Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor (AW2521HFL) Review: A Real Gaming Monitor

Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor



It is evident that the AW2521HF is designed for people who prefer to play TWitch shooters, who need fast reflexes, and only for the greatest of all gaming machines. If you’re a developing Valorant pro or you’re able to watch your way into CS to Global Elite, this monitor should be a no-brainer with £350/$450 to drop. Does it plan to be used for non-competitive reasons like movies and single players? Take either the pick-up of a 1440p display for a dual monitor or the investment in a superior 144Hz panel. A wonderful display, but not an all-around monitor for any PC gamer, since it has a very particular audience. It is a big monitor.

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  • Response time is quick, and the refresh rate is high
  • The design is sleek and matte black
  • There are four USB 3.0 ports with easy cable management
  • The build quality is excellent.
  • Viewing angles are wide.
  • The 240Hz refresh rate is excellent.
  • Input latency of fewer than one milliseconds


  • Color performance is poor
  • At times, G-Sync Compatible adaptive sync produces speed characteristics
  • Black uniformity isn’t up to standard
  • There isn’t any HDR support
  • Uneven blacks and poor image quality
  • Only appropriate for competitive gaming

The AW2521HF of Dell Alienware is a fantastic overall monitor with excellent gameplay performance. It has the same features as its bigger brother, the Dell Alienware AW2720HF, but with a smaller 25-inch screen. It features a 1080p resolution, but because of its smaller screen, it has a greater pixel density and hence a clearer image. Its IPS panel provides wide viewing angles and excellent reflection management, and it can grow bright enough to reduce glare in bright environments. The performance of the darkroom, however, is somewhat deceptive, as the relationship is mediocre and the backlight blood is apparent. Thanks to the quick reaction time and 240Hz refresh rate, it also offers a reduced input latency and FreeSync support. It has excellent movement handling. The lower screen size might not be the greatest way to perform, but most game players should nonetheless rejoice in its high performance. Also, you can see The Best 120hz Gaming Monitor for PC

Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor (AW2521HFL) Review

  1. Specifications
  2. Design of Monitor
  3. Performance
  4. Features
  5. Image Quality of Monitor
  6. Gaming and Watching
  7. Quick and the Solid
Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor (AW2521HFL)


Screen size24.5 inches
PanelAU Optronics M250HAN01.7 AHVA LCD
Native resolution1920 x 1080
Typical maximum brightness400 cd/m²
Colour support16.7 million
Response time1ms
Refresh rate240Hz
Contrast ratio1,000:1
Viewing angle178º horizontal, 178º vertical
Power consumption24W
Typical RRP as reviewed$339.98 USD

Design of Monitor

If you are searching for a smooth setup that has a minimalist feel, the Alienware AW2521HF is excellent on that front, if you are searching for aesthetics. The product is covered in a matt and beautiful aluminum casing and also has a small bezel that is just 0.5 cm wide and 2 cm below. Everything is shown and the monitor settings may be accessed through buttons on the rear. Don’t worry if you need to reach behind them; placing your finger on the right-hand side, five buttons on the edge means you can reach them all. Also, you can see the Gaming monitor LG 27GN950-B 4K 144Hz – Full Review

The stand connects to the two-end base and inserts without any problems into the display. It’s surprisingly simple to assemble too. As long as you connect the wires, you may also thread them through the stand before placing them on your desk and make cable management extremely handy. It has five heights and glides easily between them, achieving considerably higher heights than any other monitors that I used to use before.

Overall, the design is high quality. It’s a beautiful building, but it doesn’t always imply it’s shining all around.


The Alienware AW2521HF features an incredibly short input range of just around ~2ms which ensures that your actions and the results on the screen cannot be observed or delayed. Also, you can see the best gaming to buy

Now, if the ‘Extreme’ mode, 2ms with ‘Super Fast’ and 4ms with ‘Fast’ is set to 1ms, the specified reaction speed is 1ms. Too aggressive are Super Fast and Extreme mode; they push too far the pixel answer time, which leads to inverted pixel overflow.

Dell has had to invent such powerful and unrealistic overdrive settings, as do other monitor makers, to promote “1ms GtG” specifications.

Nevertheless, overdrive mode Fast response time functions very well. Although you don’t obtain the stated speed of 1ms, with the monitor’s 240Hz refresh rate almost all pixels may change time. In some situations, the refresh rate of dark pixels may not fully turn brighter in time, resulting in noticeable ghosting behind rapidly moving objects where dark pixels predominate. Fortunately, when gambling this is not evident unless you truly want it through different testing. You will not be concerned by it in practical use. IPS glow, which is a predicted downside of this table technology, is another item to be taken into account concerning IPS displays.

The amount of visible IPS glows varies across different monitor units, although it is very tolerable in all saves in the most extreme situations. Finally, the Dell AW2521HF’s backlight is non-flicker, ensuring your eyes a safe viewing experience, together with its incorporated low-blue light filter.


Let the ports begin. The image is provided by three USB pictures and is supported by two HDMIs, and one DisplayPort with a fourth with a powerful charge and a USB upstream connection for all. You also have a conventional VESA mount if you want to forget this bad boy at the wall. Finally, the normal audio line-out and the headphone jack are present.  Also, you can see that – Why Did The PlayStation 5 Fail To WOW Gamers?

As the view angles are bright as this is an IPS pane and not a TN. Because IPS generally has less response time than a TN monitor, a major amount of the cost tag comes from this; increased image quality while retaining a GtG reaction time of 1ms rather than sacrificing one or the other. This may be done only by increasing the response time in the “Fast” to “Overdrive” settings, which occasionally may lead to reverse fantasy. This is common with displays that commercialize 1ms reaction times, and that is no different for the Alienware AW2521HF. The overdrive option is frequently not worth utilizing, as the change in 1ms to 2ms is insignificant.

As you would expect from a high-end display fighting for the top screen in 2020, both G-Sync and FreeSync Premium support for Nvidia, which will couple up the rate of a refresh with your frames per second. The screen refresher is not just supported. In this way, ripping and stuttering are eliminated.

However, two functions are lacking in this monitor, the first being Motion Blur Reduction. Motion blur is a popular feature in games which a large number of players want to disable, but this time you can’t activate it on the display if the game itself doesn’t allow that option. No HDR support is also available, but it is less of a problem if you only use this monitor for gambling and not for movies or TV.

Image Quality of Monitor

The Dell AW2521HF Monitor provides the basic and most common SRGB color space with 99% SRGB gamut with an accurate, consistent and vibrant color based on an IPS screen. Thanks to the 178° broad viewing angles of the IPS panel technology, the colors stay perfect regardless of the angle you gaze on the screen.

Other standards for panels include robust peak brightness of 400 nits and a static 1,000:1 contrast ratio. Even in well-lit environments, the monitor may grow quite bright, and it’ll be as bright as possible.

The usual IPS-monitor static contrast ratio of ~1,000:1 implies you’re not going to get as deep black as the VA panel-monitors, but those displays have their own problems including slower reaction time. The Dell AW2521HF does not support HDR unlike some of the other 240Hz IPS versions.

However, you would not lose any significant item as you require a larger color spectrum and a lot better contrast ratio and brightness in terms of remarkable HDR image quality. In addition, the Dell AW2521HF has a 1920 to1080 pixel display resolution, leading to a reasonable pixel density on the screen that can be seen 24.5′′. You get 90 pixels per inch, which provides a lot of screen area and crisp details. Its 1080p is also not particularly difficult, which makes it easier to get greater frame rates for better performance.

Gaming and Watching

The graphic benchmark for the Final Fantasy XV in the Windows Edition looks extremely great with natural colors and a blue sky. on the Alienware 25. However, colors may be a little more brilliant, and while the image is very bright, sometimes a little bizarre appears in tiny details in shadows and dark things. The movement is pleasant and fluid and without obvious artifacts.

The 240Hz refreshing rate of the Alienware 25 also typically allows for seamless activity on the spot, although at times it rejuvenates its image. The monitor revealed minor vertical synchronization problems when playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as the game pushed frame rates of 300fps+. I occasionally experienced choppiness and screen tearing, even with the frame rate limited at 240fps. These were not enormous objects that were screen-warping, but they could be seen. This may be because the “G-Sync Compatible” features of Alienware 25 are not G-Sync, which explains why their performance in adaptive sync is not that excellent. In comparison, the Alienware 34 employs G-Sync and is not almost as noticeable on the 25, but it also has some mild choppiness. When testing the display, I saw no ghosting artifacts.

In our 4K Costa Rican test film, the limited color space coverage of the Alienware 25 is achieved. The greens of plants and frogs look natural and quite good but might have been a little more vibrant. The details are clear and action smooth, but the color, as you might with a good HDR processing or a larger color range, is not as rich or vivid.

Quick and the Solid

The Alienware 25 monitor has a 240Hz refresh rate and a 1ms input delay. The color performance, on the other hand, isn’t great, and it could have benefited from the native Nvidia G-Sync. With a 1440p picture and a far wider color palette, the ViewSonic Elite XGQ70QG is a good contender for a 120Hz refresh rate and 2ms input latency. The editor’s pick winner in this size and resolution is the 1080p Asus ROG Swift PG259QN, which has a 360Hz refresh rate and greater overall color and contrast.

You won’t find a finer visual supplement out there than this panel if you’re all-in on Alienware equipment and coordinated bling, and want to sync your battle station with an Aurora desktop or Area-51 laptop.

  • Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor


Dell Alienware’s AW2521HF is a superb overall monitor with excellent gaming performance. It shares many of the same features as its bigger brother, the Dell Alienware AW2720HF, but with a smaller 25-inch display. Although it has a 1080p resolution, it boasts a higher pixel density and thus a sharper image due to its smaller screen.

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