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    Samsung Odyssey G7
    I purchased this monitor but sadly I had to return it. I have an RTX 3080 video card with the latest drivers as of this review. I also updated the firmware on the monitor to the latest version from Samsung.

    The issue I ran into was a slight “pulse” about every ten seconds when gaming. You could notice it in dark scenes. I tried various settings and could not eliminate it. I have a Predator X27 running at 165hz and this problem does not occur on it.

    Most people would not notice the pulse but once you do it becomes very annoying. I was disappointed as the monitor seems very well constructed and you can tell Samsung really made an effort to make this a great monitor. Another small issue for me was the light bleed coming from the bottom that is noticeable in dark scenes. The light bleed is not a deal breaker however as it is not noticeable most of the time unlike the pulsing.


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