Best Adjustable Monitor Stands for Desk in 2022

Adjustable Monitor Stands
Best Adjustable Monitor Stand for Desk in 2021

When you spend hours working at home every day, it is vital to be in the proper position, and using the best monitor stand is crucial. These inexpensive mini-tables, which are also referred to as the monitor risers, are comparable to the laptop stands, sitting on the desk and raising your screen by several inches to the eyeliner’s top edge. This allows you to sit up and ideally leads to a smoother back and reduced likelihood of back discomfort from sitting. Also, you can see the best cooling pad

If your monitor stand lacks adjustability in height, it is a highly practical ergonomic benefit. By removing your present monitor stand with a more adjustable monitor arm, you may solve this problem, but that is more challenging than just lifting your display on a monitor stand.

Furthermore, a monitor stand allows you to recover a little additional workspace beneath it – helpful while not working, to slide your keyboard and mouse or just tweet a notepad, snacks, or other important workpieces. Some even have little built-in drawers and pots for extra oddment storage, while others have clever charging USB ports. Also, you can see the full review of the Gigabyte Aorus Fv43u Gaming Monitor

Go for a standing desk monitor riser for the ultimate in monitor stands. Not only will they elevate your monitor, but also your mouse and keyboard to turn your desktop into a conventional desk. This provides the most ergonomic position imaginable. Let’s check the list of best adjustable monitor stands for desks in 2022.

Adjustable Monitor Stands

  1. Vivo Dual Desk Stand
  2. Uncaged Ergonomics WorkEZ
  3. Klearlook Foldable Adjustable Monitor Stand for Desk
  4. Duronic Adjustable Monitor Stand DM501
  5. Huanuo Monitor Stand for Desk
  6. AmazonBasics Adjustable Stand

1. Vivo Dual Desk Stand

Full-Motion Mount of Excellent Quality

Height: ‎3.8 Inches | Width: ‎11.4 Inches | Dimensions: ‎44.45 x 28.96 x 9.65 cm; 4.05 Kilograms | Weight: ‎4 kg 50 g


  • Two monitors are supported
  • It includes a cable management system
  • It takes up nearly no space on your desk


  • There are no independent height settings for the two displays

One of the best alternatives for a monitor stand is the VideoSecu ML12B if you are dealing with a single monitor. It is your monitor, whether it is a computer monitor or your TV screen, at the best price, flexible and sturdy, fully functioning.

Compatible with 75×75 millimeters and 100×100 millimeters patterns, it comes for VESA mounting. It can carry up to 44 pounds and offers a wide range of flexibility. It can bend 5° to the front and 5° to the rear, pivot up to 180°, and spin down to 360°. It can be pulled up to 15″ from the wall at a distance of 2.4-inch so that it may be used as a wall or can space you up. You can truly alter the configuration of your display to suit your comfort. Also, you can see the full review of HP Victuc 16.1” Gaming Laptop 

Quick and easy installation, too. Some customers have even reported being able to securely and effectively install their 32-inch monitors and even an ultra-widescreen monitor.

Best Monitor Stands for PC and Mac 2021

The only drawback is that the height adjustment feature has not been introduced. It is reasonable to evaluate how cheap something is. Adjustable heights mounts are more expensive simply because they are more complexly built with extra elements, such as gas springs. Therefore, you should verify that your screen is installed at the appropriate height for you since more work will be needed to modify later.

The stainless steel material is produced with excellent quality, providing it strength and strength. You must not mistrust the ability of your monitor to increase it. Its finish in black powder suits your modern and elegant atmosphere in your office or at home, and also we consider this as the best adjustable monitor stands for desk.

2. Uncaged Ergonomics WorkEZ

The Most Ergonomic Monitor Stand

Brand: ‎VideoSecu | Dimensions: ‎24.64 x 16.26 x 5.33 cm | Compatible Devices: ‎Monitors, Televisions | Weight: ‎1 kg 180 g


  • Excellent value for money
  • Dependable and long-lasting
  • Options for motion


  • There is no height adjustment function

If your monitor is adjusted to the highest allowable height, look no further. This Uncaged Engronomics WorkEZ stand is adjustable from at least 5cm in height up to an elevated 46cm thanks to its scissor leg construction. The top may also be inclined to the front – very handy if a laptop rather than a display is supported through the stand. In such an adjustable arrangement the overall payload is unavoidably below the 5.9kg fixed riser table, but this is still sufficient to accommodate most smaller monitors and virtually all laptops. The platform size of 46 x 28cm is also extremely useful.

3. Klearlook Foldable Adjustable Monitor Stand for Desk

Best Adjustable Monitor Stands for Desk

Height: 8cm | Platform size: 42-52cm x 20cm | Platform material: Plastic | Weight limit: 50kg


  • Platform width may be adjusted
  • Fast USB charging
  • Phone/tablet cradle in one


  • There is no way to alter the height
  • The finish is plastic

This Klearlook Foldable Adjustable stands monitor desk, the booth has everything. Firstly, you will choose 16,53-inch, 18,5 inch, 20,47-inch stand widths by folding one or both beams inwards for the area on your desk. The booth is also equipped with a USB hub with two USB 3.0 Type-A and a single Type C connector with 18W quick charging. This is very handy, since directly beneath your display is in the optimum position to provide ergonomic visibility, you can use this pulsing cradle to hold a phone or tablet. Besides this is a well-covered slender drawer that may be used to store stores, memory cards, and USB flash drives. This stand is nonetheless robust, with a high weight capacity of up to 50kg despite the folding leg design.

4. Duronic Adjustable Monitor Stand  DM501

The Best Monitor for a Desk that isn’t Level

Height: 11-12.5cm | Platform size: 63x25cm | Platform material: Glass | Weight limit: 40kg


  • Sturdy but stylish
  • Platform size is adjustable
  • Feet that can be adjusted


  • The height range is quite limited

The outstanding feature of this Duronic Dm501 best adjustable monitor stands for desk, is its height-adjustable legs, so that you may have a completely solid and level foundation for your monitor even if your desk is not exactly flat. It is possible to change the height of each leg up to 1.5cm, offering a platform height of between 11cm and 12.5cm and a non-slip rubber patch is used for each bead. The 63x25cm, tempered glass top has a sleek, modern design, which supports a huge 40kg weight, sufficient for any normal flatscreen or laptop display. 

Best Stands for Monitor in 2021

5. Huanuo Monitor Stand for Desk      

The Greatest Monitor Stand, as well as one of the Most Affordable 

Height: 9-14cm | Platform size: 37×23.6cm | Platform material: Metal | Weight limit: 20kg


  • The appealing price
  • There are three different height possibilities
  • Mesh platform with vents


  • Bland design

There is no mystery, Huanuo monitor stand needs to raise your monitor and to do something so easy that you don’t have to spend huge dollars. This 37 x 23.6cm base is large enough for the majority of screens and its weight of 44lb/20kg is also much greater than adequate to hold any screen. In addition, you also have three levels of height adjustment, although it is adjustable monitor stands for desk. The powder-coated steel platform has a perforated magnetic hole – the perfect way to use this laptop holder because it enables cooling air via all winds on the base of the laptop. 

6. AmazonBasics Adjustable Stand

Best Affordable Adjustable Stands for Desk in 2022

Height: 4-7/8 inches | Platform size: 40.9 x 12.4 x 27.94 cm | Platform material: Plastic | Weight limit: 1.6 kg


  • Best Adjustable Height for stand up to 4-7/8 inches
  • Excellent value for money
  • Perfect for laptops, printers, and monitors weighing up to 22 lbs


  • The plastic material that is unimpressive

Amazon’s own AmazonBasics Adjustable Monitor Stand is another fantastic choice with a small budget.

With its stacking columns legs up to 12.5 cm, it allows basic height adjustment. Adjustments at 2.5 cm per level are possible. It helps you keep a good posture throughout work, taking ergonomics into account. Its two columns have a non-skid function to ensure your stand and your device are in position.

The stand has a storage area of 28 cm below the stand. You can hold your mouse and keyboard, game consoles, and even more computers in it. Laptops, monitors, and printers weighing no more than 10 kg may be stored on the stand itself. It is 1,16 kilos in weight and comes in black, with a formal feeling that fits your job.

Its plastic structure is the drawback to this. It does not add an overall worth to its aesthetics. Amazon, however, emphasizes its sturdy structure and its smooth contour with rounded counters that give a contemporary appearance and attractive quality.


How to choose a Best Adjustable Monitor Stands? 

When buying a monitor stand, there are several factors. Nowadays it may be rather difficult to select one over the other with the various options available on the market. However, you will certainly still succeed if you stay with the most essential aspects to you.

First, you need to determine the size of your display. There are versions for up to three displays while preserving stability and safeguarding your gadgets. If you spend more time working with several displays, you should choose stalls for them. Otherwise, keeping one monitor on the stand and the other on the desk is also quite uncomfortable 

The height is a requirement, too. It should be ergonomically built to encourage excellent posture, health, and well-being in general. The material for your selected equipment should also be robust so that you don’t have to replace it permanently or risk mishaps and damages to your equipment. You should also bear in mind that a maximum budget does not exceed your expenditure even though it is also vital to include it in your workplace. You can be somewhat flexible, but your business will be easier, quicker, and more fun with a range of costs in mind.

What is the best way to mount a monitor on a stand?

The most typical technique includes screwing the mounting plate of the stand to the back of the monitor, which is normally included with the stand purchase. The mounting plate is then slid over a quick-release plate on the stand’s arm.

Are our monitor arms compatible with all monitors?

No, not all monitor arms are compatible with every monitor. First, find out what the monitor’s VESA specifications are, and then make sure the stand can handle them. Most monitors will fit into most stands. However, some older monitors may not.


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