Pantum P2502W Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer Review

Pantum P2502W Printer
Credit: Ubuy India


The Pantum P2502W Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer impresses with its compact design, swift wireless connectivity, and sharp monochrome prints. While it excels in efficiency and user-friendliness, it’s worth noting that color printing isn’t an option, and heavier print tasks might require more frequent paper refills. Overall, for those seeking a reliable, affordable Pantum P2502W printer without sacrificing performance, the P2502W stands as a commendable choice.

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  • Fast print speeds (up to 30 ppm)
  • Automatic duplex printing
  • Wireless printing
  • Low cost of ownership (high-yield toner cartridges)
  • Excellent print quality
  • Quiet operation


  • No scanning or copying capabilities
  • Not as versatile as some all-in-one printers
  • Some users have reported problems with the software (subscription required)

In the fast-paced digital age, where paperless communication has become the norm, the need for a reliable and efficient printer remains indispensable. The Pantum P2502W printer steps up to the challenge, offering the best printer compact, budget-friendly printing solution without compromising on quality or performance.

In this review, we delve into the features and capabilities of the Pantum P2502W, highlighting its strengths and areas that might warrant consideration for potential buyers. Explore the innovation and reliability that sets Pantum printers apart in the realm of printing solutions.

Pantum P2502W Wireless Printer Review

Specification of Pantum P2502W

Print technologyMonochrome laser
Print speed (ISO)Up to 22 ppm
Print resolution (best)Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
Monthly duty cycleUp to 1000 pages
Paper handlingInput capacity: Up to 100 sheets, Output capacity: Up to 25 sheets
Media sizes supportedA4, A5, B5, Letter, Legal
Wireless connectivityYes, built-in Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
Mobile printingYes, compatible with Apple AirPrint, Mopria Print Service, Pantum Mobile Print
Other features250-sheet input tray, 1-sheet manual feed, Toner save mode

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Design and Build

Pantum P2502W Wireless Printer Design
Credit: Ubuy India

The Pantum P2502W is a compact and lightweight laser printer that is designed for home and office use. It has a sleek, black design with a white control panel. The printer is made of plastic, but it feels sturdy and well-built.

The P2502W has a small footprint, so it can easily be placed on a desk or shelf. It has a paper input tray that can hold up to 150 sheets of paper, and an output tray that can hold up to 100 sheets of paper.

The control panel on the P2502W is simple and easy to use. It has a power button, a Wi-Fi button, a USB port, and a number of buttons for controlling the printer’s settings.

The P2502W is a basic laser printer, so it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. However, it is a reliable and affordable printer that is perfect for home and office use.

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Setup and Connectivity

Pantum P2502W Wireless Printer Setup and Connectivity
Credit: Amazon

The Pantum P2502W printer is easy to set up and use, thanks to its straightforward setup process and versatile connectivity options. Here is a more detailed overview of these features:

Setup Process

The Pantum P2502W printer can be set up in a few simple steps:

  1. Unpack the printer and remove all packaging materials.
  2. Plug the printer into a power source using the provided power cable.
  3. Install the ink cartridges as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Load plain paper into the paper tray according to the printer’s guidelines.
  5. Access the printer’s control panel and navigate to the wireless settings. Follow the prompts to connect the printer to your Wi-Fi network.
  6. Install the printer driver on your computer. You can use the installation CD that comes with the printer or download the latest driver from the manufacturer’s website.
  7. Perform a test print to ensure the printer is functioning correctly.

Connectivity Options

set up Pantum P2502W Printer
Credit: eBay

The Pantum P2502W printer offers a variety of connectivity options to accommodate different devices and preferences:

  • Wireless Connectivity: The printer supports Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to connect it to your home or office network wirelessly. This enables printing from multiple devices without the need for direct connections.
  • Mobile Printing: The printer is compatible with various mobile printing apps, such as Mopria Print Service, Google Cloud Print, and Pantum mobile printing app. This allows you to print directly from your smartphone or tablet.
  • USB Connection: The printer features a USB port for direct connection to a computer. This can be useful for scenarios where wireless connectivity is not available or preferred.
  • AirPrint Compatibility: If you have Apple devices, the printer’s AirPrint compatibility enables easy printing from iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers.
  • Cloud Printing: The printer may also support cloud printing services, allowing you to print documents and photos directly from cloud storage accounts.

By offering these connectivity options, the Pantum P2502W ensures that you can seamlessly integrate it into your existing setup and print from various devices without complications.

Print Quality

Pantum P2502W Wireless Printer Print Quality
Credit: RTINGS

One of the standout features of the Pantum P2502W is its impressive print quality. With a maximum print resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi, the text is sharp, and graphics appear vivid and well-defined. This makes the printer suitable for a range of printing tasks, from professional documents to colorful presentations.

However, it’s worth noting that while the Pantum P2502W excels in text and graphics, it might not be the best choice for high-end photo printing due to its focus on office-oriented tasks.

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Speed and Performance

Pantum P2502W Speed and Performance
Credit: PC Mag

The Pantum P2502W is a monochrome laser printer that has a print speed of up to 25 pages per minute (ppm). This is a good print speed for a monochrome laser printer in its price range. It is suitable for printing documents and other text-based materials.

The Pantum P2502W also has a good print quality. It produces sharp text and clear images. However, it is important to note that the Pantum P2502W does not have automatic duplex printing. This means that you will need to manually flip the pages over to print on both sides of the paper.

The Pantum P2502W is a good option for small businesses or home users who are looking for a monochrome laser printer with a fast print speed and good print quality. However, it is important to note that it does not have automatic duplex printing.

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Paper Handling

Pantum P2502W Paper Handling
Credit: Super Image Office

The printer’s paper handling capabilities are well-suited to light to moderate printing volumes. The input tray can hold up to 150 sheets of paper, while the output tray can handle up to 100 sheets.

This setup is sufficient for most individual or small office needs, though heavy printing requirements might necessitate more frequent paper replenishment. The printer supports various paper sizes and types, including letter, legal, A4, and envelopes, adding to its versatility.

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User-Friendly Features

Pantum P2502W User-Friendly Features
Credit: Desert Cart

The Pantum P2502W includes several user-friendly features that enhance its overall usability. The control panel, located on the top of the printer, is intuitive and easy to navigate.

The Pantum P2502W has a number of user-friendly features that make it easy to use, including:

  • Easy setup: The Pantum P2502W is easy to set up and connect to your computer or network. The printer comes with clear instructions that make the setup process easy to follow.
  • User-friendly control panel: The Pantum P2502W has a user-friendly control panel that makes it easy to change settings and print jobs. The control panel is also backlit, so it is easy to use in low-light conditions.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: The Pantum P2502W can be connected to your network wirelessly, so you can print from any device that is connected to the network.
  • Mobile printing: The Pantum P2502W supports mobile printing, so you can print from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Eco mode: The Pantum P2502W has an eco mode that can help you save toner and paper.

The Pantum P2502W is a user-friendly printer that is easy to set up, use, and connect to your network. It also supports mobile printing and has an eco mode that can help you save toner and paper.

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Cost Efficiency

Pantum P2502W Cost Efficiency
Credit: Ubuy India

One of the most appealing aspects of the Pantum P2502W is its cost efficiency. Both the initial purchase price and the ongoing operating costs are budget-friendly, making it an attractive option for individuals or small businesses with tight budgets.

The printer’s energy-saving features contribute to lower electricity bills over time, aligning with the growing emphasis on environmentally conscious practices.

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Noise Levels

Pantum P2502W Noise Levels
Credit: Pantum

While the Pantum P2502W performs admirably in many aspects, its noise levels during operation might be a minor drawback for some users. While not excessively loud, the printer does produce noticeable noise, particularly when printing at higher speeds. This could potentially be a consideration for those who require a quieter working environment.

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In a world where digital communication dominates, the need for reliable printing solutions persists. The Pantum P2502W rises to the occasion, delivering a compact, efficient, and budget-friendly option for individuals and small businesses alike. Its impressive print quality, respectable speed, and user-friendly features make it a contender in the entry-level printer market.

While it might not be suitable for high-end photo printing or extremely noise-sensitive environments, its strengths far outweigh its minor drawbacks. If you’re on the hunt for an affordable printer that doesn’t skimp on quality or performance, the Pantum P2502W is certainly worth considering.


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