Apple Watch Series 7 Review: Big Screen, Fast Charging, and many more…

Apple Watch Series 7

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The Apple Watch 7 is essentially the Watch 6 with a little bigger screen and the capability to charge faster; most consumers will likely select the Watch 7 over the Watch 6 due to the new beautiful colors it comes in, instead of any new features. While it still has a lot of remarkable capabilities and is a great second screen for iPhone users, the Watch 7 lacks battery life and fitness tracking, or a design refresh that is required to motivate an upgrade.

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  • The screen that is brighter and bigger
  • Chargers that charge faster
  • Resistance to dust
  • There are many distinct sorts of timers


  • Only one day of battery life
  • There are still no third-party watchfaces available
  • There is no Qi charging
  • The workouts are diverse, but the fundamentals are the same

The most essential questions to ask about the new Apple Watch Series 7 are concerning the Apple Watch you currently own.

That’s a nice way of stating that if your existing watch isn’t broken, there’s nothing about the Apple Watch Series 7 that should make you want to upgrade. I’m not sure whether there’s a critical feature you’ve been waiting for before purchasing your first Apple Watch. Last year, I stated essentially the same thing about the Apple Watch Series 6, and I believe that’s exactly what we can anticipate from the Apple Watch series moving ahead: iterative improvements that will be useful when you replace your existing watch, but not enough to warrant an upgrade.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is a fantastic device. The two most notable upgrades are the bigger screen and quicker charging, both of which are appreciated. Right now, the Apple Watch is in a league of its own. Nothing compares to it for iPhone users, and nothing compares to it for Android users.

Apple Watch Series 7

  1. Apple Watch Series 7 Price and Release Date
  2. Apple Watch Series 7 Specifications
  3. Display and Design of Apple Watch Series 7
  4. Battery and Charing of Apple Watch
  5. Watch OS 8
  6. Health Features and Performance of Watch

Apple Watch Series 7 Price and Release Date

Apple Watch Series 7

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The Apple Watch Series 7 was unveiled on September 14 and will go on sale on October 15. It is available in the standard small and large sizes, which have been slightly enlarged to 41mm and 45mm.

The Apple Watch 7 costs $399 / £369 / AU$599 for the 41mm size and $429 / £399 / AU$649 for the 45mm model.

Unless you want to use it without a phone, the 41mm model costs $499 / £469 / AU$749, and the 45mm variant costs $529 / £499 / AU$799 – plus the cost of an extra data plan.

There are also Apple Watch Nike Edition and Hermès Series 7 versions, with costs increasing substantially.

And there are Apple Watch Nike Edition and Hermès Series 7 versions, with costs increasing substantially. There will be three new Nike Sport Loop colors available, as well as new Apple Watch Hermes bands.

Apple Watch Series 7 Specifications

Dimensions11.65 x 2.99 x 1.42 inches
Weight‎14.8 ounces
Batteries1 Lithium-ion battery is required
BluetoothBT 5.0
Speaker50% louder than Series 3
ProcessorS7 with 64-bit dual-core processor; up to 20% faster than SE
DisplayAlways-On Retina display Nearly 20% more screen area than Apple Watch SE and over 50% more screen area than Series 3
Fall DetectionYes
Noise MonitoringYes
Blood oxygen sensorYes
Electrical heart sensorYes
Optical Heart SensorThe third-generation optical heart sensor
Case Thickness10.7mm
Case Size41mm, 45mm

Display and Design of Apple Watch Series 7

Display and Design of Apple Watch Series 7

Credit: 9to5mac

When comparing this model to the Watch 6 or Watch SE, the Apple Watch design is most likely the only difference – it has a slightly larger frame and a display that is about 20% larger than previous models.

What you won’t notice while handling it for the first time is the increased toughness – With IP6X, this watch is now effectively dustproof as well as waterproof, which means dirt and other harmful particles can’t get beneath the frame.

The glass covering the brilliant and vivid OLED display has also been toughened to prevent the possibility of scratches or shattering – even though we’ve never observed a speck of damage on any of the timepieces we’ve evaluated over the years.

Display and Design of Apple Watch Series 7

Credit: Wareable

This protection, we believe, is intended to make the Watch 7 more appealing to the more outdoorsy, white-water-rafting types. However, they are most likely already considering something like the Garmin Fenix series, which provides even greater protection and additional activity-tracking features.

The Watch 7 comes in five new hues, dubbed ‘Starlight,’ but which are simply grey, green, blue, silver, and red; however, the colors are more subdued here than on prior versions, and as a result, they are more appealing.

The Watch 7 has the standard array of LEDs shooting light under the skin on the back – this might feel a little bulbous at first, but after a while, you’ll barely realize it’s there.

Apple has made a great deal out of the fact that the glass that covers the OLED display now bends away from the screen at the edges. There’s little question that the thinner bezels around the edge make gazing at the watch more appealing, though we can’t say it makes a significant difference.

Display and Design of Apple Watch Series 7

Credit: Apple

One of the primary ways Apple likes to demonstrate this is with the new Contour watch face, looking from the side of the Watch 7, we can see the numbers pouring into the wearable’s frame; however, looking at your watch from the side were-smartwatch would frequently cause the screen to fall to sleep, thus it didn’t always have the desired effect.

The increased screen real estate also implies additional modular watch face possibilities — for example, the Modular Duo face may now have two big widgets to provide more information at a glance. Again, this is a nice bonus, but it is not a compelling reason to upgrade from a Series 5 or Series 6 Watch.

If you have an Apple Watch 4 or earlier, you will notice one major difference: the always-on display. This has been available since the Watch 5, but it is now brighter, making it easier to see when you’re merely glancing down at your wrist.

Display and Design of Apple Watch Series 7

Credit: Apple

It’s also now utilized by more Apple apps — earlier, if an app wasn’t optimized for the always-on display, the screen would simply fade and a clock would appear, support is now much broader, and developers may include the feature into their products.

However, the always-on display isn’t always a positive feature, since there are occasions when you don’t want a watch that is blindingly bright but does not want to have to set the display into Theater Mode, which turns it off.

Would it be so difficult for Apple to add something in between these two possibilities — a barely readable clock that shows automatically in really dim scenes?

However, the always-on display is a far cry from the irritation of being unable to see the time until you flip your wrist. This was the case with the first Apple Watches — In terms of visibility, we’d say the Watch 7 is now on par with a standard, non-smartwatch.

Another feature made possible by the bigger screen is an on-screen keyboard – isn’t something we’ve been clamoring for on the Apple Watch, since previous smartwatches from other companies offered features similar and we never used it.

It’s functional in the sense that we can tap out short messages, but we’d much prefer to use voice dictation or simply send an emoji in response.

Since the initial generation of the Watch, Apple has nailed the display quality, and with each revision, things become incrementally better – It is one of the finest smartwatch displays, and that it’s clear, bright, and legible in whatever situation.

Battery and Charing of Apple Watch

Battery and Charing of Apple Watch

Credit: BGR

Apple is still aiming for an Apple Watch Series 7 battery life of 18 hours. It’s enough to get you through a day — maybe two if you don’t work out and switch off the always-on screen. Those figures are supported by our tests. We just need to charge the Series 7 about as frequently as I need to charge my old Series 5.

We hope Apple had done much more to enhance battery life on the Series 7, especially since this is a remodel. I would have taken the same screen size as last year’s model if it meant obtaining a longer battery life. The Apple Watch’s battery life is fine, but I wish it aimed higher like the new iPhones this year.

Instead, owing to a new charging puck that also uses USB-C, we received quicker charging. Many individuals have such wall adapters, but because they aren’t included in the package, you may need to purchase a second one. 

The charging is more rapid. Apple claims it’s 33 percent quicker than the previous cable, which seems reasonable to me. I’ve been able to charge up to 20% in under ten minutes on numerous occasions, and it’s been simpler to top up to a full charge in the morning while I’m sipping coffee and eating breakfast. Because it’s simpler to get a fast-charging session in, it makes it somewhat more convenient to utilize the watch for sleep monitoring.

Despite this, I would prefer normal Qi charging to quicker charging. Qi charging mats are now inexpensive and widely available, but including an Apple, Watch charger adds expense and complication. Older Apple Watch chargers will charge the Series 7 perfectly fine, albeit at a somewhat slower rate.

Watch OS 8

Watch OS 8

Credit: Apple

WatchOS 8 is Apple’s new software for 2021, but it doesn’t add much to the Apple Watch experience, much like the look of the new watch.

Apple Watch 7 is equipped with a ‘new’ chipset, the S7, which isn’t any more efficient than the S6 found in the Watch 6, but it has been reconfigured to fit in the new chassis.

However, we found that the Watch 7 consistently performed admirably in all of our tests. Flipping between apps is smooth, sliding effortlessly with finger swipes or rotating smoothly when using the Digital Crown to browse menus and the like.

Apple’s WatchOS has gone through a few changes over the years, and it appears that it has finally found a workable solution – the big side button allows you to switch between programs, while the Digital Crown makes dealing with lists and resizing items a breeze.

We discovered that the Siri command – simply lift the Watch 7 to your lips and ask a command – worked approximately 80% of the time, which is still a touch low when you’re attempting to set a timer. It doesn’t inspire confidence, and you could find yourself pushing a button just to make sure it works.

Health Features and Performance of Watch

Health Features and Performance of Watch

Credit: Apple

For those coming from a Series 6, we’ll spare you the reading: except for faster charging and a bigger display, the experience is almost similar. You receive the same health benefits and a similar level of performance.

On the Series 7, WatchOS 8 performs admirably: apps open swiftly, the whole display glows rapidly when you lift your wrist, dictation is virtually real-time, and Siri responds to queries considerably faster. The apps that have been optimized here, which are essentially all of the preinstalled Apple apps, operate smoothly and without any strange scaling issues.

We’ll also add that while browsing online sites on your wrist is amusing, it’s far more helpful on a larger screen. Similarly, browsing the App Store is more convenient, and the QWERTY keyboard is available in every location where text can be entered.

And, as is customary for Apple, the Series 7 comes with two new watch faces optimized for the larger display. Modular Duo is one of our favorites, since it digitally displays the time in the top right corner, along with three spaces for complications: two big rectangular ones in the top left, and a circle one in the top right. Up top, we’ve been enjoying the weather, and down below, we’ve been rocking the calendar and activities. It allows you to see a lot of information in little chunks, even at a look.

While some smartwatches, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with BMI, have incorporated health functions, the Apple Watch Series 7 does not. It can still monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen levels, as well as take an ECG and track your activities. It’s the familiar Apple Watch experience, and it works well here. All of these parameters tracked similarly to Series 6, which is to be anticipated given that the sensor set is the same across the board.

We used two separate instruments to evaluate heart rate and blood oxygen levels. The Series 7 was close, as we discovered last year, with these independent sensors just varying by a number or two above or below. It was the same when comparing the Series 7 to the Galaxy Watch 4 series. It’s safe to say that it’s a precise measurement for a wristwatch in terms of everything the Apple Watch can track.

We’d also point out that, like other Apple Watches, the Series 7 is tightly integrated with Fitness+, allowing you to see your activity measures in real-time on your wrist and on whichever device is streaming the exercise.

Should never be used to diagnose, just like any other smartwatch. We highly advise against utilizing such readings to establish any type of medical diagnosis, and Apple concurs. If you’re unsure, get medical advice.

Last words

Though the modifications between Series 6 and 7 are modest, it’s important to remember that most owners of last year’s model aren’t seeking to upgrade just yet. The Series 7 will be a delightful buy for anybody else looking for a new smartwatch, especially if you’ve never worn one before.WatchOS is a powerful and complete system that can track your exercises, automatically register your sessions, encourage you to be more active, and remind you to be conscious of your mental health, all while acting as a fantastic extension of your smartphone. However, it isn’t the best at monitoring sleep, so if that’s important to you, a Fitbit is a better option. Despite its somewhat expensive starting price of $400, Apple presently provides the finest product on the market, particularly for the iOS environment.

Apple Watch Series 7 Review
  • Apple Watch Series 7 Review


The Apple Watch Series 7 is a fantastic device. The two most notable upgrades are the bigger screen and quicker charging, both of which are appreciated. Right now, the Apple Watch is in a league of its own.

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