10 Chrome Extensions you should Install on your First Day of Work

10 Chrome Extensions you should Install on your First Day of Work

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Your web browser may be your best friend or worst enemy when it comes to getting things done. It usually succeeds in being both at the same time.

The same gateway that provides you with fast access to a world of research, expert views, Google Docs, and email also provides continual temptations on Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and, well, email.

But, for better or worse, it’s a tool that most of us can’t imagine not having. The appropriate Chrome Extensions can help you avoid the most distracting aspects of the internet while still reaping all of its benefits. Also, you can see the – 20 Gmail Tricks and Tips to Improve your Productivity in 2022

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In the Chrome store, there are literally hundreds of extensions, ranging from the ridiculous to the quite useful. We’ve compiled a more manageable list of only ten Chrome extensions that we believe are crucial for everyone who wants to stay productive internet.

As a bonus, all of these extensions are free to use, while several of them have a paid Premium version with more capabilities.

1. Adblock


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Without an adblocker, no list of important Chrome extensions for productivity would be complete, and Adblock is one of the best. Essentially, the plugin prevents you from being bombarded with spammy adverts attempting to sell you everything under the sun, and it also prevents those pairs of boots you saw last week from following you around the internet for months.

This is another Chrome extension that operates in the background; all you have to do is install it once and let it block adverts across Chrome, including on YouTube and Facebook.

2. Grammarly


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Have you ever tweeted using the incorrect “they’re/there/their”? Or spelled a word incorrectly in a blog post? With all of the writing you do on the internet in a single day, you’re sure to make some embarrassing blunders. That is why Grammarly is required.

The Grammarly extension will not only check for common grammatical and spelling errors, but it will also provide recommendations for style, tone, and word choice to make all of your writing in Chrome “bold, clear, and mistake-free.”

In a word, the Grammarly extension serves as a continuous writing companion to help you become a better communicator. It’s a favorite of both native and non-native English speakers on the Doist team!

3. Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket

Credit: chrome.google.com

Its authors see it as a reading list where you may keep track of all the articles you wish to read on the internet. You can archive or delete an article once you’ve finished it. Because it is well-known and frequently used, you can be confident that the Pocket app is secure. It’s accessible for iOS, Android, Mac, and other platforms, as well as an online interface that works with Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers.

Bookmarks, on the other hand, remain in your browser forever. These are the URLs you find yourself returning to on a frequent basis without intending to do so. 

Tag and arrange articles to keep your read-it-later supply neat while using Pocket as a bookmarking system. You may also access posts that have been removed from the web using “read-it-later.”

4. Momentum


Credit: Momentum Dash

The internet may be a hectic, overstimulating place. The Momentum Chrome extension, on the other hand, ensures that every time you open a new tab, you’ll have a small moment of zen.

Instead of the standard, uninspired Chrome applications screen, you’ll get a lovely nature shot in the middle, the current weather in the upper right, and an uplifting statement at the bottom. The best part is that you may fill in your major goal for the day so that you are reminded every time you open a new tab. That’s that for the cost of nothing.

More options, such as different time zones and connectors to auto-populate your “Main Focus” from your task manager of choice – including Todoist, of course – are available in the Premium edition.

5. Clockify


Credit: Clockify

Clockify is a time-tracking tool that, with a simple click at the start of the day, allows you to properly track your activities across applications and the web. To make things even easier, the addon makes the procedure much simpler. 

There’s no need to launch the Clockify app or visit the website; simply start the timer in the extensions bar and get to work. Aside from tracking time Clockify also provides Organiz time entries, Analyzes your day, Inputs descriptions, Exports the results in PDF, and Sorts time entries by tasks.

Clockify’s basic plan is completely free for an unlimited number of users, but you can upgrade to advanced plans for a reasonably minimal monthly fee to gain access to additional features.

6. Google Keep

Google Keep

Credit: Online Tech Tips

Google Keep is a fantastic Chrome extension for keeping all of your information in one place. Its primary purpose is to assist you in taking notes and creating to-do lists, but you can also store photos and pages to which you can subsequently add comments. You may also take notes by recording voice memos, which can then be transcribed.

If you frequently retain a big number of notes and switch between activities frequently, Google Keep’s color-coding scheme will come in handy – discover what you need at any moment. Furthermore, if you have the app loaded, all of your data may be synced between devices. 

You may use the plugin to create location-based reminders for your notes and to-do lists. If you need to perform some on-location research for a travel app, just generate a list of all the facts you need to remember and set a location-based reminder so that Google Keep brings up your list as soon as it shows up.

7. LastPass


Credit: Google Chrome

Stop what you’re doing and download this extension right now if you’re still writing your passwords down on paper or attempting to remember them in your brain.

LastPass is a great password manager that remembers your login credentials and syncs them across all of your devices. You’ll be able to manage all of your passwords from a single “password vault,” develop strong passwords to replace weak ones, make rapid purchases by adding credit card and shopping accounts, and more with just one master password. The Chrome extension then automatically logs you into sites where you’ve previously saved passwords.

I can’t stress how much time and effort this Chrome addon will save you. LastPass is the password manager we use at Doist, and it’s a must-have for browsing the web safely and effectively in 2019.

8. Nimbus


Credit: Google Chrome 

Nimbus is the ideal answer for anyone who spends a lot of time on the internet, studying, and acquiring data. You may use this software to take screenshots and screencasts, as well as video and webcam recordings. Despite the fact that most operating systems provide a screenshot tool, Nimbus is built to suit all of your demands. It allows you to crop and trim, annotate and edit, Convert movies to MP4 or GIF format, share the results on the internet, and change the resolution and refresh rate of your videos.

Apart from its editing capabilities, Nimbus also interacts with a number of popular programs, including Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube Premium, and Google Classroom, allowing you to submit and share your work instantaneously.

Because Nimbus has so many capabilities, you may enter the settings and add keyboard shortcuts to speed up the process – they’re especially useful in the screencast editing process.

9. BlockSite


Credit: Block Site

BlockSite does exactly what its name implies: it bans all distracting and inconvenient websites. You may tailor your lists to include all of the time-consuming websites as well as those of your personal favorites that you don’t want to be accessible during your work shift.

Many customers choose BlockSite because of its “scheduling” feature, which allows you to establish specified time periods for when you want certain websites to be banned. You may use this function to schedule your breaks during the day, when you’ll be allowed to browse websites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, for example.

BlockSite, like Clockify, uses the Pomodoro method timer to help you manage your calendar – plan out your day, divide it into time blocks, and take proper breaks so you don’t get too wrapped up in your work.

10. Diigo


Credit: Diigo

If you like the sound of AirStory but want more research features, the Diigo Web Collector is the way to go. You can bookmark, archive, screenshot, and markup anything on the web with this 5-star addon.

You may save URLs to return to later, add highlights and “stickies” to webpages that will be stored forever, capture and annotate screenshots, form groups to discuss material, and even publish your annotated webpages on Facebook and Twitter using Diigo. You may also utilize their “Outliner” function to organize your clipped items into outlines with drag-and-droppable bullet points, allowing you to reorganize your study as needed.

It’s a feature-rich application that might be intimidating at first, but if your profession demands a lot of internet research and writing, it’s worth looking into.


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