear like the arrangement is working when the console is placed at first glance.

However, it accomplishes the work in no way – but we noticed that the booth ran off the little lip, and when we put our unit into its place it clamps on several occurrences.

The PlayStation 5 front is equipped with a USB-A and a USB-C port, while the USB-A ports, an HDMI 2.1, and a power port, are equipped with a backrest port. The console contains no proprietary ports, which are always an advantage if the strange cable needs to be replaced.


Right out of the box, one thing I need to talk about when talking about performance in this PS5 review is something readers of T3 can now utilize if they only read my Xbox series X and S reviews. And the storage space is that.

The PS5 is announced as an 825 GB SSD, which is rather huge on paper, however, it is less than the 1TB drive that Xbox Series X will be announced.

Merely like the XBX Series X does not have 1TB of usable capacity for games, applications, and media out of the box, the PS5 is just 800GB, thus it only has 667GB of usable space officially when it is switched on initially. Also, you can see the best gaming monitor to buy


One thing is design, but the feature set is what a system could raise to the next level – and the PS5 delivers here, fortunately. Also, you can see the best budget gaming monitors to buy

The PS5 innovated on the Sony consoles in the past, so it might take only a minute to get used to some of the new controls. For example, pushing and holding the PlayStation button on the controller doesn’t create a fast menu, but creates a new Control Center.

This works in much the same manner as the fast menu, allowing you to access several sub-menus, including your list of friends, progressing downloads, alerts, and Spotify if you have your account linked.

The PS5’s Cards are one of the most significant new features, with Activity Cards being the main feature. Cards have different roles, so you may follow the advance in the trophy, go into certain areas such as a challenge or multiplayer mode, check how far you are in a game, or just view developer news. In a very unique picture-in-frame mode you can even view your friend’s live broadcast.

Cards also exist when you examine more information about a game, which is now elegantly displayed on the home screen.

By touching the D-pad or clicking on the analog stick, you may view the cards at hand and avoid the need to enter the main menu or mode of any game for information. It should also be helpful to gamers with less skill because it can feature in-game tip videos in the titles supported to assist you to conquer particular problems.

Overall, we concluded that cards are an advantage, even though each one scrolls horizontally at times.

Also before they arrive there is a little delay that runs counter to the pace of the entire system. However, although they’re not required, they help give another layer of next-genre polish to PlayStation 5 that you won’t find elsewhere.

In addition, the reintroduction of groups and other social features, like SharePlay, from the PS4 may be expected and easy video sharing can be expected. You may go right in the game, or invite them to larger groups, your friends are playing from the menu. The sharing of the video on the PS5 does the same thing on the PS4, but in Cards, it is great to have a preview.

While talking about social characteristics, the PS5 also allows voice dictation for texting using the integrated DualSense controller mic when you are attempting to type out messages through a D-pad or analog stick.

While the accuracy of the dictatorship might vary in your miles, it can be useful to send a fast message over to a buddy. However, it was not as accurate as something like Google Assistant in our tests.

We also appreciate the fact that for certain features of PS5 you may pick system-wide settings such as the degree of your preference or whether you revert an axis of x or y to your controller during games. You can even choose the graphic style you want to choose games: performance or resolution.

Ports and Expansion

PlayStation 5 Ports and Expansion

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The PS5 has a pretty typical port range and certain contemporary conveniences are appreciated. A USB Type-A High-Speed port, as well as a USB Type-C SuperSpeed port, may be accessed directly on site. It is wonderful to see a USB-C connector console out of the box, in particular, to connect current accessories and storage devices.

On the back, two SuperSpeed USB-A connections, an Ethernet connector, an HDMI 2.1 port, and an AC adaptor will be presented. The PS5 has dipped the PS4 optical audio connector, which might be a disappointment for anyone using optical high-end audio equipment. Some firms, however – including Astro A20 headset – are already providing optical-to-HDMI splitters.

There’s a PCIe 4.0 M.2 extension port you may reach by unlocking the console if you wish to extend the built-in 825GB of SSD storage for the PS5. Note that some PS5-certified SSDs, such as the Western Digital SN850, are required to fulfill Sony’s criteria for bandwidth. Until some time after introduction, these drives are not supported. The PS5 may also be used on normal external hard discs for transferring or saving files over your digital PS4 games.

DualSense Controller

PlayStation 5 DualSEnse and Controller


The next Sony console may only be the next-generation PS5 DualSense controller. The haptic feedback of the gamepad, its adjustable triggers, and its built-in speakers work beautifully together to provide a degree of touchy immersion that I’ve just never experienced in a game.

The DualSense shines in particular in Astro’s Playroom, a free, preinstalled title that shows what a modern Sony controller can accomplish. This vivid 3D platform allows you to feel and hear the delicate influence of grains of sand on a storm or, to mention only a few instances, to enjoy a smooth glittering feeling when skating over the ice. From dragging a rope into a jetpack, everything produces an incredible amount of power feedback. This is the sort of stuff that you need to feel.


The PS5, featuring Disney Plus, YouTube, Prime Video, and Apple TV Plus, comes equipped with access to nearly any leisure app you require. In my test, all these applications performed the same way as my PS4 equivalent, which is not terrible.

Whether I was hot on Netflix at the Chappelle show or collecting wrestling info on YouTube, every app I tried promptly loaded and streamed reliably. Most significantly, streaming applications of the PS5, due to a convenient media tab, which is just pressed on the home screen, are easier to reach than ever before. This is a fantastic PS4 update that buried all of its streaming applications under a TV & Video menu with sluggish download.

Heat and Noise

The PS5 remained cool and silent during my time with this because of its enormous internal fan and big winds on the interior of the chassis. I hardly noticed any sounds from the console even though I was exploring Astro’s playroom for hours or webbing spider-man criminals. When I was running Star Wars Battlefront II, I could hear rare periods of sound and hear discs spinning rather loud when I put Blu-rays in the machine for the first time. However, compared to the sound of a jet engine from my PS4, the PS5 is heavenly silent when I download a game.

3D Audio Sound

PS5’s Tempest Engine allows 3D audio for compatible titles, thus you can hear sounds with a higher ranking than normal stereo. The new Sony Pulse 3D wireless headset is designed to function with most current headsets and headphones. The technology optimizes its new Pulse 3D wireless headset. We tried 3D audio on an Astro A20 headset so far, and while its effects were predominantly minor, they are promising.

The sound tricks of the PS5 in Astro’s playroom were the most obvious, as I could hear the rain pouring from above, and I could see the sound of a tornado whirling between my left and right ears as it shot my personality up. Also in Spider-Man, it was simple to find that automobiles, airplanes, and adversaries came from Miles Morales, but I hadn’t seen a big difference between whether the impact was on or off.

Like many of the features of PS5, developers will ultimately benefit from 3D audio technology on the platform. We are looking forward to trying more 3D audio games and getting our hands on the entire experience with the Pulse 3D headset.

Release Date and Price

On November 12th, 2020 the PS5 was published on Microsoft’s new Xbox series consoles, the Xbox X and Xbox series S, in North America, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and New Zealand. The console was released for the rest of the world on November 19 one week later.

For the basic version of the PS5 console with a 4K Blu-ray disc drive the pricing is $499.99 / $449.99 / AU$749.95. There is also the PS 5 Digital Edition, which is the only one that eliminates the disc drive if that’s more than you want to spend. The pricing is $399,99 / £359,99 / AU$599,95, saving the regular model by $100 / £90 / AU$150.

The PS5 is more expensive than the startup price for the PS4 and PS4 Pro, both of which started at $399.99 but they arrived now 7 years ago and 4 years ago respectively. The PS5 is still pricey, don’t get us wrong, but the price bump is justifiable.

However, you must also consider the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, which is the closest competition in Sony’s PlayStation 5. Sony has to be the console-builder with new hardware on a block. Price is 499 / 449 / 749 dollars and 269 / 249 / 449 / 999 dollars and 249 dollars.

  • Sony PlayStation 5


We hoped for big things from the PS5, and Sony’s next-generation platform provides the spotlight: the game. It creates a real sense of excitement with novel features and a fresh new appearance for the user interface as well.

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