7 Best High-End Gaming Headsets 2021


The best gaming Headsets provide the most accurate, rounded sound from your favorite games to your ears. It may provide a level of true immersion that few other gaming gears can match, and it can help you appreciate those incredible game scores. Good gaming Headsets are a must if you don’t want your in-game sounds to go to waste. 

Anyone who enjoys competitive gaming should buy good gaming Headsets. Instead of firing in the broad direction of that worthless display damage indication, the finest gaming Headsets will assist you to pinpoint directional auditory cues, allowing you to respond quickly in life-or-death circumstances.

When it comes to gaming Headsets, there are a few factors to keep in mind. The most important factors are price and sound quality, but comfort is also important. Noise-canceling microphones are also essential for comms, therefore most of the Headsets we’ve mentioned have these. You want a microphone that won’t pick up every single keypress on your mechanical keyboard and has good speech quality. Also, you can see the top 5 headphones under $100 in 2021

Why do you need High-End Headsets for Gaming:

You may believe that the $8 set of buds you got at the gas station are enough, but I’m here to inform you that you are mistaken. Even mid range gaming Headsets fall well short of a high-end pair in terms of quality. It’s not just about the build quality; it’s also about the sound quality.

The majority of the higher-end Headsets are constructed of metal or at the very least a tough plastic. That implies they’ll be able to take a lot more punishment than a set of $75 plastic Headsets. They’re also a lot comfier, and they last a lot longer. A high-end gaming Headset is simply constructed better, with more durable materials.

That greater level of quality is evident in the sound as well. Mid-range Headsets will sound decent, while high-end Headsets will sound incredible. It’s one of those things you don’t realize how much you need until you have one. It’s difficult to go back after that.Our guides on the best 4K gaming monitors and the best graphics cards of 2021 are also worth checking out once your review we selected new high-end Headsets for 2021. Also, you can see What are the best wireless headphones for tv?

Here, we listed the 7 Best High-End Gaming Headsets 2021:

1. SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless: 

Best Gaming Headsets for money

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro takes things a step farther than previous SteelSeries Headsets, such as the Arctis 7 wireless Headsets mentioned earlier. Even for wireless Headsets, it’s rather expensive. However, you have the option of using a wireless dongle or Bluetooth connectivity, which means the Arctis Pro Wireless may be used without taking up a USB port. 

The Headsets have a wide frequency response range and are high-resolution. On the Arctis Pro, lossless games like Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus sounded considerably sharper and deeper. In the end, the game sounded more immersive, especially at the high end, where we could hear the many layers of sound. DTS Headsets:X virtual surround sound is also available via a transmitter base station that includes other useful functions such as ChatMix and basic volume control.

Despite their higher price, the Arctis Pro Wireless Headsets aren’t significantly more comfortable than the Arctis 7 wireless Headsets, and they don’t provide twice as much detailed audio. The Arctis Pro Wireless, on the other hand, has the benefit of a clever design, Bluetooth capabilities, and swappable batteries, allowing you to keep the party going while on the road.


Driver40mm neodymium
Impedance32 Ohms
Frequency response20-40,000 Hz
MicBidirectional condenser
ConnectivityUSB Type-A wireless dongle or Bluetooth 4.1
Weight0.8 pounds


  • Design of a comfortable headband
  • Peerless battery swapping system
  • Audio that is crystal clear and high-resolution
  • Base station with a lot of features


  • To charge, it requires a base station
  • Concerns about the headband’s durability

2. HyperX Cloud Orbit S:

Best Headsets with virtual surround sound for gaming

Its excellent sound quality and feature set make the HyperX Cloud Orbit S the best gaming headset for the money, despite its price. Its 3D model with head tracking gives you a considerable edge in gaming. With head tracking, you can see and hear your opponents.

They can be found at a lower price. You’ll notice a gaming edge with HyperX’s Orbit S, which features the same comfy memory foam headband and ear cushions as the rest of the Cloudline.

This Headset is also quite flexible. There are three ways to connect the Headset: 3.5mm jack, USB Type-A, or USB Type C. It has high-resolution audio, virtual surround, and 3D audio.


Driver100mm neodymium
ImpedanceNot disclosed
Frequency response10-50,000 Hz
MicUnidirectional condenser
Connectivity3.5mm, USB Type-A, USB Type-C
Weight0.8 pounds


  • 3D audio that is both immersive and loud
  • Headbands and ear cups are made of a soft, spongy material.
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Head tracking that is precise


  • It is a little heavy
  • The audio impact of head tracking varies based on the game

3. Asus TUF Gaming H3:

Best Affordable Gaming Headset

When it comes to gaming Headsets, the Asus TUF Gaming H3 is the best option for keeping your budget in hand. If you’re lucky, you’ll find one for roughly $40. Despite the cheaper price, you still receive a well-fitting and well-sounding Headset straight out of the bag.

Without the need to tinker with software, you can jump right into the game. Performance was equivalent to that of more expensive competitors, like the Asus TUF Gaming H7, during our testing. The H3’s comfortable fit and leatherette contact points that minimize sound leaking are largely responsible for that.

These aren’t especially attractive, however. It’s also worth noting that the H3 uses simply Windows’ Sonic spatial audio, which any 3.5mm Headset may also use.

Asus TUF Gaming H3
(credit: Talitha Ferraz)


Driver50mm neodymium
Impedance32 Ohms
Frequency response20-20,000 Hz
MicUnidirectional condenser
Weight0.6 pounds


  • Sound quality is excellent right out of the package
  • Extremely relaxing


  • Build quality is questionable
  • Windows Sonic is the advertised simulated 7.1 surround sound, which can be used with any 3.5mm Headset

4. Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT:

If you’re seeking to save a port or connect to two devices at once, the Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT Gaming Headset is the ideal solution for you. The Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT is an updated version of the Virtuoso Wireless RGB SE and is comparable to the Creative SFXI Air Gamer. These cans, like the Creative SFXI Air Gamer, let you connect to two devices simultaneously through Bluetooth and a dongle. They let us play games on our PCs while listening to music or notifications on our phones, so we never missed a beat. Only 15 hours are specified for use with two devices.

Zombie wails and Varkid wingbeats stand out in the Headset’s default settings. Consider downloading Corsair’s music program and changing the EQ settings. In our favorite setting, the mid-range was more natural, and the low-end powerful but not overwhelming

Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT
(credit: Overclockers UK)


Driver50mm neodymium
Impedance32 Ohms
Frequency response20-40,000 Hz
Connectivity3.5mm, USB Type-A cable, USB Type-A dongle, Bluetooth
Weight0.8 pounds


  • Stylish and comfortable
  • You can hear your phone and PC at the same time thanks to simultaneous dongle/Bluetooth communication


  • Pricey
  • A single device’s battery life is reduced when linked to two devices at once

5. Creative SXFI Air Gamer:

The Most Effective Bluetooth Gaming Headset

In this article, the Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT is compared against the Creative SXFI Air Gamer. You should choose these Headsets if you wish to connect to your PC through a wired connection and switch to or add a Bluetooth connection simultaneously. 

Creative’s product has a different appearance than Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT, and there is no option for wireless dongle connectivity. For those who don’t mind this, you may purchase an audio Headset that connects to your phone through a 3.5mm or USB port. Playing games, watching movies, or listening to music are all enhanced by the outstanding audio quality.

As a bonus, the SXFI Air Gamer comes with three microphones. Additional microphones are included in addition to the omnidirectional mic integrated into the earcups. By your demands, you may choose to emphasize either quality or mobility.


Driver50mm neodymium
Impedance> 2.2 kohms
Frequency response20-20,000 Hz
Mic2x bidirectional, 1x omnidirectional
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0, USB-C cable, 3.5mm cable
Weight0.8 pounds


  • The excellent audio quality for gaming, music, and movies
  • USB and Bluetooth connections let you hear both your PC and your phone at the same time


  • External sound isolation might be greater
  • Setup involves a smartphone and is considerably easier with a second person

6. HyperX Cloud Alpha:

A Perfect Headset for Gaming

These gaming Headsets offer high sound quality and an excellent price, especially if you can buy them for less than $100. These Headsets represent audio in a natural manner, and the drivers avoid unpleasant flaws such as bass or highs that are too harsh. Even though this isn’t a revolutionary Headset, it can provide the desired sound quality and comfort at an exceptional price. 

Long-term comfort is assured by a light, comfortable fit made from premium materials. HyperX chose metal over plastic in certain key locations, including the headband and earcups, which are padded with dense memory foam. Looks and feel are equally important aspects of the entire experience.


Driver50mm neodymium
Impedance 65 Ohms
Frequency response13–27,000 Hz
Weight0.7 pounds


  • Balanced sound quality
  • High-quality build
  • Material selection is excellent
  • Comfortable to wear


  • A little too heavy
  • Frequency curves with little dips and peaks

7. Corsair Void RGB Elite USB:

 Best Gaming Headsets Mic

With the Corsair Void RGB Elite USB, you’ll sound just like you to anybody who hears you. Whether it’s your Overwatch teammates, work colleagues, or mom. A foldable microphone makes it easy to get a drink or sneeze when you need to. Additionally, it’s Discord-certified, and it performed better at the low-end than its competitors. It’s not quite as warm as the greatest gaming mics or any USB microphone, but it’s near enough to the best. 

As a result of sound leaking, the headset was deficient in bass when used with a smaller head. In some cases, the size of your head might make a difference. However, the Void RGB Elite USB’s simulated 7.1 surround sound was not particularly impressive.


Driver50mm neodymium
Impedance32 Ohms
Frequency response20-30,000 Hz
MicOmnidirectional condenser
ConnectivityUSB Type-A
Weight0.9 pounds


  • With this mic, you could land planes
  • Exceptionally soft foam padding
  • Exceptionally breathable


  • On smaller heads, there are certain fit difficulties
  • Bass tightness is affected by sound leaking
  • Mic mute button is inconvenient


It’s not hard to find a decent gaming headset for a decent price. They start getting pretty good from around $60 up, so you don’t have to break the bank to find the right one. Headsets like the Corsair Void RGB Elite USB and the HyperX Cloud Alpha headset both offer solid, no-frills experiences on the cheap. And even once you start getting closer to $100, options like the HyperX Cloud Alpha and SteelSeries Pro Wireless offer excellent experiences. Regardless of whether you get one of these, as long as you keep what I mentioned in this post in mind, you should end up with something that suits you just fine.


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