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Samsung is not a newbie to the gaming monitor market, but the latest firm claims the title of “the global first.” We saw previous 240 Hz monitors, but the first one with a curved panel is the CRG5. Combine the compatibility with G-Sync certified by Nvidia, a 27-inch VA screen, and a budget-aware $399 price point and make a nice game monitor.

Finding the best 24Hz game monitor for your house might be a problem, but it’ll provide a competitive advantage and a fast refreshing rate whilst displaying you the best visuals Samsung offers. Samsung Curved Gaming Monitor is a good pick. Does your wishlist have to be CRG5?  Let’s discuss this in depth. Also, you can see the difference of Samsung Odyssey G7 vs Samsung Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor

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Here we list out the points that we are going to discuss in Samsung CRG5 Review:

  • Design and Features 
  • Performance 
  • OSD Features
  • Setup and Calibration
  • Specifications
  • Pros and cons
  • Verdict
Samsung CRG5 Curved Gaming Monitor

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Why choose Samsung CRG5 Curved Gaming Monitor?

Here we try to explain by points for choosing the Samsung CRG5 Curved Monitor for gaming:

Viewing angle: The 27" curved Samsung Monitor has a viewing angle of 178 degrees, horizontally and vertically. It boasts a 3000:1 contrast ratio which makes even the gloomy pictures clear. This is a 16:9 aspect ratio. You may be interested in Acer predator xb272 if you want to locate a monitor with the same screen size. The LED panel is the most dependable kind that may not offer the best angles of vision but in the long term. Also, you can see the full review of Best Samsung 4k Curved Monitors in 2021.

Durability: The best method to extend the life of this device is to protect it from any type of physical violence, much like other high-performance game displays. As it is a Samsung gadget, a local repair shop that is certified by Samsung may be found if there are any problems.

Ports: You can connect a few HDMI devices and save time by unplugging any cords regularly. A unique DisplayPort, a single port, and a headphone jack are available.

Value: Although this monitor might be a little more expensive than other display devices, this Samsung monitor has enough time to provide you with an edge compared to other players. The minimal movement blur provides sharpness, unlike playing the newest game or watching a movie, with no delay. You will experience this monitor immersivity. Also, you can see the best laptops for work and gaming in 2021

Feature-rich games monitor and budget-friendliness don't usually go together. So I pay notice when a display such as the CRG5 appears below the $400 threshold. However, this more cheap price point generally comes with trade-offs. In the case of this monitor, the simplest design ensures that fantastic, yet still appealing, RGB illumination is avoided. Also, you can see the full review of Samsung Smart M7 Series Monitor

It's fast and easy to get and run. The configuration takes a little mounting but it's painless as a single thumb tube snaps the arm and attaches the feet to the display. The stand itself provides a little amount of cable control but is rather restricted overall. No adjustability in height or pivot and only 20 degrees tilting is available. Limited adjustment is normal for monitors in this price line but it may quickly lead to an inconvenient viewing experience by locking it in one height. You may have to look at an aftermarket mount if you require more than just a tilt. Fortunately, owing to the VESA 75x75 compatibility, there are several easy-to-find choices.

The monitor's I/O panel is likewise located around the rear. Two HDMI 2.0 inputs and one DisplayPort 1.2 are supported by CRG5. There is also a headphone jacket that is wonderful to see because no speakers are built-in.

Thanks to small bezels on top and faces, the 27-inch display is large and feels especially like this. The CRG5 minimizes the 'black bar' effect, where the displays meet, for a better gaming experience, in the form of a multi-monitor configuration.

The CRG5 has a considerably more prominent contour in comparison to other curved monitors which also makes a screen space bigger. There is a somewhat round effect I found to be more engaging in games as my range of view was more extensive. The drawback to such a deep curve is that surfing and productivity might be a bit distrusting because text and graphics seemed to me to be somewhat distorted. The same thing I have observed with the 1500R curve of the Gigabyte CV27F is a fairly frequent feature of curved displays.

The 1080p VA panel is used well by the CRG5. The Acer Nitro XF252Q is similarly available in the 240Hz Acer, with richer colors and darker blacks than TN-based displays and better view angles. The 3000:1 contrast ratio is particularly outstanding, which is good for games that take up shadows and gloomy scenes. Compared with the multitude of TN-game monitors available on the market, the compromise for this enhanced picture is a slower greyscale reaction time of 4ms, which makes it more ghosting sensitive.

The CRG5 will be particularly beneficial for players with Nvidia graphics cards. One of the few officially certified "G-Sync compatible" by Nvidia. Although most FreeSync monitors are also working with G-Sync, formal certification shows Nvidia has tested and made sure it works 100%.

But not everything is sunshine and flowers. It wasn't very excellent out-of-the-box calibration. Default luminosity was too high for the indigenous contrast that had a little washed display appearance until I calibrated it. In fact, this doesn't seem like a huge problem, but the CRG5 is a remarkable drop down from a monitor that's up to 100 nits brighter. There's no high dynamic range or broad color support for gamut, thus it's just SDR solidly. Also, you can see the best gaming monitors for XBox Series X

I put the display through the LCD test pages of Lagom for my personal testing. It did wonderfully on the tests for black and white saturation, and in extremely light or very dark settings I could identify every pattern and square. Gamma has been a little off and has entered 2.3 vs 2.4.

The monitor was particularly eager to know how the response time and ghosting tests were conducted. I saw a small color shift in all except the lowest three squares, according to its 4ms reaction time. It implies that many of the quicker TN, VA and even IPS panels I've examined are likely to be shifted from grey to grey. I also saw some ghosting in the Ghosting Test on the bright and dark patterned blocks. Aggressive usage of the overdrive option of the display introduced objects, so I left them to be set in the medium.

I didn't see any ghosting as I passed through his paces in real games. In reality, I discovered the displayed snapshot and responded with the very rapid, 240Hz cooling rate despite the 4ms reaction time. Also, you can see the best and cheap monitors in 2021

The OSD is the familiar dashboard for Samsung that shows black equalization, overdrive-Level, refresh rate, eye-saver mode, and low input-lag option. The current image mode may be seen below. There are 7 settings for distinct game genres, one of which uses a dynamic contrast. The default option for calibrating, testing, and gaming is custom, which we utilized. It is rather accurate from the box, however you must appropriately adjust the black HDMI level.

The frame counter and a range of target points are characteristics of the games. To get hard-to-sight shadow details, you can use G-Sync Compatibility Assistance and modify the black equalizer.

The picture menu repeats options for image mode and includes complete calibration settings. Five color temp pre definitions and RGB slider custom mode are available. The picture settings are completed by three selectable gamma curves. We utilized them in the sRGB gamut with strong contrast and an extremely detailed image to obtain outstanding color accuracy. It's crucial to verify the HDMI Black Level option, as it's wrong for PC signals by default. We will discuss this later in greater detail, but to prevent the highlight and shadow details, we recommend shifting from low to normal.

There are other features in the system menu, including the headphone jack volume control, power savings, and off-time device, and automated signal source identification. If all are reset to default factories, this option is also available. Also, you can also see the best monitors in under 15000 in India

When a PC signal is supplied over the DisplayPort interface the 27-inch CRG5 is exact from the box. HDMI becomes a bit more difficult because of the default setting of its black and white thresholds. First of all, we made changes from Low to Normal to the black HDMI level. This made the whole range of signals from 0-256 instead of 16-235. If you attach a game console, you may require a low level, although normally is the best choice for computers. The normal color temp is about 6500 K, but we have been able to monitor much better grayscales with a few modifications in custom mode. Gamma ran a little light till we adjusted the 1 to 3 sets. The full contrast potential of the VA panel was subsequently achieved. Also, you can see the best samsung 4k monitors in 2021

  • Panel Type / Backlight:VA / W-LED, edge array
  • Screen Size / Aspect Ratio: 27 inches / 16:9
  • Curve radius: 1500mm
  • Max Resolution & Refresh Rate: 1920 x 1080 @ 240Hz, Pixel density: 81ppi, G-Sync Compatible
  • Native Color Depth: 8-bit
  • Response Time: 4ms
  • Brightness: 300 nits
  • Contrast: 3.000:1
  • Speakers: 2x 3w
  • Video Inputs: 1x DisplayPort 1.2 2x HDMI 2.0
  • Audio: 3.5mm headphone output
  • Power Consumptio: 39w, brightness @ 200 nits
  • Panel Dimensions: 617 x 472 x 251mm
  • Panel Thickness: 61mm
  • Bezel WidthTop: 8mm
  • Bottom: 19mm
  • Weight: 4.6kg
  • 240hz refresh rate is above average
  • Input latency is no longer an issue
  • 240Hz VA panel with good contrast and color accuracy
  • Outstanding gaming performance
  • There are no USB ports or speakers
  • The footprint of the stand is rather large
  • It's not 4K
  • During the games, some consumers noticed “ghosting”
A good connection between performance and cost is made with the Samsung CRG5. It provides an exceptionally smooth and tear-free gameplay experience due to its refresh rate and G-Sync while overpowering the TN competitive rivalry with its VA panel. At $399, greater peak brightness, HDRs, and an adjustable stand are all left on the cutting room to provide the experience at this price.
Is Samsung's CRG5 a good monitor to buy?
Yes, the Samsung CRG5 walks a tightrope between performance and price. Thanks to its refresh rate and G-Sync, it provides a superb gaming experience that is exceptionally smooth and tear-free, and its VA panel outperforms the TN competitors.

Is the Samsung CRG5 compatible with FreeSync?
The CRG5 is a G-Sync compatible monitor, according to Samsung. That implies that FreeSync is the key adaptive sync technology, yet there's no mention of it in the marketing or on the box. By connecting it to our AMD Radeon R9 285-equipped PC, we were able to test its FreeSync functionality first.

Curved or flat monitor: which is better for gaming?
Curved displays use all three dimensions to their advantage. They also broaden the scope of peripheral vision. Flat displays, on the other hand, provide a less immersive experience since they don't need the use of peripheral vision.

Is there a speaker on the Samsung CRG5?
No, there are no built-in speakers.

BestBuy Review

Really great monitor, works perfectly and I am able to play games with no issues. I even bought an open box product for a discount and its in great condition. The only thing I don’t like about it is that you have to change the brightness/settings with the power button, you tilt the button up, down, left and right to control the menu. Its a little weird, but not really an issue.

Amazon Review

I love this monitor. The product itself looks amazing. My gaming setup really excites me. The picture on this monitor is incredible. I have not had a chance to play any games on it yet so I am unable to talk about whether the 240mhz makes a difference.

My only issue with this product is that the DirectPort cable that arrived with it did not work. I had to connect my HDMI cable to see the screen. After researching the cable, I was forced to buy a VESA certified DP cord and it worked. Until I turned it off and added some stuff to my computer. Now I am using my HDMI cord again. I expect better from this price point.

BestBuy Review

I’ve had this monitor for a little more than a week and it has been working just as expected. Samsung is known for being a competitor in electronics and this monitor is up there. It has two HDMI ports which in my opinion is perfect because this is a dedicated gaming monitor. I hooked up my Xbox and Switch to it until I finish my gaming rig up. The screen is really clear and keeps up with COD and other shooter games as expected. I was not familiar with the controls of the monitor at first since it is my first Samsung but it is easy to figure out after playing with it. The screen does have a tilt on it, up and down. The screen size is perfect for shooters as you don’t have to tilt your head as you would with a larger screen and the pixels and refresh rate make it easy to find snipers.

Amazon Review

Purchased in March, started messing up in June. It never stopped working but the screen would regularly black out and when it didn’t half of it was covered in red static. Solid when it worked properly but it didn’t last.

Amazon Review

nothing like i thought it would be brightness setting don’t work contrast does nothing worthless monitor sending back and going to best buy asap

BestBuy Review

Love it! It’s perfect for video editing, gaming, anything you may need it for. I would get one more, so I can have dual monitors when I edit, Love the monitor.

Amazon Review

amazing work by samsung, the lcd is 10/10, faster and smooth,love the color and style of it
the price very comport,the lcd not a lot weight,
i like the blue led light on center, samsung products never disappoint
!! AAA+++ good product

Amazon Review

Great photo quality, as well as having many settings and preset modes for many games. And something I really appreciated was 2 hdmi slots since it really helped out with the fact that I do use a pc and a ps4. Originally I had a 27 inch monitor and I saw this one on sale got it thinking it was a 27 inch. But even though I had gotten the wrong size, it didn’t matter because I really liked the new size of 24. And one thing to really appreciate is the fact it only take like 3 minutes to put together.

Amazon Review

The monitor looked great but after a month the logic board started to go half of the screen has gone out when you plug in the DV port and it will not read any signals from the other two HDMI inputs. I will try and get a replacement hopefully it was a one-off and not the norm.

BestBuy Review

2 days after purchase the screen isn’t working, just flashes white,red, blue non stop!!

BestBuy Review

Stopped working after 3rd week of use. Only used it maybe 10 times total. Screen started flashing different colors and when reset, half the screen was a different color/fuzzy and didn’t work. Will be returning.

BestBuy Review

Only a month in to having the monitor I’ve updated my drivers my gpu everything tried different hdmi cords it has to be the monitor screen has like green and purple on one half of it.

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