The Best Gaming Monitors to Buy in 2023

The Best Gaming Monitors to Buy

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The best gaming monitor is an investment in your entire game setup in the future. A big screen will also span several years across several gaming PCs, so it is worth the expense you can afford like a new graphics card – you’ll earn the benefits. It is vital to note that the hardware type within your device will aid to direct you to the gaming monitor you are interested in.

You don’t need to scrape through while playing 4K when using GPUs like the Nvidia RTX3080 Ti or AMD’s RX 6000 series to churn out superb frames in any resolution. It can be taken by these cards. But if you want to save a dollar and a lot of time on the stock, 1440p for a play monitor is still a fair aim at 144Hz and offers outstanding performance at a reasonable price. We now also see great 4K 144Hz monitors on the market, excellent if your graphics card really works. Using technologies like G-Sync and FreeSync, your game experience may be seamless to prevent screen tearing. 

To emphasize the best resolutions and frame rates, a poor display might function as a bottleneck for your gaming feats, therefore we have even more detailed information for you if you are following the best high refresh rate monitor. Also, you can see the best budget gaming monitor

How to choose the right gaming monitor before buying in 2022?

PCs are the most innovative when it comes to gaming visuals, but it does not matter if you have a monitor which can keep up with everything your graphics card is powerful.

And don’t be illused, you need more than simply an affluent hard drive if you want to take things seriously. You need a decent screen – after all, this is what you will look at in your long games.

Of course, a fantastic gaming monitor must look beautiful, but especially the specs to give your adversary a jump: fast refresh, excellent image quality, and all the necessary snappy response times. These features and many more are presented in the following monitors.

Make sure you have a game monitor which is provided with ports, modes, and connectivity choices which you wish to employ optimally. It isn’t ideal to invest money on a high-quality gaming monitor just to see it has no certain input or auxiliary function.

Every game rig and every gamer is different, therefore for various individuals, too, the choice of the game screen is varied. Some screens are ultra-wide and/or curved for further immersion; others are unbelievable HDR so that all the details are not missing.

FHD, QHD, and Ultra HD 4K displays are available and gaming monitors are suitable for many types of game and budget sizes. 

The tech you have available is easy to take away, but it is vital that your monitor is tailored to your present system and any upgrades you want to make. There is no actual need to purchase a 4K monitor if you are already rocking something like an RTX 3060Ti. When upgrading your card later, you’ll be able to save the costs of these displays to blow your buck more if you wait. When you invest large cash on an RTX 3080, you have to give it a toilet to work out its marvels. Picasso wouldn’t be asked to make a Post-It note.

In all, first, determine your budget and intended usage and then reduce your range of alternatives based on the clutch or undesirable characteristics, when selecting an update.

The Best Gaming Monitors to Buy in 2022

  1. Samsung Odyssey G9
  2. Samsung Odyssey G7
  3. Alienware 25 AW2521HF
  4. Acer Predator X38
  5. Pixio PX277 Prime

1. Samsung Odyssey G9

Samsung Odyssey G9- Curved Monitor

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  • Right out of the package, the color is accurate
  • Maximum immersion is provided by a tight curve


  • There will be no motion blur reduction
  • There are no speakers

One of the most extreme monitors on our website is the 49-inch Samsung G9. It is a large 49 inches diagonal but also has a 1000R curve, which today is the most spectacular curve on a gaming screen. This panel fills your vision from a distance of 2-3 feet. It is as if there were two displays with 27-inch 1440p in one. You’re going to have to be about 4 feet wide and 17 cm deep to fit it, but you can enjoy a comprehensive gaming experience without distorting the picture. Looking for an ultra-smaller one? A good choice is the Acer Predator X38.  

When the Odyssey G9 was tested, the contrast was outstanding and as it came to the HDR tests, it rose to 58,881.7:1. This is an accurate DCI-P3 and SRGB color, a lightweight monitor.

We would expect a bit more at this price, however. The display has no bubble decreases; but generally, if you have a powerful enough graphics card, we choose Adaptive-Sync for motion bubble decrease and movement bubble. There are no speakers, or strange, a counter framerate. But certain compromises are worth making, with sound picture quality and a lot of speed for an extremely broad one. Also, you can see a full review of the Samsung Odyssey G9 – Best Gaming Monitor

2. Samsung Odyssey G7

Samsung Odyssey G7- Curved Monitor

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  • Size and shape ideal for gaming or work
  • Low input lag


  • No speakers

The 32-inch Samsung Odyssey G7 is in a class all its own. It’s one of Samsung’s 1000R screens, meaning it’s one of the curviest gaming monitors you can find on the market. If you’re a fan of the immersive feel of a curved monitor, the 32” Odyssey G7 will elevate this experience even higher. 

At 32 inches, the Odyssey G7’s amazing 1000R curve drew us in, whether we were playing games or doing work. With this curvature, we could view productivity apps without any image distortion, and when gaming our vision was filled with action. The 32-inch, 16:9 build offers ample height for productivity and, coupled with 1440p resolution, hits a sweet spot for gaming. 

In terms of image quality, the 32-inch Odyssey G7 proved accurate before we even calibrated it while boasting a 2,121:1 contrast ratio, according to our testing. 

In our response time benchmarking, this monitor kept up with similarly spaced screens, doing justice to the 240Hz category. If you’re looking for high-end speed, image quality, and form factor, this is it. Also, you can see a full review of the Samsung Odyssey G7 – Best Gaming Monitors

3. Alienware 25 AW2521HF

Alienware 25 AW2521HF

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  • Great viewing angles
  • Extremely fast response times


  • No HDR

It may have been a niche at one time but gaming at 240Hz is fast-growing, and Alienware has taken on the pile with the magnificent AW2521HF gaming monitor. While not the least expensive on the market, you want it on your desks in terms of aesthetics and performance.

Gamers in games such as Valorant & Destiny 2 with little or no fantasies and relics appreciate the lightning-fast time of Alienware 25. This IPS panel 1080p is also luminous and vibrant.

The 25 Alienware manages even the most disgusting glares whether you work or play in a light space. Furthermore, the AW252HF offers some outstanding viewing angles, no matter if you use this as a Second Monitor in portrait mode in the center of your desk or on the side. The absence of HDR support and the lack of contrast are our only true concerns, but it is still one of the best game monitors.

4. Acer Predator X38

Acer Predator X38

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  • Expansive resolution
  • Quality, responsive IPS panel
  • 175 Hz Refresh rates


  • Weak HDR

Acer listens and their Predator X38 is a huge 38-inch curved screen that is amazing. If the display philosophy is ‘go big or go home,’ It has a small 4K QHD super large panel with a resolution of 3840×1600. The IPS panel looks fantastic, with a 24:9 aspect ratio, and the size ensures that a lot of the game screen is available.

G-Sync technology with up to 175Hz variable refresh rates is featured on the panel. This is a big increase over curved gaming displays with a lower refresh rate. It is a large, courageous, and gorgeous display and another nice feature is the zero-frame bezel-less approach. This is one of the greatest widescreen game monitors out there if you are searching for something to change your mind.

It is larger than the already stated 16:9 27″ monitor, and about half as large again, but the greater resolution implies that the dot pitch is a little less than the smaller screens. And the surround effect of the XR382CQK is unbelievably intense for games that support ultra-wide resolutions correctly – the 38-inch display will fill your field of view…

5. Pixio PX277 Prime

Pixio PX277 Prime

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  • Affordable
  • 165 Hz refresh rate


  • Barebones feature set
  • Not the best contrast

In terms of gaming monitors, the Pixio PX277 Prime is bare-bones. The 27-inch 1440p panel offers 165Hz steady images and is FreeSync certified with a suitable graphics card for a tear-free gaming experience. The screen is anti glare promised and is kept in bright lights and the small bezel is always an added advantage of our book.

The biggest selling point of the PX277 Prime, though, is its low price point. A great entry-level option for those looking for a larger screen with a high refresh rate and don’t want to be left totally broke. 

Although construction quality isn’t as strong as a spectrum screen, it’s ideal for a budget player, who doesn’t care to miss a higher-end monitor’s clots and pins but wants to achieve excellent performance.


Are expensive monitors worth it?

Again, what satisfies your expectations is truly up to you. How you utilize your computer varies. You may appreciate utilizing a costly monitor to make the ideal gamers experience while you play games with realistic visuals. But you don’t need an expensive monitor if you use your computer to create websites.

Are gaming monitors really worth it?

When building and upgrading monitors may be a little under-recognized. The reality is if it is just 120hz or 144hz refresh rate monitors, you don’t truly have the full pleasure of your shiny new graphic card.

Can an RTX 3060 run 240Hz?

The Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti is the greatest option for budget gamers wanting to play 1080p and 240Hz e-sports games. The RTX 2060, introduced in a similar range of prices, has almost double Cudas cores. The RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3070 have the same 8GB GDDR6 memory with a maximum of 14 Gbps

What kind of monitor should I get for the PS5?

Unlike the Xbox Series X, the PS5 doesn’t support 1440p content, so it’s best to go for a 4k option unless you want a 1080p resolution with a higher refresh rate. Monitors generally have lower input lag than TVs. They have ergonomic stands, take up less space, and you can still use them for work.


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