Why does Wi fi keep Disconnecting on a Laptop? How to Fix It

Why does Wi fi keep Disconnecting on a Laptop? How to Fix It

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Your WiFi may unexpectedly disconnect when using your Windows PC.

This might be caused by a number of issues with Windows 10, including an outdated network adapter driver, obsolete router software, and optimized power management.

You’ve come to the correct spot if your WiFi keeps disconnecting and you’re seeking a solution. I’ll show you, How to fix disconnecting of wifi on laptop in this article.

Why does Wi fi keep Disconnecting on a Laptop? How to Fix It

It’s important to have an up-to-date driver so that all of your gear, including external hardware, works correctly. As a result, updating your WiFi adapter may stop your WiFi from disconnecting.

To upgrade your network adapter driver, perform the following steps:

1. Search for “device managers” in the Start menu. Select the search result for “Device Manager.”

Device Manager

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2. Select “Network Adapters” from the drop-down menu

3. Find your current adapter, right-click it, and choose “Update driver.”

Update driver

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4. Select “Search for drivers automatically.” Windows will now search the internet for and install an updated driver for you.

Search for drivers automatically

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Checking your Network Adapter Power Management Options Can Help You Stop Your WiFi From Disconnecting

Windows 10 has been designed to save battery life. Because an internet connection uses more power, your device may be set to disconnect automatically from time to time in order to preserve power.

Follow the steps below to see if your network adapter is set to disconnect:

1. Select “Device Manager” from the menu that appears when you right-click on Start

Device Manager

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2. Expand Network Adapters

3. Right-click on the adapter creating the difficulties and choose “Properties”


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4. Navigate to the “Power Management” tab. Uncheck the box next to “Allow the computer to switch off this device to save power.”

Power Management

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Updating Your Router Software Can Help You Stop WiFi Disconnects

Updating Your Router Software

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Every router is powered by software that allows it to function properly.

Different manufacturers have different user interfaces, which you may always access simply by putting your IP address into your browser’s address bar.

After you’ve successfully logged in, see whether your router needs an update and install it.


If you discover that your system is having similar problems in the future, return to this post and try some of the other remedies. If nothing else works, we recommend contacting Microsoft’s customer service staff or seeking out an IT professional for assistance with your PC’s health.


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