Compare Samsung Odyssey G7 vs Samsung Odyssey G9

Compare Samsung odyssey g7 vs Samsung odyssey g9

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The new, curved QHD gaming monitors, which debuted at CEN 2020, were opened by Samsung. The first is the Samsung Odyssey G7, available in two sizes, 27 and 32 inches, priced respectively at $699.99 and $799.99. The big and wider Samsung G9 49-inch odyssey then priced $1,699.99 in 32:9 aspect ratio.

A 1440p QLED 1000R curved VA panel with a 240Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and compatibility for FreeSync 2 and G-Sync variable refresh rate technology is included in each model. Their gameplay should be very smooth and so both Samsung Odyssey G7 and Samsung Odyssey G9 monitors are the best gaming monitor if your graphics card gives rise to frame rates.

Aside from the size, there are many differences. The Samsung Odyssey G9 display has a resolution of 5120 x 1440, whereas the Samsung Odyssey G7 has 2560 x 1440. The more costly version of Odyssey G9 has a rating of HDR1000 that is higher than that of the Odyssey G7 HDR600.

The Samsung Odyssey 9, however, features gloss white plastic to the backs, whereas the Samsung Odyssey G7 is made of dark black plastic to the back with tiny, black triangle vents to the front. The Odyssey G7 is comparable in terms of aesthetics. Both of them have the ultimate design of the reactor core just like the Iron Man-Esque reactor, where the stand meets the monitor. Let’s see the Compare Samsung Odyssey G7 vs Samsung Odyssey G9

Compare Samsung Odyssey G7 vs Samsung Odyssey G9

  1. Specifications: Samsung Odyssey G7 vs Samsung Odyssey G9
  2. 240Hz Refresh Rate and 1ms Response Time
  3. 1000R Curved Screen
  4. Dual-QHD Resolution
  5. G-Sync and FreeSync 2 Compatible
  6. Jaw-Dropping Visuals from QLED
  7. Futuristic Design
  8. Questions and Answers
Samsung Odyssey G7

Samsung Odyssey G9

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Specifications: Samsung Odyssey G7 vs Samsung Odyssey G9

Samsung Odyssey G7Samsung Odyssey G9
Resolution X25265120
Resolution Y14401440
Dimensions7.37 x 27.96 x 17.29 inches16.39 x 45.18 x 21.15 inches
Refresh Rate120240
Display TypeQLEDQLED
Voltage 100240 Volts100240 Volts
Response Time11
Static Contrast25002500
Viewing Angle178178
Headphone OutYesYes
Display PortYesYes
Vesa MountableYesYes

240Hz Refresh Rate and 1ms Response Time:

One of the foremost important features when purchasing a gaming monitor is experiencing a high refresh rate. The industry-standard 60Hz is usually fine for gamers who prioritizes visual quality especially, except for competitive gaming, you wish a minimum of 120Hz. But if you actually want to urge that competitive edge, stepping up to 240Hz means seeing practically no motion blur; every fast movement is crisp and sharp.

At the identical time, having that 1ms reaction time means matching your fast reactions. you certainly don’t want the delay hampering your skills as a player.

1000R Curved Screen:

samsung odyssey g7 gaming monitor
samsung odyssey g7 gaming monitor

 Thanks to the 1000R curvature, the Odyssey Series is maybe the curviest gaming monitor out there, matching the best curvature for the human eye. For a screen that stretches up to 49″ diagonal, the curvature permits you to see more and every single corner of the screen while not having to regulate your head position. While it’s an excellent advantage to own when it involves visual quality, it also immerses you more with the sheer size of the screen.

Samsung Odyssey G7 Gaming Monitor review

Dual-QHD Resolution:

Speaking of size, the Odyssey G7 boasts QHD resolution for impressive visual quality. But, literally stretching the experience is the dual-QHD of the Odyssey G9. With a good 5120×1440 resolution, you’ll be able to open multiple apps in their maximized window and never must switch main windows.

You literally can have your game within the middle of a part of the screen, browsing on the opposite side, and streaming on the opposite.

G-Sync and FreeSync 2 Compatible:

samsung odyssey g9 gaming monitor
samsung odyssey g9 gaming monitor

The other smart factor concerning the Samsung Odyssey Series is that it’s the one doing the adjusting to complement your gameplay. whether or not you’re victimizing an Nvidia or AMD GPU, Samsung’s diversion monitors support each G-Sync and FreeSync a pair of for a screen tear-free expertise.

Samsung Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor review

Jaw-Dropping Visuals from QLED:

Exactly — Samsung brings its QLED TV panels to monitors for a jaw-dropping visual quality. Compared to a typical LCD, QLED delivers inkier black levels, colorful RGB range, high peak brightness that reaches up to 1000 nits, wide viewing angles, and a large color gamut through HDR support. All that without the danger of burn-in which is common from OLED. Also, you can see the Comparison of Samsung Odyssey G7 vs Samsung Odyssey G9 in Brief

Futuristic Design:

Capping off the entire gaming experience is the futuristic design of the Odyssey Series. Some might say that the planning takes inspiration from spaceships and that we wouldn’t argue.

Featuring Infinity Core Lighting, you’ll be able to manipulate 52 colors and five modes to enhance your gaming style. Also, you’ll adjust the peak and viewing angle of the screen in any direction for the foremost optimal position.

Samsung Odyssey Series comes in three models, with pre-orders ranging from November 21 until December 21, 2020, via the Samsung E-store.

  • G7 27″ – Php33,699
  • G7 32″ – Php 37,299
  • G9 49″ – Php74,799

Questions and Answers:

What is the difference between the Samsung Odyssey G5 and G7?
The Odyssey G7 LC32G75T from Samsung is a significant upgrade over the Odyssey G5. In comparison to the G6, the G7 has a higher contrast ratio, refresh rate, and reaction time. A larger SDR and HDR color spectrum, as well as improved brightness, are also included. The G5, on the other hand, comes with built-in speakers and is considerably cheaper.

How big is Odyssey G9?
The Samsung Odyssey G9 is a beautiful, eye-catching display that is appealing not only because of its size and 1000R curve, but also because of its excellent, unified design. The left and right sides of the display are closer to the front of my desk than the back. To put it another way, the Odyssey G9 is too large for my workstation.

Is Samsung Odyssey G7 too curved?
Both monitors have a variety of features and distinctiveness that may influence your purchase choice; but, the Samsung G7 is likely to carve out its own niche. It’s one of the few curved gaming displays with 1000R, and the Odyssey series is an excellent choice if you’re searching for one.

Samsung G9 VA or IPS?
This is a 49-inch 5120 x 1440 VA monitor with a 32:9 aspect ratio, which is the same as two 27-inch 2560 x 1440 screens side by side. The display is massive, reaching over 1 meter wide, so make sure you have plenty of room on your desk for it.


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