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There are plenty of great and amazing portable drives in a solid state to choose from, so to make your choice easier, mix it up with the affordability, speed, pricing and convenience according to the users’ usage and budgets.  So, here’s one of the best solid state drive for you after taking all the points in mind, SanDisk’s Extreme Pro Portable SSD, a premium model of the updated performance level line required by the users and according to the tech. It’s really suitable for the photographers and videographers who need to edit and store their pictures and videos in a 4K format. Also, it’s great for the enthusiasts who want to have a fast, highly recommended tech in the upcoming times. For the gamers’, it’s pretty much great as they need a speedy storage device for their next gen games and it’s even for the adventurers, who need to be reliable on a particular device. 

This drive is actually very fast when used and it has got two USB ports pf type-C cables, one with type-C and one with type-A. Also, offers a plenty of SSD solutions and has a much better improvement than compared with the predecessors. The tough design of this drive makes it more durable than ever before. Moreover, it has a capacity of up to 2TB and dazzling fast transfer speed. An amazing choice for the people with external storage solutions for both the PC and Mac users. 

Let’s know about the SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD in depth…but first, let’s take a glance on the short specs or description of the SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSd Storage device:

  1. 050MB/s read and write speeds**
  2. Ruggedized: IP55 rating for dust- and water-resistance
  3. Up to 2TB* of space for full libraries of content
  4. Lightweight and pocket-sized for portability
  5. Works with PC and Mac computers, and USB-C and USB-A(2) inputs

 Now, let’s know the specs and description in depth about the device:

  • Price and availability:

    Lets see the 1TB version which is being priced at $190 and is available with most of the retailers. Users can also opt to go for the 500GB or 2TB SSD storage drive but well, it depends on the user’s storage capacity and needs. If it’s not your budget or anything, you should take a look at this SSD storage device because surely there’s no problem in the speed department.
  • Design:

    The design of this extreme pro portable SSD storage device remains unchanged. It is covered with this rubberized material over the body which helps to have a strong grip while holding it or placing it somewhere. While, the body metal is aluminium on the top of which its a loop to secure the carrying clip. The drive is dust and water resistant with IP55, so don’t need to keep an extra copy of your data by having another drive, it can stand up to right and wear & tear. It’s not covered with anything other than the rubberized material, so if it falls somewhere in the water or dust, it would still be dry and clean. 
  • Performance:

    This is where the user needs to extremely take care before the purchasing step and also, where the Extreme pro portable SSD is taken care of. If you’re looking for an amazing and faster transferring data speeds device, you are not at all going to be disappointed. As this device packs up with the thunderbolt 3 port which is extremely great at performance of this drive. SanDisk, itself rates this device at a speed of up to 1050MB/s. The SecureAccess software is also a bundle to add on this device which lets the user create a secure place on the drive with locked files and folders with a password.
  • Weight:

    This device is totally light-weighted and small to carry around. You don’t need to have a device like a laptop which is large in size of carry just to have your data with you. Just carry this device by SanDisk and you’re well to go! It is amazingly small, light-weight and easier to roam around with while securing your data by maybe just passwords. Like for travelling somewhere like crossing a town or going on an international trip and you carry your laptop with you just to have the data? Well, replace it with the all new tech and easier to carry around device. It’s an amazingly pocket-friendly device I would prefer to carry around to secure my data and contents.
  • Adaptability:

    The extreme Prop portable SSD storage device as we know it works well with the PCs and the Macbooks. Right after out of the box and when the device is connected with a cable like USB type-C cable or USB type-A cable, it is much more easier to start and transfer data easily. It could work in any type of situation, it doesn’t really matter. It is really easy to transfer data from this device.

Here are some specs of the Extreme Prop Portable SSD Storage device like about product in short or after-sale type service if any or not. 

  • Product Category

    • Storage Device Type – Solid State Drive
    • Capacity – 500GB
    • Compatible With –  Desktops | Laptops
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Brand –  SanDisk
    • Model Series – Extreme Pro
    • Model Number – SDSSDE80-500G-G25
  • Features

    • Form Factor – SSD
    • Interface –  USB 3.1
    • OS Compatible – Windows 10 | Windows 8 | Windows 7 | Windows Vista and Mac OS 10.9 Plus
  • Plug Details

    • Maximum Operating Temperature –  35
  • Product Materials & Durability

    •  Resistance Type – Dust Resistant | Shock Resistant | Water Resistant
    • IP Rating –  IP55
  • In The Box

    • Generic Name – Storage Device
    • Main Product – 1 x Hard Drive U
    • Accessories – Not Applicable
    • Documents – User Manual | Warranty Card
  • After Sales & Services

    • Standard Warranty Period – 60
    • Installation & Demo – Not Applicable

So, the review for the Extreme Pro SSD storage is quite interesting and amazing to know. I’m very much impressed by this device and it’s specs and usage and you’ll never run out of the storage capacity.  A great competitor in the market with huge profit to the user. Sometimes you just need to know and understand and dive in to the right that it’s suitable for you!

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